Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mallige Hoovu

Oh Yes!

They were the "mallige hoovu" types...
Ofcourse, I cant expect to find a Vogue/Cosmopolitan model,
waiting for me to drop her to office!
And neither am I Johnny Depp! I am just a plain, Su Depp :-))))

And yeah, like richie , even I am switching to Transport Services Cab.
Yahoo!, have started their transport service and richie was audibly
delighted as I spoke to him over the phone.

So last few days in my car :-).
But I really loooooooooove to drive to office...
But I hate to use indane gas to the car.
There is a developer's conference today and all the developers
have evacuated the cubicles to attend the Wireless Symposium.

Actually, I have a lot of work 2 B done.

Okay guys...see ya.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

I gave a ride

to six women....from hosakerehalli bus-stop to deve gowda petrol bunk.
Their bus had broken down....and i did social service.

Some quick observations :-

1* all women were in the age group of (25 to 30)

2* all women were unmarried.

3* all women are woking in factory...Non-software.
I figured out that they were in a small scale factory
which was working on fan regulators.

Other than that I had a weekend which was .................yeah thats right.
so no use talking abt that.


Had been to Angaan a Pujabi restaurant yesterday with Sasken boyz and had
heavy food.Punjabi babes with full of eager beaver south indians and software engineers
eating Gobi Manchuri which is a dish from Punjab.
Who cares....The food was amazing.Thats what mattered.

I have observed that Sunday nights the restaurants are over-crowded.
There was a stampede happening at Udupi Upahaar.At Angaan we registered
for our turn and then we got the tables.

exam pit swallows me....

Its been the worst possible exams of my life, ever......ever ever ever.

Just finished my formal methods paper. 75 marks, 2 hours. The professor was very generous, I could make out that it was an easy paper; I had studied that much. The professor even extended the time so that we had 4 hours. Now, there was me, trying to answer questions. Knowing that a paper is easy, and still not being able to get any answer right makes you feel like a .......... loser beyond compare.

So, overall, I attempted for 10+15+20+7.5 out of which I know that the 40 are pure hogwash. That leaves me with a valid 12 marks, out of which I might get around 8 or 10, making it a grand 8 out of 75....would've failed had I been in Bangalore University. (who knows what will happen here).....

So, right now, my expectations are getting so low, and so bad.....that, shucks, leave it....adar bagge maatadi prayojana illa.........bandu koodale....preeti indale....kanya serege....nanna shata teriyo.......rajaa raajaaa......jai Ravi Mama and Hamsa...

iga, web-search, PageRank seminar mugisbeku...........will this ever end......have never seen anything like grad school first semester...........and it gets incredibly worse if you have a mascochistic bent of mind and take crazy theory subjects and do your projects and seminars under hard taskmasters of professors......whew.......bye

Thursday, November 25, 2004


My applications should be done by next week. Planning to app to UCSB, Pennstate, TAMU & Ohio. Hoping to get into one of UCSB or Pennstate.
I met Shylaja mam, and other lecturers. So most likely will be getting a reco from them by the end of this week, or worst case early next week. Most lecturers were friendly, other than n.g.p , who i think was busy, and so was terse :).

pit widens...

got screwed in probability and statistics too.....but thats not all

I have my Bangalore ticket booked for December 1st night. My seminar dates haven't been decided yet, my seminar report isnt ready yet (it still a long way to go there), my formal methods exam is on Sunday, and I have a term paper to submit there, before the exam itself....

so, the next two days will see my doing this.....working hard to finish my seminar report (which will have me re-reading some more papers, cuz I dont make notes after reading them the first time, and sadly, I haven't learnt from my mistakes), working like mad on my formal methods term paper, I wont concentrate too much on this, cuz its just 20% of 6 credits. The seminar is way more important cuz that decides whether I get to do my final year project with a good professor. And of course study for the formal methods exam itself.....which makes it insanely hard, cuz there are no text-books; no online tutorials, no introductory articles.....nothing!!! have to make sense of some of my illegible notes......so, thats whats coming up......the only good part is Algorithms and Probability are done......

The best part is....... I watched Mysore Mallige after a long time today......hahaha..... quite nostalgic.....to hear some Kannada amidst the usual noises that come out of such videos....esp the way she says "ri"....... couldn't make out whether she actually says "yenu andre".....

