Thursday, November 30, 2006

Some people are good !!!!

There was a message which ran something like this in our bulletin board.

If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, you can notify the police by entering your Pin # in reverse. For example if your pin number is 1234 then you would put in 4321. The ATM recognizes that your pin number is backwards from the ATM card you placed in the machine.

The machine will still give you the money you requested, but unknown to The robber, the police will be immediately dispatched to help you. This information was recently broadcasted on TV and it states that it is seldom used because people don't know it exists.

I thought it was a brilliant idea. Until I saw this awesome reply :-

I dont think so....
what if the PIN string is a palindrome
for ex: 1221

Hmm whatever...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Software Lab ?

I really dont get or cannot fathom the thought that software is written in a "lab".

Atleast that term maybe hesitantly applicable for companies for Google, IRL etc. where they are not much worrried abt "outcome of a work with strict deadlines"
Otherwise the word "lab" SHOULD have a strong association with an academic institution.

But typically services industires like Infy/Accenture write software for dail and commercial use.Such a software is not a software written in a " R&D lab".It is written in an office. It is a pity that the business-men still sell the idea like we have worldclass software labs in our facility.

Look, what I mean is, if you are writing a software for a PARAM super-computer, or a CRAY machine or maybe some hardware "device" that is not exactly as "household" commodity as a computer, then the word "software lab" is fine, because, the device itself is not common-place. But a services company like Accenture opening a "Lab" (to create Desktop/Server/Web applications)....ha! it doesnt make sense.

Do people who work in offices / banks call the place they work as a "lab" ?

They are making the word "lab" very hackneyed and rather abusing that is no longer some hifi thing.

So articles like Accenture to open a lab in Bangalore sounds like a joke.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Monk : Im gonna get out of the monastery.

Sailor : Why, Yes! Just sense the breeze, I can give you the sail.
But what happened ?

The Monk : The merchants and the businessmen. They ate my fruits.I have to wait for the next harvest.

Sailor : Hahaha....So what next ?

The Monk : The joker/vagabond, the belle with an aquarium with a goldfish and the goldsmith with the gifted hammer look unhappy. The intruder keeps irritating the shit out of me.

Sailor : The seas are afresh and you are not sea-sick for the moment.So do you want my ship ?

The Monk : Well.....hmmmmm.....

PS : all the characters are real-life inspired


have started to lessen and I am back to a day where I have to do something new. Meanwhile things have been pretty good on weekends. Met Tejaswi on the weekend , took the tickets for Casion Royale , however we could not go for the movie....It was damn too late and the Castle Lager at Ruby TUesday was awesome....

My music concert took place....We did pretty well...(we got a good applause!!), but there were some initial problems of tempo .

And, I saw a fly sitting on my desk today and I started to wonder how a fly flies.

I had seen a program on TV yesterday on National Geographic regarding flight of birds....Superb.

But, the flight of an insect is very different from the flight of a bird.They can stop mid air, fly backwards, very fast and very quickly change directions..... Modelling an aircraft which will flap its wings like a fly and fly like a fly might look impossible. So fast and so manoeuverable.The most obvious application of this research is the engineering of extremely small micro air vehicles.Check this wikipedia article on Insect flight

Saturday, November 25, 2006

MBA ...common sense ??

There are a lot of accusations about business admin being an art and not science... And also that it is an application of common sense .. HMMMMMMM...yeah... for genius even nuclear physcis, computational theroy will be common sense ..(Good Will Hunting)..

What I have seen in the past 3 months is a lot of technical stuff.. not realated to comp sci, but business. There is a lot of content in MBA, and the most amazing thing is it can be seen daily newspapers. It is a different fact that not many of us understand all the jargons in it .. sometimes if we do, we do not know the mechnaism behind the jargon...

MBAs are not the best enterprenuers .. Yeah agreed.. cos after this course you know so many risks of running a business, you dare not venture out into anything .. heheh... if Gates/Dell had done an MBA course ... I think they would have joined IBM/HP.. instead of creating Microsoft and DELL respectively... MBA gives a scary picture about business.. you learn a lot... and lot of common snense ?? naaaa.... it depends if you want to learn common sense or technical stuff..

ps:-accnt exams at 2.. havent reviewed the content of this blog

Friday, November 24, 2006


I am jamming for a song...I play bass on the keyboard (heheh) ...Last minute addition...Since the guys at our office could not find a basssist, I was asked....I said I will try....My first impression is playing with speakers music and a fast tempo is quite difficult....But the rapper and the drummer are really good...I somehow manage to survive the tempo....I need a formal training antha obvious aagi gothhagathaa ide...

