Sunday, November 09, 2014

With a little help from my friends I was able to move some cheap furniture into the second floor of my apartment. Now my apartment looks like a place where I can do something other than cooking and sleeping.

I feed the fish in the morning. I think there are about 15 fish in my aquarium. There are 16 of us in the apartment. 15 fish and 1 human being.

The cold weather has started. I will need to keep myself warm and active throughout the winter. Ruchira has couriered stuff from Bangalore.

There are three or four big things which I must finish before March or April - I must be able to do it. DL, Credit Card with good credit history, Car loan and car, TV. Lot of kharcha is there.

I had been to Chutney's with Mayank.  Hot bhajji and capsicum bonda with onion nimbu and chat masala at a 0.5 km from my place. Tasted real good. So many people from Andhra.

I miss Bangalore badly. Miss everything about it. I would have gone to DVG on a weekend or some nice restaurant like Cafe Pascucci which I visited with my daughter. I would have relished tender coconut and the coconut flesh.

Here I am: In a new place knowing about 4 people in the whole city trying to start a new life.

Sometime ago, I read a phrase like "After you leave your hometown, things will NEVER be the same". I'll hate to see that happen to me when I am back to Bangalore.

Change happens in life and we, as animals should adapt to change. I understand it - I bloody well understand it. In that case, why do we have nostalgia ? How does it facilitate growth and development and facilitate change - from an evolution point of view ? Rather it makes us crave for the past - which is pointless.

Exactly one month ago, I was in the airport leaving India, I'm happy that one month is over. But still 5 more to go to Aditi and Ruchira to land here. Skype is such a blessing. I am able to talk to my near and dear ones. However, I feel video-conferencing to home should be more than seeing talking faces. I should be able to go to my room , my kitchen in India while talking. Should get the feeling I am in the Bangalore house, 

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