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Absolute Pantatva ..

concept believe mada beku..
tumba time aytu .. avaru ivaru yeno heltare anta tale kedskota iddivi .

Know its a difficult things to accept, U feel good when You get appreciations, and thats the root cause. U go down,, when people throw your work down the drain.

Bittaki boys.. enjoyyy maadi ...

and teju .. Tumba extrapolation madta iddiya .. results baro tanka wait maaaadu...

It's been awhile

since i screwed up so badly....

woah man...i have become more careless than ever...
need to pull up my socs and try to figure out what i have lost....
hair or brains or both :-|

work is going on very haphazardly....
i never knew i was so incredibly dumb

all motivation gone down the drain....

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

algorithms pit

got so badly screwed in the algorithms final exam that i will be lucky if I make a BC.....for the uninitiated, the grading system goes like this.....

AA - the absolute top, the very best....contributes a 10 to your CPI (cumulative point index)
AB - up there, but not quite.......contributes 9 to CPI
BB - you aint too bad......contributes 8 to CPI
BC - you know the course's workings.....contributes 7 to the CPI
CC - you must have thought twice before taking this course.....contributes 6 to the CPI
CD - you suck....contributes 5 to the CPI
DD - rockbottom....contributes 4 to CPI
FF - gotta repeat the subject next sem....contributes 3 to CPI
FR - gotta repeat the subject next sem....contributes nothing.

Each subject has a credit value attached to it. And your overall CPI will be the sum of your credit-weighted grade-value of that semester. For example, if i get a AB in my 10-credit foundations lab, a BC in the 6-credit algorithms, a BC in the 6-credit probability course, a BB in the 6 credit formal methods course, and an AA in the the 4 credit seminar, my CPI will be proportional to 9*10 + (7+7+8)*6 + 10*4 = 262 out of 320, which gives me a grand CPI of 8.1.

Now, 8.1 is roughly the same as our 75%.....surprise surprise.....I haven't changed much.....most companies keep a campus interview cutoff of around 7.5-8.....(average CPI over 2 semesters). Microsoft keeps 9. Google might keep 9.5, and IIT throws you out if you go below 6......I dont hope to leave this place before the end of 2 years......

Thats all the answer please.....

Monday, November 22, 2004

extreemists ..

It was quite dipressing to see the kannada film stars going for a dharana.
How would deferring of a movie by 3 weeks improve the status of kannada movies ??
I mean, would a cinegoer who is watches only Hollywood movies/ Bollywood movies go to a kannada flick , in which Puneet Raj does dink chack dance ??????????
well he would always want a govinda ..

irli ..innen makkla ..my thanksgiving weekend plans are really screwed up ..boohohhhhhhh.. yella kai yettiddare ..
bere sketchaaks haka beku ..

innen samachara ..

Yella ok.....

But our kannada film boys have suddenly become extremists....
Moi deep in thought....

Yella Smile :-)

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Good one tezz

The update of your quiz brought us some insight into ur life.
Probably even I would say the same thing.

Other than that,
I had a pretty eventful week.I had a haircut.

~Su Depp

things that i want to do..

other than career ..
(i)go deep sea diving..and this time should do it properly..
(ii)climb a snow capped mountain with professional mountain climbers..prefferably the mountain should have some
value attach to it..something like highest peak in that part..
(iii)sky diving..inspiration gd..hmmmm..imagine madidhrane maja barathe..
(iv)trek in "thick" jungles for 4 to 5 days..should camp in the jungle..the group should be small.. less than 5 ppl..
(v)pilot an aircraft..a small 2 seater plane ...should be in air for atleast 30 min..and if possible do some chamak moves
amale most imp agi.. i should learn to 'do' things from 'todo' list..


melancholy, depression, unhappiness-due-to-unfathomable-reasons, morose-ness, "feeling", ivelladakku ondu pada koDi: (rasa prashne)

Uttara - My mood.

Bhale, team Tejaswi avarige 10 ankagaLu. Iga mundina prashne: Lifealli yenu maadona anta iddira yellaru?

Uttara - Gotilla.

Bhale, team Tejaswi avarige 10 anka matte koDi. Iga mundina prashne.........

Thursday, November 18, 2004

For searching research papers and tech stuff


Another gift from google.

birthday blues....

Thanks makla....... Missing you folks too.....

