Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Is he really that good ?

Prasad puts it in his inimitable style: "My mother always told me not to handle a buffalo by its tail but always catch it by its horns. And I have used that lesson in everything in my life, including the Railways.

Prasad's other management mantra for the Railways has been: "If you do not milk the cow fully, it falls sick," which he is practicing while running the Railways.

If you are wondering which Prasad I am talking abt , it is none other than Lalu Prasad Yadav.He is invited to IIMA !!!!! to give a lecture....I guess it will be really interesting and entertaining at the same time.

In the process, Indian Railways has become the second-largest PSU profit-earner after the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation. Prasad has surprised many by emerging as one of the top performing ministers in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Cabinet.

Read the whole article here

Monday, August 28, 2006

Wisdom related post !!!

One day while walking through the wilderness a man stumbled upon a vicious tiger. He ran but soon came to the edge of a high cliff. Desperate to save himself, he climbed down a vine and dangled over the fatal precipice. As he hung there, two mice appeared from a hole in the cliff and began gnawing on the vine. Suddenly, he noticed on the vine a plump wild strawberry. He plucked it and popped it in his mouth. It was incredibly delicious!

Lifey hange....

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Northwest Airlines fiasco.....

This is ridiculous!!!! .

Flight travel has become such a security issue thru' out the world.

And we can not blame on "Racism".
It is more a case of "SouthEastAsianPassengerFlightoPhobia".

Poor guys...Really embarassing.

Milan's last day in Sasken.

I dunno whether I will meet him again (I mean our career paths will cross again).

Sudeeprg sits with the headphones on, but thinking really deep.

One of the best PLs I have had !!! After all, tell me a PL who sings classic Rock songs, talks brilliantly and has deep insights on literally everything.

All the best for his education at INSEAD.

His last day at Sasken.

And many talks abt life, rock songs, the drunken revelry at a high star hotel, the conf-calls.....

Milan saab Posted by Picasa

I look up at the horizon and look at the world and observe that it is turning....

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Yes man....Even we will miss your insights for sure !!!

Milan Jain wrote:

Thanks a lot Sudeep. I will miss these e-mail discussions we had on all the status and complex issues we dealt with. With you and with the rest of the team...

Its all happening so fast that I cant even accept this change is happening. Well...
Milan JAIN, Core PCU, ESN: 6-874-5345
Phone: +91-80-5694 5345, TZ: CET + 3 1/2 Hrs

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What a co-incidence :-))))
Oupsssss Milan saaaaab ....one last status before you leave !!!!!!!!

Cheers !!!

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Subject: OAM status week 34
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To: 'Jean-Marc Pradel' , "Coateval, Yves [CTF:8T00:EXCH]",
"Ait Hmid, Moha [CTF:8K10:EXCH]", lalitha


Please find the attached OAM status.

6 874 5651

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Yesterday I was visiting the website of the Indian Army and I found the page on Param Vir Chakra very VERY intriguing , inspiring.

The name itself means a lot...Bravest of the brave.


"This world rests on the arms of heroes like a son on those of his sire. He, therefore, that is a hero deserves respect under every circumstance. There is nothing higher in the three worlds than heroism. The hero protects and cherishes all, and things depend upon the hero".

I dont know if anybody remembers the "Param Vir Chakra" old TV serial which used to come on Doordarshan on Sundays. It was awesome and the song of the TV serial was also amazing.

The stories of each of the soldiers are stories of heroism/sacrifice. Some of the last words are really emotional. I also think , it is an example of leadership by example when I read about the encounter of Rifleman SANJAY KUMAR.

Bleeding profusely from the bullet wounds, he continued the charge towards the bunker. Unhesitant, he then picked up the enemy machine gun and crept towards the second enemy bunker. Three enemy soldiers, taken completely by surprise were killed by him on the spot. Inspired by his dare devil act the rest of the platoon, emotionally charged, assaulted the feature and captured Area Flat Top.

