Saturday, September 04, 2004


I am back from madurai after attending a wedding !

2 days of banyan-leaf lunch has brought more VIVE and
interest in my food habits....

Superior food and great appetite....Aha! Relished everything.
I surprised myself and ate like a mad STRAY DOG

It was an Iyengar's wedding.....
The female population of the puliyogare clan amazed me.
They were really good.
They had this "dont mess with me" tag :-(
Actually I wanted to mess with them but..........sumne yaake?

Due to my super-duper footwear (aloha hawai chappals),I preferred to observe...
They have a "swing" custom.
I observed that the guy and the gal are seated on a swing and
they start oscillating while the maamis sing songs.
Also the angle of the swing theta ,is directly proportional to
the guy's/gal's enthu and inversely proportional to
the feeling "Please lemme get off this swing...what i am doing swinging here"

Finally I drunk CHILLED BADAM MILK after a long time and gave my
blessings and came home today morn (saturday morn)....

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