We are playing a Malayasian Tamil Remix song..The original was by Illayaraja..It is pretty cool....You can check it (remix version) out (with speakers) here

Thursday, November 23, 2006


(via my slice of pizza)
This is the wikipedia entry for associate prof.Erik Demaine. So whats so special abt that?anybody can create a wiki for anyone, that is not the point. Just look at his age and look at what he is doing. Look for the age at which he completed his bachelor's. He joined as faculty at MIT at the age of 20!!!I mean its 20..and we are talking of being faculty at MIT..

I guess when he started teaching, he must have been younger than most people in his class..hehe..

some people are unbelievably good at what they are doing..

His homepage here.

do U get what U want ??

I want all the latest bollywood flicks .. and some tamil and kannada .. but I will not get it ...

A pattern with me is that I become a movie maniac when I am outside my home city .. otherwise I am a movie buff ..
in this week I have seen the following .. ( remember I am doing my MBA and have an accounting exam on Sunday)
Devil wears prada
casino royale
gods must be crazy
6 episodes of friends
garam masala ..

hmmm. I dont look like a student ...
I dont want good grades, I want interviews for internships and internships and jobs .. but they seem to be elusive too. Dont know if I will get good grades ... (never cared during my undergrad and the tradition continues in my mba too )...

anyone has anyone contacts for internships ..please please drop me a hello .. :)
I will be looking forward to discuss about this further with you ( aaaahaaa.. cover letter taraha idhe .. ) ..

I just woke up from a 10 hour sleep after a thanks giving dinner(very warm one), accnt studies(sucks) and devil wears prada(go for this one ..) ..
so excuse me please ..


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Prof Muhammad Yunus

Thanks to Nobel foundation, this man is famous today. But in my MBA, people do not talk about him fervently ( neither would people in any MBA ) as they talk about Goldman Sachks, UBS, Merryl Lynch, McKinsey, BAH .......... baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Its all about money in here ..
is that is because most of us are in debt and we need to recover it asap .. ?? no is because we chose it .. its because our mentality is to make more money ..
We have been bred and buttered to be that way .. and its hard to change ..

but I think I am proud of most of my classmates (pesit) .. most of them realize the value of giving back to the society .. I found more people like that in Infy .. all of these ppl are contributing in some way or the other ..

I wish to see a Nobel peace prize winner.. :) .. I hope ..someone succeeds ..

Someone wants to do a Phd in Macro and micro economics ?? instead of accnts and finance or computer science/electronics ?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Scenario 1

An IIM graduate is recruited by a US MNC company for business analyst position..
he meets an ex-outsourcing company chap as his colleague who has 4 years work-ex in outsourcing company(infy wipro tcs etc etc) and joined US-MNC because his company to return to india

Scenario 2

A Top-tech school Master in Comp Sci guy is rejected by Amazon after the 7th round interview.
An SE from an outsourcing company gets his onsite chance without even knowing the abc's of UNIX (ls -l command) :D .. data mining is a far-fetched concept..

Scenario 3

A guy with 3-4 years work-ex in SAP (ERP/CRM) working as an onsite co-ord is replaced by a fresh IIM grad as onsite grad without any previous experience ..

Scenario 4
An IIM grad is hired as a PM - on technical experience whatsoever .. however people with 6 years work-ex inside the company are not promoted ...

there are innumerable scenarios like these ..

I leave a US onsite 2 years .. for an MBA gain knowledge as I find my job borring .. but at the end of the day I have to come back to work.. what will I settle for ?? Will I have the tenacity to carry on debt for a long-time ?? Will I compromise for an oridary IT post, or will chase my dream (which I obviously do not know :) ??)

What will Richie do ?? What will laks, sudeepa, hebbar do ??
What will all the people who have their legs in two different boats do ??
Is teju happy after is M-tech adventures (leaving behind yahoo shares) .. back to terrawiz ..? How is Akshay ? How is Archana ??
how is Kummi doing ??
hows Dhi only one ??
How about the US dreamchasers ?? Raghu, Harsha, satya, kartic, shayam, sod, sibin..
are they happy with extra bucks, extra debts, with corn-flakes and tropicana jucie instead of idli-vada
How about guys jumping domains ?? from mech to IT ? or IT to finance ?? (lv, suri)

Is it perfectly all right to continue a normal life?? Is it not borring ??
why do we search for adventures ?? Is it really exiciting ??