Just check out the recepients of the Param Vir Chakra on this webpage.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

KANK review

The movie is bad. I have evaluated on the parameters which Karan Johar considers as his forte.

Casting of Shahrukh
Karan's trump card.

Shahrukh The dude, just has lost it. Was it the same Shahrukh who delivered Baazigar / Darr ? Or even recently, Swades ?

He keeps chewing gum throughout the movie and the damn words wont come out of his mouth properly. Second he looks visibly queasy to carry out a guy who has an extra-marital affair. He lacks Notoriety to that role....

He doesn't dance, in the movie. He just spreads his arms like an eagle and looks at the sky.Shahrukh is a good dancer....He hasnt danced in this movie.

And he plays a football coach....A loser in life...A la Million Dollar baby.But he plays it real badly.

Clothes and appearance

Good job, in my opinion EXCEPT for Amitabh Bachan.Preity looks like a porcelain doll. A little too perfect and very un-indian.

The heroines

Historically, Karan's heroines are good to look, talkative and they wear sarees during traditional dances in Punju style marriages.

Rani Mukherjee and Preity Zinta are good. I mean, they're good to look at. But, there is so much of them on TV/ads etc. you actually know the person....How many time are you gonna see those people ?

Rani Mukherjee tries to a play a dominatrix!!! ugh...A dominatrix has a whip, I know.But as far as I know, no dominatrix wears a cloth to her eyes.....(They generally wear face masks, if they wanted to conceal their identity).

Amitabh and Abhishek
Karan's ability to bring many people into one movie....

Big B has been harassed (not harnessed) as a jerk, and looks like a mess. I mean no-one can identify such a character...Neither NRIs can identify their baaps looking so damn silly and a UP doodhwala will be thinking "wtf" (in Hindi) looking at Big B....One more piece of info to Big B/ Karan.....There is no use faking ...the world knows about Hugh Hefner and his blondes..THe world knows about Ali G..

Abhishek Bachan has identified himself with bacchanalian parties...He is a cool dude with a coat ALL THE TIME...(and in one scene without his trousers, but he still has a coat)

Direction & script

1. Many, many closeups. This looks like a sitcom, with talking faces. Rani Mukherjee emoting her face has an overally duration of approximately 3 or 4 minutes. Shahrukh also has so many closeups. My question to the director is why should you become so dependent on an actor's emotions. Big mistake.

2. The extra marital affair scene was revealed sloppily to the viewer. Shahrukh and Rani getting a room-key looked awkward. If I were the director, I would have shown Shahrukh opening the room curtains in the morning and a surge of anger/confusion/hesitation in both Shahrukh and Rani, after the previous night's mistake (I use "mistake", to make it Indian).... And noone in an extra marital affair make love slowly... I think there should be fear, instinctive , animal-like and really quick ...Not like a godammn suhaag raat scene.

3. The dinner scene where Amitabh says "good joke" was good.

4. The relationship between Amitabh and Kiron Kher is weird. It is like "I am Amitabh and you are Kiron, and we have to know each other in no time, otherwise the movie wont proceed !!!"

5. Too much of inter-dialog, coud have been avoided. What I mean is :- Consider 2 scenes Scene#1 and Scene #2 which are taking place at the same time.Now the scenes 1 and 2 are switched rapidly, yet the context doesnt change, because the discussion is on the same topic.

6.Repetitive use of dry leaves flying around in the "fall season" of NewYork. If a house is shown in a shot, you can see dry leaves flying around on the isolated road.He has repeated this atleast 5 or six times.

7.The song "Where's the party tonight?" is very reminiscent of "its the time to disco" of Kal Ho Na Ho....Big mistake...and there is Preity Zinta also in that video....


India is tired of Manhattan movies. People can't identify with so much richness.

True it is dreamy, but we are tired of NY , Philadephia etc. If you want dreamy stuff, take us to Florence, Milan, Venice etc....Better make an adventure movie set in Congo or Tanzania or on the banks of Amazon....The world is a big place.

