Monday, July 31, 2006

Western Classical CD

I just got a Western Classical CD lying at home. It contains compositions of many great composers et al. But the point is :-

Everyone has heard it !!!

I think may of us can recognize many compositions.

Courtesy :-

All the damned cartoons you watch on TV!!

Especially Tom and Jerry has borrowed many , many tunes from the classical compositions. And some "serious" and "agressive compositions" sound like the background music of the fight sequences you see in the Kannada movies....


So much for my curiousity of Western Classic. I just stopped listening to that CD. I relate to Cartoons and Kannada Movies when I listen to that!!! It was hilarious

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Very old-style post of mine

Whats happening in my head right now :-

1.Maruti Swift requires a clearance much more than my Maruti 800 (which was nicknamed H-B2B by me)...I still cant figure out accurate clearance.

2.Too many sweets eaten today....SHucks...

3.Cycle has to be given to refitting....I have been delaying this. Dammit.

4.One game of HALF-LIFE 1 brought back my (post-8th sem && pre-Ordyn) days memories.
One game of Road rash brought back memories of Naga ...THose rainy nights and Vikram's house and Ashoka pillar days....


6.Life goes on....Life is beautiful and nasty at the same time. I am feeling like a complete stranger lost in the ever changing city of life.

7.It's been awhile ............

8.God loves to spring surprises....There is no doubt abt that.

Friday, July 28, 2006

The email distraction.

The email distraction is the most common screwed-up distraction I face during work hours. This is beautifully brought out by one comic strip, which I am following for a week :-). I dont know about you guys, but this happens to me very often !!

It can be a small forward or a mail from a friend or somebody else.


Thursday, July 27, 2006


Ever felt travelling to Himalayas for 'satyanveshane' ? or concluded that it is just another crap idea ?

The quest for Truth about the purpose of life has mainfested in different religions, in different texts, different swamis, mullahs, priests, yogis, bhogis etc etc etc.
Each of these elements have exploited the human race in their own way.

We were better like animals, killing animals for food and sometimes each other. That looks cruel. But, what we do daily isnt any better. We kill aspirations, joy, peace etc etc of others knowingly or unknowingly. We lose temper, we accuse others, we judge, we misjudge, we manipulate, we hatch schemes, we do a lot of things.

Life in this society is just the quest for power, richness and glorification. This is neatly wrapped in concepts like dharma, karma, goodness, charity blah blah blah. The mundane truth of like is just power, richness and glorification.

I felt like going to Himalayas yesterday evening. ;-) This was in a fit of rage. I feel stupid looking back at that momentary decision. F**K my vague ideas. As if truth is embedded in Himalayas.. or badri, kedar, haridwar.

I am feeling hungry. This is the truth, hunger is so tangible, pain is so tangible, but happiness is never tangible :) GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

lunch time folks...

ps :- again not reviewing the text


Ever since I started thinking, I havent discovered a passion in me. I have seen a lot of people(almost everyone) being passionate about something or the other, trivial or non-trivial. But I never could find one. I also doubt if I will have one in the future. I am kind of a shallow guy or a superficially deep(as worded by Sudeep about himself). It just struck to my head like anything. I too am superficially deep indeed :).

In school, I used to play basketball very passionately ( I think so cos back then I dint know about what passion meant). Give me a basketball I could play morning, evening or night, in my own Lousy way, but still would play :). This was one game where I was a little better than others, so I enjoyed playing it :).
But, I was sent to tutions and I never could improve my game. Why blame the tutions?? I never wanted to improve the game at the first place and hence never found a way, I needed a pretext and tutions were it.

Studies - aaaahhh, I was good at it, but I never liked any subject over and above the rest. I never aspired for a 100 in math or science in my school days. All I wanted was 90% to join NCJ, which was 3 km from my home. I was tired travelling long distances in BTS.

NCJ - A place where I learnt what LIFE was. At school I was a 'koopa mandooka'. The college was this cruel world, with ups and downns. And the end result was a DOWN. I fared very badly in my board exams (85% PCM was badddd, according to NCJ standards), but some how recovered in CET.

PESIT - What did I do in PESIT ? After obtaining a payment seat my goal was to get a placement and repay the same. I was never passionate about computer science. I took it cos, I wasnt good at troncis or mech (realisation from 2nd pu). The only two subjects I really liked were MuP and Network Theory. I read these out of passion. THe marks reflected it too. I was good at these. I joined PPR - so that I could be more assured of placements. I got Infy, so never seriously tried any other companies. I could clear the written tests, but not the interview, I was lazy to prepare, I dint have a field to target - networks,systems etc etc. I had one company offer, so I flirted with others. End result - I was left at home for 7 months.