Birthday blues was at its peak this time. Bored the hell out of an international call from GD with all my depressive stories. That something is missing, something is wrong, happiness seems to be elusive etc. etc. After that, was working on some term paper that is due tonight. The guys were going over to the all night canteen and pulled the reluctant but hungry me along. And as we went downstairs to get our cycles, the four of them presented me with bottle of fine red wine!!!....

We ditched the canteen, went behind the department to a lonely bench. My swiss knife coming to the rescue, with the cork. And then.......Jahan chaar yaar.....jahan chaar yaar miljaye, wahi raat ho guzaaar....jahan chaar yaar. One of these guys is a big fan of Sharaabi and all its shayri-lyrics-songs. We had a round of wine drinking coupled with songs. And then, the mood settled in, and some happiness started to trickle from nowhere......As I was the one supposed to get drunk, I did..........singing the song.......

"agar nasha sharaaab mein hota......toh naachti bottle....."
"maikade jhoomte paimaano.....mein hoti hulchul....."

(if the high was due to the drink, the bottle would dance, bars would glow, and wineglasses would be restless)

We ended the session on "suroor" (this urdu word gets it all into great perspective).....

A birthday to remember......for motley reasons, as are all birthdays.......




25 years .... Quarter Century!
Have fun man!

Will call you in the evening....

gd garu..

thumbha olle observation madidhya..nija aaga idhashtu kushi eega illa(sounds like a middle aged person who is missing his college life..alva)
mostly the reason is that avaga the goals were diff or almost non-existent..for me atleast..if u really see..ur parents are definetly happy with what u r now..
and all other ppl arnd u (who matter, ofcourse) are also happy with what u r now and where u r headed..the only person who is dissatisfied and frustrated is u...
and that is cos of not being able to meet self set goals...
all this from the conversation with teju on the way back from mumbai...missing u man...and missing all those motivating kachax..oorige baro woole master

Trans feeling

Has anybody been triumphant in avoiding the moments of depression to a fair extent ( apart from Richie ).

I dont remember any of us being BLISSFUL from the time we have left college.
What was so different at college. We werent doing that great at college too . We werent the toppers, nor in RECs/IITs , we were gays ( gays == no girlfriends ), and dint have deep pockets and frolic parties. We never even had a decent affair.

Looks like the idli/vada, juice, football, Microprocessors, suspenisons, movies, sudeepan mane, nagan mane, nightouts at tejus place, games at sumanths place , dhabas, goa trip, madkeri trip, the bday treats, the occassional basketball kept us happy.

The placements kicked off the sadisitic life .. ( or in my case was it PPR ) .

Logically with the independance, with the money we should have been more happier, but none of us are really happy.

yella ok feelings yaake ??


huttu habbada artika subashayagalu

hey teju .. welcome to the 'Quarter club' ..
yenne lu quarter , life allu quarter.

infosys is second.......and guess who is first?

Sasken !!!


Su Depp moves from Infy to SAS and lo! and behold......

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

All right guys.....

Time for some motivation....



Okay bye,

what do u want ..

Good work with okay money ? - YES
Good Money with okay work ? - YES
Good MOney with good work and lotsa work ?? - Probably NO

R u ready to slog for great work and no money .. ( finally might fetch lots .. like research ) NO NO NO ..

are u ready to lead a non-romantic life ...throughout ? NOPES

Do you mind studying ?? NO ( But mind writing all the entrance exams ;-) )
Do you want to work forever for others?? NO ..

GD odhu ..GMAT ge and then for CAT .

Trying photohosting...check 1-2-3


Did it work ?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

This is

one helluva site....

"Stanford Sophomore Rohan Verma with CE Infosystems created an equivalent of
Mapquest or Yahoo maps for India (though with few features now..) Please
visit http://www.mapmyindia.com/ to find out a great beginning for digital
maps for India."

It could go upto Hosakerehalli - 100feet road ....
Really good level of granularity....

Itna sannata Kyon hain bhai ?

Monday, November 15, 2004


I just read an interesting article from rediff.So I thought I should share that article with you guys!


I hope you people mark your calendars for 'World Toilet Day'.


Woolee! I can see that you are gonna be really angry at this one for me....heh....chill!

on second thoughts

We have had some high profile arrests ..
harsha mehta and the parekh .. dont know whether they were house arrested ..
I think 'evidence' determines the incarcenation level ??
If the police dint have strong enough evidence they dare not touch the seer.

Well well well . ..
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. this is really confusing ..


