Monday, November 27, 2006

The Monk : Im gonna get out of the monastery.

Sailor : Why, Yes! Just sense the breeze, I can give you the sail.
But what happened ?

The Monk : The merchants and the businessmen. They ate my fruits.I have to wait for the next harvest.

Sailor : Hahaha....So what next ?

The Monk : The joker/vagabond, the belle with an aquarium with a goldfish and the goldsmith with the gifted hammer look unhappy. The intruder keeps irritating the shit out of me.

Sailor : The seas are afresh and you are not sea-sick for the moment.So do you want my ship ?

The Monk : Well.....hmmmmm.....

PS : all the characters are real-life inspired


Enigma said...

didn't quiet get the humor here though

sudeep said...


well ...actually that was just something random... and yes, it was not humorous :-) ...I was trying to relate "real" people with all the characters there....sumne timepass activity...