Are we insane in a rational way ? or are we irrationally sane ??

there is chaos everywhere ..
if u look at it optimistically there is sense everywhere ..
does umpteen non-sensical moves packaged and projected in a sensical way makes sense ??

Is this the effect of accounting exam due on Sunday ?? or the mba effect ??

I think mba just is a 2 month experience till now .. it cant have such a profound effect .. I have been questioning myself from 1st pu about various aspects of life .. before that I just did things .. read, play, eat, sleep, never thought ..
ever since i started thinking my life has become miserable .. or more +vely meaningful .. I discover more questions .. and a very few answers.. I started reading parva .. well that shows that life is a trade.. ( but I am still not convinced ).. evreyone trades something or the other.. passion, compassion, love, hate, good, evil .. thats the author's view again ...

let me get back to accounting .. :D ..

ps:- do ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes time/enthu to review .. this applies only if u happen to read this blog ..:)

dont worry I am perfectly alright :) .. have had some wonderful food and sleep and life is very much normal .. squash, friends, movies .. money ..

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rescuing - The adda

The owner, Neo had a very good vision when creating this blog .. 5 friends to share their experiences, day in and day out ..

Now, this blog has not been updated for a while .. and its a pity ..
I really am apologetic, as I am one of the reasons for this dismal state..

Richie, Gnaani and teju are mincing words on their own blog..
I am trying the same on my assignments and exams :D ...

and sudeep probably on Linux x.x.x .. using C/ assembly code ..

Lets get back folks .. on ADDA ..

'baa baaro baaro ranadheera '
'baa baara preetiya saradara'


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam Hussain sentenced

Saddam Hussain is sentenced to death by hanging by the Iraq's highest judicial body. Watch the video here.

None of the big leaders like Bush or Blair made a comment/statement. They left this tough job to the Foreign Affairs Ministry. The jackals.

Departed Rating :: * * * + 1/2

I liked the story of "The Departed". But it is not your conventional gangster movie (like Goodfellas which was directed by Scorcese, before) and all the actors have done a great job. By great job, I mean, there is one scene where the gangster boss, Jack Nicholson, gets angry. That really shook me! Leo DiCaprio shines(I'm seeing a pattern here. He was good in Ganags of NY, he was even better in The Aviator and he is really damn good in The Departed) and Jack Nicholson is brilliant (as usual) and Matt Damon plays a dishonest police cop with a facade which seems believable.

The movie starts wout with a memorable quote by Jack Nicholson which goes something like this :-

I don't wanna be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me.

The synopsys is pretty complicated. There are no sub-plots as such, but the basic plot is pretty convoluted.

There are two men who are on the opposite sides of the law in the other side. That is, there is a "gangster-spy" in the polic department and a "police-spy" in the gangster department. The police know that they have a spy in their midst, and same is the case with the gangsters, who know that there is a cop.The rest is upto you to figure out.

The movie has an undeniable Scorcese touch to it. The blood, the rage , the violence and the reliance on top actors for the delivery of the script.

But there is one mistake (from my POV). The film runs overtime after the highdrama climax.Whatever, a good movie to catch if you have some time during your weekend.

DOnt go to The Forum Multiplexes. You WONT get the tickets and everytime I end up getting disappointed.I managed to get in Innovative Multiplex. From now on, I will start anti-advertising for Forum! hahah...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Marty's back

I personally loved GoodFellas and Taxidriver.I was stunned by Leonardo DiCaprio's acting in the "Aviator".

There were already great reviews about the latest offering by Martin Scorcese(dont mind the spelling, if it's wrong) by Venky and some other US folks.

So I am going to watch the Departed this week, for sure.

Leonardo DiCaprio is getting better day by day. I have high expectations on this movie.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


A tribute to the dead , namma ooralli PAKSHA anta karitare, some people celbrate 'titi', and some people do worship their elders on one of the deepavali days.. this is how we celebrated at the HKUST

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cisco is coming to Bangalore

And the point is that it is a Corporate headquarters!. Not a development centre.

Now Cisco plans on consolidating its operations in a new campus and locating one of its top US executives there--Wim Elfrink, the senior vice-president for customer advocacy, who reports directly to CEO John Chambers. This is the first time that a major US technology company has established a corporate headquarters in India, and it's yet another sign of the growing importance of India on the world technology map.

Check this out.

And other on the tech campuses part, Google is opening an office in proper NY. I think it will cost millions of dollars!!!

Googleplex in newyork