In my opinion, the arrest of the seer wasnt a glaring mistake. But, the nature of arrest was indeed ridiculous. As Sudeep was pointed out, when there are exceptions already done for Uma Bharati and the Don, why not to the seer.

The plausible reasons could be.
The 'charge' against the guilty. The seer is accused of a MURDER, Uma Bharati - attempt to murder and the DOn - Well the list can be endless. I lack the legal expertise to judge the gravity of these crimes. For me all of these brace the same category.

The 'clout' the accused carries. - All the 3 mentioned by Sudeep are highly influential people and have their roots deep in the political world. The seer has a high political voltage atleast in the NDA circles. So, is this like the congress is playing very neutral to all the Criminal charges, or a little more nonchalant in this one. Do the UPF want to give a message to the minority communities that they are indeed impartial ??

Looking at the profile of the seer, the MATH he heads, the respect the seer and the MATH commands, the patronage they have, there should have been some respect shown to the seer. There should have been an 'house arrest'. The reason behind the direct jailing procedure, invloving a person of such elite and noble status, does open up a lot of questions.

Sudeep is flabbergasted and I am skeptical aobut the whole drama.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Also ,

Happy Ramzan to our muslim friends...
currently feeling very restless....
have to concentrate.


Generally, we should not get into religious controversies,but this is somewhat provoking.
South India's most respected Hindu Math , Kanchi Mutt is a very powerful institution.I
have been there thrice.The Temple,the mutt is timeless.

Yes agreed, as the channels claim, there is a strong evidence.
BUT There is a certain decorum to be maintained before arresting the head of such a big
organisation.Not just flagrantly barging into a mutt and arresting the Swamiji while performing
a puja.Why the hell didnt they do a "house arrest" like Uma Bharati or the bombay smuggler
(on whom Nayakan was based on ? ).
Why the hell did they have to take him to Vellore jail?
He has the duties of a swamiji to be perfomed , like performing a
puja to the idols which are hundreds of years old.
How can he perform pujas in prison ? Disgusting.

And those wise people who claim that "it is a victory of the indian judicial system", do
they have any idea about the age of the Kanchi Mutt itself ? It is hundreds of years older than
Indian Judiciary System itself.

Forget the person Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati himself.
But the POSITION demands a respect.Does anybody doubt that?
And by arresting the head of one of the most powerful Mutts
of the Hindu Community, they are directly attacking the sentiments
of many, many people.And this may lead to Vendetta and it is like
inviting more trouble.Not only that.The mutts , no matter how corrupt they
are , these mutts are the symbols of our roots.Every communtity has a mutt,
has a swamiji and the mutt tries to maintain the customs which are old and
precious, no matter how SENSELESS they may seem.

And showing all this on petty yellow journalism TV stories like
"Crime Story" is the limit.

I can only hope all this has a good ending and the swamiji is innocent
of this accusation.If anything happens to the swamiji in jail, the politicians
will face the wrath of all the hindus.

Saturday, November 13, 2004


I am back, with a whimper.
AGRE, I screwed up by answering only 55 out of 70 questions. Not that the
questions were tough, just that they were time consuming.
You need to get a score of 48-50 to be in 90+ percentile range. Score of 38 => 78%
I am quite sure of about 40-45 questions. So depends on the accuracy of the answers
of the other 10.
The paper is quite different from GATE ( less math required ). Results will be
out in another month. So need to start/finsh the SOP by then.
zeeds i knew of the aussie connection,but what is with the New Zealand trip?


I am talking a lot about Bombay, and its culture on this blog; though it seems somewhat uncalled for, it still strikes me odd each time I see something different here because I am still in India, and Bombay seems like an island here in India. With its own unique culture. Good culture.

Take the "cutting", I can give you a thousand guesses, but its hard to come up with the real meaning for this piece of popular local slang - A cutting is half a glass of tea. Just had a cutting outside the campus, in a roadside dhaba which also serves jalebi, vada-paav, and other assorted food. Another thing I found strange here is the way they prepare tender coconut to drink. Its not chopped like its done in Bangalore and other places I have seen. They actually cut it with a knife, a proper kitchen knife. I am surprised that a knife goes through the think hyde. But it does. So on and so forth.

Here's wishing Nair on his 25th birthday. Will look up his id and mail him. Did someone call up Maiyya, or mail him yesterday? I don't have his id, will have to look up the newsgroup. Need to go to Sanjay Dhaba sometime soon. It's been too long.

