Friday, November 24, 2006


I am jamming for a song...I play bass on the keyboard (heheh) ...Last minute addition...Since the guys at our office could not find a basssist, I was asked....I said I will try....My first impression is playing with speakers music and a fast tempo is quite difficult....But the rapper and the drummer are really good...I somehow manage to survive the tempo....I need a formal training antha obvious aagi gothhagathaa ide...

We are playing a Malayasian Tamil Remix song..The original was by Illayaraja..It is pretty cool....You can check it (remix version) out (with speakers) here


Sridhar Raman said...

Whoa!! It's awesome!
And so was the original. Nizhalgal (the movie) was lyricist Vairamuthu's first movie.

Sudeep said...

yeah man, i have heard the original too...By the way, our song came out pretty well, but the other bands played damn well...So we didnt get the prize :-(

But didnt know the name of the movie or the fact abt Vairamuthu :-)