Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Prof Muhammad Yunus

Thanks to Nobel foundation, this man is famous today. But in my MBA, people do not talk about him fervently ( neither would people in any MBA ) as they talk about Goldman Sachks, UBS, Merryl Lynch, McKinsey, BAH .......... baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Its all about money in here ..
is that is because most of us are in debt and we need to recover it asap .. ?? no is because we chose it .. its because our mentality is to make more money ..
We have been bred and buttered to be that way .. and its hard to change ..

but I think I am proud of most of my classmates (pesit) .. most of them realize the value of giving back to the society .. I found more people like that in Infy .. all of these ppl are contributing in some way or the other ..

I wish to see a Nobel peace prize winner.. :) .. I hope ..someone succeeds ..

Someone wants to do a Phd in Macro and micro economics ?? instead of accnts and finance or computer science/electronics ?


SimblyDimply said...

IMHO, MBA is all about corporate-ising common sense and one's senses.. all this vairagya/questions in you mind come from the remnants of Basavanna's vachanas in your genes! haha!

zeeds said...

hey come on.. Basavnna was the finance minister :P .. u know I have that genes too .. numerically sensible ..:P