Richie, boli magane.....How was the exam? did you kick ass? was there enough graph theory to make you bang the desk (with your hand)? Isn't it surprisingly and pleasantly different from GATE? Anyway, do write about it. And try not to stick to your style of writing.

Me has to work on some surveys. Will get going now. Before I go, as always, the latest in movies: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is done. It's an experience. After having been in awe of the music for ages and ages now, to actually see it in action, to see the music pulse through the scenes, to see Eli Wallach as the resourceful Ugly, its a great movie. It's all about the Ugly character. He is the hero. And that was followed by American History X. This movie is bound to make you a bigger fan of Edward Norton than you already are.....its a moving film. Has a good dose of social consicence and idealism with some cut throat reality and action. A must watch.

Friday, November 12, 2004

good luck Jag

curise like the jag on the road .. jag x series is a dream to possess in the US ..
kick ass richie..

Happy deepawali guys ..
dum dama dum .. there goes my celebration .. :-)

I am split minds about watching Veer Zara .. :))

innen isya .. tried finding tickets to new zealand .. kashta sikkta illa .

tejaswi .. nijvaglu tight aagiddane ..


Nothing like celebrating Diwali with Long Island Iced Tea......followed by some Ole King Cole, followed by Vodka Martini, and then, topping all of that with the classic - Old Monk.....

Am fully done right now......

Happy DeepawaLi everyone.....have fun.....Richie, all the very best for the AGRE.....you are gonna kick ass, I am sure.......nothing less than 95 percentile.....I am sure......me betting everything on you......

Sudeepa, grow a friggin frenchie........how long are you gonna do with Tom and Tex....you know what I mean...... hic hic......... :)))

Missing Naga........terribly.......


Thursday, November 11, 2004

Jag's AGRE

ALL THE BEST TO RICHIE_JAG who is having his AGRE this saturday.

Updates :-
Nothing much actually....Nothing much actually.
I have bought Jackie Brown VCD.I have to see that.
Planning to go to a trek tomorrow.

Sujay, my cuz is coming to Bangalore on Nov 20th.
He has built a house very near to my place (hosakerehalli).

So tahts it!

See ya fellas.And happy Diwali, wherever you are.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

happy diwali guys

this is how I celebrate diwali here ... super alla ??

papanna .. papanna .. Your incidents reminds me of the VIVA..

yen madam ivanu 8th semester aa ?? :)))

ayyo papanna .. college huduga .. "Daddy na karkondu banni" ..
Guys the term Daddy isnt it funny ..

I am laughing away to glory ( at sudeeps expense )

teju yavag tanka irtiya blore nalli ?? anyways mostly amchi mumbai alle meet aago haage idhe ..

sudeepa pataki hodi .. chennagi tinnu ..beer kudi ..steriods togo ... put on some weight ..

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Yeah man!

Let us hit out bigg time when u r in "Girinagar" :-)
nice that you said girinagar instead of bangalore :-))

At office,lots of documentation .....(lot to be done)
at home lots of bank,blah blah, credit cards......dragging

Yesterday (or the day before yesterday) i had been to a
2-wheeler mechanic's garage

I had an interesting conversation with the mechanic.

The conversation went on like this :-

(looking at the scooty)
Sir ball bearing hogidhe.

Yeshtu aguthe charge-u?

Ahhh...Nodbeku saar....Gearbox kooda bichteeni.

okay, gear box tagiri....

I was waiting for him to open the gearbox.

Sir, nimm daddy na karkondu banni...

ME :-
Yen daddy ?

Sir two days earlier hinge college hudugi bandhu,
bearing change maadid-mele, avara daddy bandhu
illi galaate maadidru....
So naavu college hudugara hatra yella helibitte change

I was mortally insulted.

Nann age yeshtu antha gothta ? Nimdeshtu ?

Sir, 22 varsha nange....

ME :-
Nange 25.

End of conversation.

So the moral of the scene :-
Grow facial hair....It's high time....

see you betans....
(the great depression reaching unprecedented heights nowadays)

Rain Man

A movie posting after a long time. Saw Rain Man again!!! And unbelievably, went through most of the movie without skipping any bit. I like this one. Have to get a DVD when I come to Bangalore.

Booked my Bangalore ticket right now on irctc. December 2nd Night, I will be there in Girinagar. So, December 3rd, Kumar, Richie, lets hit the pool.

