Sunday, November 16, 2014

Finally last week I got my Social Security Number. There are 2 more big things to be completed. Get a Driver's License for the state of Virginia. Then get a car - without which it is impossible. I will most probably go for a used car. Don't know, let me see - what kind of APR I might get. If this visa thing had not happened, I would have been in Bangalore, and would have been thinking of maruti ciaz. Life changes so much - But I believe that's what makes life enriching.  Too much of change might be hazardous as well - Till now it's been good - rather I should say , it's not been bad. I hope it continues

Ruchira's parcel came yesterday with some books which I wanted and some clothes and some more pudis which I wanted. Felt great to see my stuff come all the way to me crossing the oceans!
Went with Mayank to Swagath, Indian restaurant for buffet lunch - It was ok.

I am waiting for the thanksgiving weekend - that's when I will buy a TV! I am keeping a budget of $500. Skype has become a day-in day-out activity occupying 1 hr. Hmmm.

Friday, November 14, 2014

If the night turned cold and the stars looked down
And you hug yourself on the cold cold ground

You wake the morning in a stranger's coat
No one would you see
You ask yourself, who's watched for me
My only friend, who could it be
It's hard to say it
I hate to say it, but it's probably me

When your belly's empty and the hunger's so real
And you're too proud to beg and too dumb to steal
You search the city for your only friend
No one would you see
You ask yourself, who could it be
A solitary voice to speak out and set me free
I hard to say it
I hate to say it, but it's probably me

-Sting, 'It's probably me'

Sunday, November 09, 2014

With a little help from my friends I was able to move some cheap furniture into the second floor of my apartment. Now my apartment looks like a place where I can do something other than cooking and sleeping.

I feed the fish in the morning. I think there are about 15 fish in my aquarium. There are 16 of us in the apartment. 15 fish and 1 human being.

The cold weather has started. I will need to keep myself warm and active throughout the winter. Ruchira has couriered stuff from Bangalore.

There are three or four big things which I must finish before March or April - I must be able to do it. DL, Credit Card with good credit history, Car loan and car, TV. Lot of kharcha is there.

I had been to Chutney's with Mayank.  Hot bhajji and capsicum bonda with onion nimbu and chat masala at a 0.5 km from my place. Tasted real good. So many people from Andhra.

I miss Bangalore badly. Miss everything about it. I would have gone to DVG on a weekend or some nice restaurant like Cafe Pascucci which I visited with my daughter. I would have relished tender coconut and the coconut flesh.

Here I am: In a new place knowing about 4 people in the whole city trying to start a new life.

Sometime ago, I read a phrase like "After you leave your hometown, things will NEVER be the same". I'll hate to see that happen to me when I am back to Bangalore.

Change happens in life and we, as animals should adapt to change. I understand it - I bloody well understand it. In that case, why do we have nostalgia ? How does it facilitate growth and development and facilitate change - from an evolution point of view ? Rather it makes us crave for the past - which is pointless.

Exactly one month ago, I was in the airport leaving India, I'm happy that one month is over. But still 5 more to go to Aditi and Ruchira to land here. Skype is such a blessing. I am able to talk to my near and dear ones. However, I feel video-conferencing to home should be more than seeing talking faces. I should be able to go to my room , my kitchen in India while talking. Should get the feeling I am in the Bangalore house,