I want this effeminate jerk, Karan Johar, to make a movie EXCLUSIVELY in India...With SRK wearing a Dhoti....Maybe that will never happen.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

On the eve

of India's 60th year of Independence and an article of Outlook I am wondering about Mahatma Gandhi.


For a country of India's size, illiteracy and general laxity of the public perhaps shrewd negotiable diplomacy was the need of the day. Even today the huge Indian public has its own diverse problems. There are national issues when we are at war...however at most of the other times, local issues are much more important to an average Indian.

When I say "general laxity" i feel this laxity is because of this prime reason :-

India WAS and India IS VERY diverse , geographically, culturally from one state to another...Thats why the public are were (and even now) more bothered abt local issues on a day-by-day basis.

Each one had his own ideals.Looking at the very diversity, the best option was Civil Disobedience and Gandhiji was instrumental in coming up with the philosophy.
Gandhi was a great leader in many aspects. Moreover what strikes to me is that the philosophy of "Non-Violence" is not "Non-Agression".

Power depends on the co-operation of others. Indifference and non-cooperation makes the enemy lose his cause.If you are violent, you are basically giving motivation. Nonviolence undermines the power of rulers through the deliberate withdrawal of this co-operation.

Finally, the notion of Satya, or truth, is central to the Gandhian conception of nonviolence. Gandhi saw truth as something that is multifaceted and unable to be grasped in its entirety by any one individual. We all carry pieces of the truth, he believed, but we need the pieces of others’ truths in order to pursue the greater truth. This led him to a belief in the inherent worth of dialogue with opponents, and a sincere wish to understand their drives and motivations. On a practical level, willingness to listen to another's point of view is largely dependent on reciprocity. In order to be heard by one's opponents, one must also be prepared to listen.From Wikipedia

And finally this post was written, because of a GREAT AD which I stumbled across while browsing an Italian Telecom company's award winning ad!!!!

You can check the ad, by clicking this link

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sudeep discovers youtube....

I am loving it....It is MUCH better than your music channels....I got a few lovely music videos....One of them was a home made video with a favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd's song "That Smell".....The video was made using clips of "Pulp Fiction"....Really creative.......Check it out guys....

Thursday, August 10, 2006

So many events in one day.

Creme de la creme was MJA leaving to a univeristy called "INSEAD".

It was a big surprise to the whole team. He is the founding person of our 20-people strong team and one guy whom our clients hold in very very high esteem. His listening skills are something which I have never seen in my whole life. He listens even to a godammn rock. Whether the rock is speaking bullshit or GPRS Packet Core software. I wish him all the best.

ANd Today....

The roads were empty in the morning.
The team looks empty from my perspective (for the moment,atleast).

It is gonna be a major hit to the team and we need motivation and crisis management.


->One guy leaves to Delhi to start his career at IBM research labs.

->One guy leaves Infosys after a stint of 4 exciting years to Hongkong University.

All the best guys !!!

Life is a long road, keep vrooming.....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Work hours

I always observed that an average Indian spends more time in the office than an average American or an average European. This survey puts the same point.

However, Asians seem to be partially compensating for low purchasing power through longer working hours as they work the longest hours in the world, which is almost 50 days more per year than West Europeans.

People in Delhi work 2,121 hours and are entitled to 15 paid vacations per year; in Mumbai people work 2,205 hours and take holidays on 17 days a year, as against a global average of 1,844 working hours and 20 vacations. Seoul tops the list with 2,317 hours per year or 50.2 hours a week.

The bigger question is Even though we spend more time at work , why are we less productive ? . Hopefully with better ethics and values we can move out of this ineffectiveness..

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Man ! What an idea for a resume

I really liked this guy's effort to make his resume.
Very nice. Have your speakers turned on and have flash player on your PC.