As for current academics, I have got an extenstion on my seminar report submission deadline from Prof. Soumen. Gotta use it well, and extract some wisdom from a collection of papers that he has asked me to read. Extract wisdom???? I am not able to extract basic contents. Lets see where that will leave me.....Other than end-sem exams, I have just two survey reports to write before next week. Almost single-tasking, a very welcome change.

Spoke to Chakku and Samba after a long time......Kumar seems to be missing college days, but is not responding on YIM. GD seems to have faded into the sands of Phoenix. Richie, well, I dont really mind it either ways :))).....

Monday, November 08, 2004


even I am on tons of pills now.....Vicks Action 500, Oraheal, B-Complex.... self-medicating away to glory.....courtesy mouth ulcers..........aaaaaargh.........

old news-new news: still slogging....watching movies.....sleeping odd hours......same ol' stuff...

new stuff: tried windows after a long time, and found out that I like firefox more than IE. Everything else seems pretty much the same. Added a new photo on my pictures page getting in Richie, Paapu and Kummi....among others.....

As for ex-girlfriends, Kumara......life is one strange brew...... things will get better.......not to worry.......

Dingchak song of the day: Teri patli kamar mein hai jaadoo, teri tirchi nazar mein hai jaadoo, jaadoo hain teri baaton mein......from an obscure Anil Kapoor starrer......

ex-gf ..

hey kummi ..

ivella aagotte .. after all .. LIFE aint it ......
okies.. I have a slight fever , terrible cold and headache ..
and am trying to fake I dont have any of these . I dont want to be sick ..
but my body is agaisnt my spirits .. the head's a lil cranky looking at the monitor .. it doesnt mind watching 'mean girls' ..
I cud not sleep properly cos of the cold .. arghhhhhhhh.. I hate this ..
I have a few tablets at my desk from a friend of mine , but I look like a pillophobic

started on critical reasoning of GMAT .. and am reading 'straight from the GUT' .. suprisingly I aint borred ..

innen makkla ..

Spoke to teja..hes dropping in Bombay dec 26th and then to blore ..


Sunday, November 07, 2004

missing 'someone special'

i am reffering to my ex gf..
i was thinking abt so many good things she had done...for me ofcourse..but i was too immature to recognise all that...
she would go to great lengths just to go out with me..cos that meant something to her....
i am feeling guilty...may be i was stubborn..donno..afraid to even think abt that...

Friday, November 05, 2004

dont talk abt

idli vada and masala dosas makkla ..
I am tired of burgers , pizzas, tacos, and my brain refuses to pop out the names of my ohter fast food ventures ...
and cereals for breakfast .. vade bonda and all dooor ki baat hai ..
will be back in Jan and shall have my qutoa fully..

I am getting tempted to get back to chicken burgers, they look really attractive, and they are a staple diet... one of these days I shall be into it again..
spicky tender crispy chicken burger.. super aagi illa kelokke ..

alll the IT folks unhappy abt bush being elected, only the west and north east states wants kerry..

have 'bandha alla bahaddur' at home .. and 'snehaloka' .....
the latter sucks and havent tried the former ....
innen makkla .. teju yavag tanka blore alli iddiya .??
I shall get these goons to amchi mumbai ..

sigona ..

Anybody read

haven't , but the blurb reminds me of the book dmos had mentioned 'tuesday with morrie`

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Anybody read

The five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom ?

yes man...

guys g1 has done something which is simply

But it is predictable. :-)

What the hell will a 25 year old COOL boy
will do ?

Thts that.

More on mails if anybody interested.

maDDu mess

its a Da with a Da "vattu"....maDDu mess....

This is a small eating joint that opens at around 4 every morning here, just outside the campus. Getting into the place is an adventure in itself. You gotta go through dingy stinking alleys, past cowsheds, open drains, -Satya (the movie) style....and sit in a mosquito infested dungeon where a really old lady makes eeruLLi dose, moTTe-eeruLLi dose (a novelty I came across here), plain dose, idli, vaDe, amboDe (which they call Daal Vada), and the best part.....really tasty thick chutney, with steaming hot sambar......all very south Indian, very tasty, and very very economical........a mammoth gorging session cost me around Rs 30/-......

