Thursday, November 23, 2006

do U get what U want ??

I want all the latest bollywood flicks .. and some tamil and kannada .. but I will not get it ...

A pattern with me is that I become a movie maniac when I am outside my home city .. otherwise I am a movie buff ..
in this week I have seen the following .. ( remember I am doing my MBA and have an accounting exam on Sunday)
Devil wears prada
casino royale
gods must be crazy
6 episodes of friends
garam masala ..

hmmm. I dont look like a student ...
I dont want good grades, I want interviews for internships and internships and jobs .. but they seem to be elusive too. Dont know if I will get good grades ... (never cared during my undergrad and the tradition continues in my mba too )...

anyone has anyone contacts for internships ..please please drop me a hello .. :)
I will be looking forward to discuss about this further with you ( aaaahaaa.. cover letter taraha idhe .. ) ..

I just woke up from a 10 hour sleep after a thanks giving dinner(very warm one), accnt studies(sucks) and devil wears prada(go for this one ..) ..
so excuse me please ..


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