Nice resume

Monday, August 07, 2006

Quote - Unquote..

'I can give John what his bike can't' - Bipasha Basu...

Wowww isnt that wonderfull !!!! Yipeee John whoever will be so happy hearing this one

I do not know who to pity

Bips Basu - Who percieves that bike is her competitor
John Abraham - The beneficiary in the above scenario
The interviewer - who decided to highlight this in bold 24 as the catchy stuff on his/her article
The editor - who approved it

The article is on Times Life - this sunday. I dont know how many of us should read an article which has such a wacky statement

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Stuff from Infy BB. :)

“Faith without fanaticism; Love without possessing” - cannot exist in the material world. Further, if you defined true faith as directly proportional to one’s ability to forgive; and the ability to forgive is inversely proportional to fanaticism, then true faith can never exist because it calls for man to be perfect. And given that man’s basic instincts dwell in greed, jealousy, hate etc., the only faith he can naturally exercise would be material in nature. Material faith is inevitably followed by fanaticism. So when fanaticism increases, forgiveness decreases. Going forward with this hypothesis, it implies that material faith is directly proportional to hate. (this implies that the Material ‘God is Hate” which should not be confused with the version ‘God is Love’ which is representative of True Faith).

Again in the material world, we see that material love almost always possesses. There is a sense of ownership associated with material love. In my mind, I feel this sense of ownership associated with ‘society’s’ version of so-called “true love” (essentially ‘material’ love) is a function of subliminal programming that has occurred through the ages. For example, let’s take a husband-wife relationship or a parent-child relationship. These relationships are primarily dictated, directed and governed by social rules. Consequently, we see that love almost always imposes itself in the guise of “I know what’s best for you; I’m doing this for you etc.” Love as it exists in the world today is hardly ever giving in nature; it takes more than it gives. How many of you have actually seen love that is eternally giving in nature?
We have thus far proved that “True love” is inversely proportional to possessing; and “Material love” (which is what exists in the world today) is directly proportional to possessing.

To summarize - If forgiveness is defined as directly proportional to “true love” and inversely proportional to fanaticism which is directly proportional to material faith; It implies that Material Faith and True Love cannot exist simultaneously in harmony. It also implies that material faith is directly proportional to possessing. Does this mean we are all resigned to live a life hating one another? This could possibly be true because that is what we see in the world today – Hate thriving at an exponential rate. Additionally, since material faith is directly proportional to possessing, we see wars being fought under the guise of faith. Evidence to this fact are the Christian and Muslim crusades of the middle ages. In the modern world, of course, the spin doctors have disguised it to pass off as ‘a war against evil doers; a war against terrorism, terrorist’s holy wars, Islamic jehad etc’. However, this is nothing but a manifestation of material faith being directly proportional to possessing, albeit in various disguises.

Material Faith α Fanaticism 1/α Forgiveness;
Material Faith ≠ True Faith (Premise: Man’s basic nature leads him down the path of material faith. So he is not naturally capable of pursuing “True Faith”. Hence True Faith can never exist in nature!!)
But we said True Faith α Forgiveness. Therefore, we see that Material Faith can never be equal to or directly proportional to Forgiveness.

But Forgiveness α True Love 1/α Possessing
And Forgiveness 1/α Material Love α Possessing
This implies Material Faith ≠ True Love
Instead Material Faith α Material Love α Possessing

Contained in the proof above is wisdom that points to why nations like to wage war; terrorism; origin of pre-nuptial agreements; increase in divorce rates etc. The list is endless.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I am very bad with the array errors. This is the second time I am getting ^##^!@$ with this. :-(

For example, this code wont crash in C on Unix with your gcc and gdb or your windows compilers.

int a[3];
for i = 1 to 35
a[i] = 40;

And these kind of things go undetected in Unitary Tests. And in the target compilers, the program just freezes.

Uff....I am really tired of this.Such an embarassment when it is detected at such a late state of life cycle.