Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Scenario 1

An IIM graduate is recruited by a US MNC company for business analyst position..
he meets an ex-outsourcing company chap as his colleague who has 4 years work-ex in outsourcing company(infy wipro tcs etc etc) and joined US-MNC because his company to return to india

Scenario 2

A Top-tech school Master in Comp Sci guy is rejected by Amazon after the 7th round interview.
An SE from an outsourcing company gets his onsite chance without even knowing the abc's of UNIX (ls -l command) :D .. data mining is a far-fetched concept..

Scenario 3

A guy with 3-4 years work-ex in SAP (ERP/CRM) working as an onsite co-ord is replaced by a fresh IIM grad as onsite grad without any previous experience ..

Scenario 4
An IIM grad is hired as a PM - on technical experience whatsoever .. however people with 6 years work-ex inside the company are not promoted ...

there are innumerable scenarios like these ..

I leave a US onsite 2 years .. for an MBA ..to gain knowledge as I find my job borring .. but at the end of the day I have to come back to work.. what will I settle for ?? Will I have the tenacity to carry on debt for a long-time ?? Will I compromise for an oridary IT post, or will chase my dream (which I obviously do not know :) ??)

What will Richie do ?? What will laks, sudeepa, hebbar do ??
What will all the people who have their legs in two different boats do ??
Is teju happy after is M-tech adventures (leaving behind yahoo shares) .. back to terrawiz ..? How is Akshay ? How is Archana ??
how is Kummi doing ??
hows Dhi only one ??
How about the US dreamchasers ?? Raghu, Harsha, satya, kartic, shayam, sod, sibin..
are they happy with extra bucks, extra debts, with corn-flakes and tropicana jucie instead of idli-vada
How about guys jumping domains ?? from mech to IT ? or IT to finance ?? (lv, suri)

Is it perfectly all right to continue a normal life?? Is it not borring ??
why do we search for adventures ?? Is it really exiciting ??

Are we insane in a rational way ? or are we irrationally sane ??

there is chaos everywhere ..
if u look at it optimistically there is sense everywhere ..
does umpteen non-sensical moves packaged and projected in a sensical way makes sense ??

Is this the effect of accounting exam due on Sunday ?? or the mba effect ??

I think mba just is a 2 month experience till now .. it cant have such a profound effect .. I have been questioning myself from 1st pu about various aspects of life .. before that I just did things .. read, play, eat, sleep, never thought ..
ever since i started thinking my life has become miserable .. or more +vely meaningful .. I discover more questions .. and a very few answers.. I started reading parva .. well that shows that life is a trade.. ( but I am still not convinced ).. evreyone trades something or the other.. passion, compassion, love, hate, good, evil .. thats the author's view again ...

let me get back to accounting .. :D ..

ps:- do ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes ..no time/enthu to review .. this applies only if u happen to read this blog ..:)

dont worry I am perfectly alright :) .. have had some wonderful food and sleep and life is very much normal .. squash, friends, movies .. money ..


sudeep said...

why do we search for adventures ?? Is it really exiciting ??

Yes it is....Atleast for some of us...manushyanige mai mele iruve (ants) bittkolakke aase, adikke.....You get the kicks, by probably inviting adventure/challenge and keeping yourself busy..But the idea is NOT to look back and cringe for a comfy life.....Look at Amitabh Bacchan....After his 80s and 90s stint as a successful actor, he could have sat back and enjoyed the rest of his days....He kept evolving and redefining himself....he started ABCL and Miss World competetions etc..., he got royally screwed and took these learnings came back to movies , got screwed, did KBC and the rest is history.

For the bureaucracy in the IT Industry i have no answers (I think nobody has)....I think every dog has its day is the only explanation I can give....

Happiness well....The best way to be happy is to join a laughing club and start laughing out loud and forget everything...After all the world is a friggin illusion

zeeds said...

"After all the world is a friggin illusion" .. nicely put ..

hey goto youtube.com and search for russel peters.. stand up indian comedian .. he is funny ..at the expense of indians ..

richie said...

At the expense of everybody :). He laughs at everyone who does not laugh at themself.. , the russel's paradox :D.

"I started reading parva". Who is the book by?

laksnj said...

Parva is written by S.L.Byrappa, an eminent Kannada literary figure.

It is a must read!

SimblyDimply said...

"there is chaos everywhere ..
if u look at it optimistically there is sense everywhere ."

You have your answer right there! I feel there is no absolute truth but only perception. The biggest personal discovery for every confused soul is that - he creates his reality. The next major challenge being able to believe in that, for we all want to get up and walk away as if we did not stumble upon that truth.. awright! That's to much gyaan in one nibble..

Srini at the Movies said...

all those who wander are not lost