This place is like this cult thing here......the setting is very rustic, but the talk is very urbane, people discussing linux, MIT, Berkeley, philosophy, and devoring onion-anDa, daal vaDa etc etc......its a must visit......combines the ethos of IIT and Bombay in equal parts and great measure......and of course, good food is a good thing......anywhere.....

just got back from there....was sitting outside my lab.......talking to the inimitable Su Depp.....and reminiscing old days at BCB, and wondering what one needs to do etc etc.....heard some shocking news about our very own Jeevan Prakash.......and was left with more wondering to do......hahah.....

let the games begin........

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Yo Man.....


That was cool.Wasnt it?
Microsoft Word.

Yo, man, Yo!
So, whats happening

Chuck that.

Bush won.

He has to give full marks to his nigger, Osama.

In the fifth round your ass goes down.
Say it.

In the fifth round my ass goes down.

That man never fails.He sends 1 tape and thats enough
for Bush's victory.He should have sent two tapes.


i can code!!!!!even now i can code..and not copy paste!!!!!!!!
wrote a filesplitter to split files..and ofcourse to merge them back..
that isnt a big prog..but still..
i discovered one more thing..the amount of 'maja' that i get when i develop something for 'own use' is much more
than what i do daily..developing for someone else to use it...hmmm..dont know what this implies..

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Well ,

It's election time .

So, gd r u having a holiday ?

Times of India is giving unbelievable hype here to US elections.

By the way Vdas is getting married tomorrow.

I am going there to the choultry.

Anyway moi busy today.

Later, more.


hartika subashayagalu ..

if sudeep can become su Depp like Johnny Depp .. Deepak can become De peck like Greogery Peck alva ??

Had 'How to kill a mocking bird' at home..but cudnt watch it ..
saw Transporter ..ulti timepass action ..Kill bill types .. watch the truck scene in this ..its amazing ..

lifes draggin bigg time ..:-) ..got GMAT books from India ..
( sudeep my CAT mate .. upto to GMAT tooo ?? )
yeah ..I have gone crazy basically ..

feelng sleepy ..
shall go and have some freshly brewed coffee ..

Monday, November 01, 2004


Read this attention-holding blog entry by some dude on Kannada: http://msanjay.htmlplanet.com/blog/lchasm.htm

Right now, I am typing from an I-Mac in the hostel comp. room. Its different, and its really different....right from the keyboard down to the display and the usage etc etc.....I dont know whether it was designed to be so different from the IBM-clones, but it is.......

Anyways, I am (as-always) amused to see Su Depp in one of his oh-so-su-depp moments....cant wait for this month to get over....and cant wait to see you dudes again.......undecidability or not..... bhel puri or not....... stupid Su Depp disclaimers on everything or not.....me is gonna be there, and me is gonna eat everyone's head......and also swim away to glory in the NCB pool......

right now, I have gotten over some of my recent mammoth spells of procrastination - only cuz deadlines have finally caught up with me.......Right now, I have enough workload to piss off even Buddha....or some such idiom.......

Listening to Fanaa Fanaa from Yuva.....and yeah, marvelling at Rahman's talents....But these days I am beginning to respect the likes of Anu Malik and Anand-Milind, cuz of the sheer genius in their dingchak songs......of course, the credit is equally shared by folks like Anjaan and Sameer for those immortal lyrics with quintessential words like "jiya", "baahon mein", "jaan", "dil", "pyaar", "deewana", "seene", "goriya", "chura", "jiya" and of course......."bechain"..

Have listened to the dingchak hall of fame here........and surprisingly, I have a few other fans of extreme hindi dingchak here......who take great pleasure in listening to the essential 90's dingchak that had classics like Husn Hai Suhana.....Tamma Tamma Loge......and some of those classic Mithun numbers which I cant get enough of these days...... :)))))

Ok, gotta go to the lab now and work on my lab project which is due tomorrow midnight......


The weekend was another plw.
plw = predictable lousy weekend.

But wait!!

We met!

Me, kummi and jag met at jag's place and I ate fresh cold sapotas while the
two geeks discussed about "Undecidablility".

And I caught up with "Goodfellas".
Very disturbing.
Scorsese is a mad-man.
And I saw "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".
What the heck was the movie abt?
Stopped midway.
Couldnt make out anything out of it.

No more powerful disturbing movies for sometime.
Need to see some cartoons....Like Finding Nemo.

Other than that I need to ENHANCE my vision.
Planning of buying a RayBan......

~Su Depp (like Johnny Depp).