Infy - Started with a bang, mostly out of need. Was scared I would be kicked out. 4 years down the lane, there is nothing I feel passionate about my work. I was good at onsite. I felt I had strong domain, analytical and tech skills. I could easily convince the best of my clients. I got borred there too. Headed back home.

Future - MBA, I do not know what I want to do - consulting, finance ?? are my options. I am passionate (oops - wrong , I think I am passionate )about consulting, let me see..


ps : No patience to review this one :)
Paaps car banta ?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

My TOP 13 Guitar solos in songs

Well, I hate to admit it...but guitar is an integral part throughout the history of Rock music. I think, The Beatles were one of the first "Guitar bands" and there have been COUNTLESS Guitar bands ever since. And there have been GREAT guitar solos which have kind of enriched our lives.

Guitar enjoys a status in Rock n Roll which was enjoyed by Violins and Pianos in Vienna types "classical music".



"Come as You Are" is remembered as being one of Nirvana's more optimistic songs. While many other songs by the band would feature dark, bleak lyrics, "Come as You Are" welcomes the listener "as a friend". The song has a weird and really awesome sounding guitar solo by Cobain.

The same sound can be heard in Smells like Teen Spirit.

12. BEAT IT - from Michael Jackson's Thriller Guitarist : EDDIE VAN HALEN

One song which is very different from any of Michael Jackson's songs. The guitarist is from the band Van Halen. The uniqueness of the song "Beat It", is that, it has got a R&B style of vocal rendered by Whacko-Jacko and there is this dreamy guitar solo.


The Doors were a great band. They had keyboards, bizzare lyrics , outlandish and bigger than life singer in Jim Morrison. They had a cult following. Personally,I like many songs of The Doors. Not for just Jim Morrison's lyrics. But the MELODY was an essential component in their music. The guitar just speaks with Morrison and played very naturally.

10. WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS - The Beatles - Guitarist - Eric Clapton

The Beatles.

They are just too big as a band.

But when it comes to Guitar, Harrison and Lennon were okay (if you ask me, that is). But the guitar in this song is GREAT !!! This is because , Eric Clapton was requested by The Beatles to play this song.Clapton is one of the "slow" Guitarists. Plays really slowly but he kicks your head when he plays .... wooooo hooooo!! I need some cocktail RIGHT NOW....

The composition by Harrison, was met with little to no interest by the other Beatles. Let down and yet undaunted, Harrison invited his friend Eric Clapton to join him during a day's recording session. Despite Clapton's doubts ("Nobody ever plays guitar seriously on the Beatles' records"),

9. SULTANS OF SWING - Dire Starits - Mark Knopfler

A guitarist who plays the guitar with lots of "ticks".I mean "short twangs".It is actually difficult to appreciate this guitar solo, because the guitar takes a "soft lead" .

The album version of the song featured an extended guitar solo. Knopfler improvised and expanded that solo many times during live performance

8. FADE TO BLACK, UNFORGIVEN - Metallica - Kirk Hammett

Kirk Hammett is a very talented guitarist, plays really very fast. Fade To Black was a favorite of mine during my college.It is a thrash metal song. And the opening sequence is really amazing.

7. N.I.B aka Nativity In Black - BLACK SABATHTH Guitarist :: Tony Iommi

One of the better Black Sabbath songs with a very good guitar.Forget abt anti-christ and all that crap...The vocals are really simple in this song, but the guitar solo is long, prolonged and very good!


A GnR song generally goes like this :-

Axl Roses used to create good lyrics, but not THAT good compositions. However, Slash used to build the tempo and change the chords and take the song to another dimension. Axl used to join Slash in the finale and the songs used to END very well.

Probably everybody reading this post will have heard these songs. GnR was the late 80s/90s band which tasted success like CRAZY. Slash really gears up "November Rain" with that solo of his and the chorus. This video is very often requested in many music channels.

I like the "Sweet Child of Mine" solo. It appears to be easier to play and more relatable.


Jimi Hendrix !!!!
The man....The Hippie....The guitar....The Wah-Wah Pedal....The number #1 guitarist of all the time as voted by many people.

He was an innovator while playing guitar.....But his solos, in my opinion, are really too techincal to undertsand.

Voodoo Chile is one of Hendrix's greatest solos. I love it!!


Pink Floyd's forte is really complex and intriguing lyrics. Taking a concept and visualising and coming up with a whole album of songs.David Gilmour has the speciality of playing the Guitar like a Violin. He can make it moan in melody.Pink Floyd can depress you with its lyrics and the cynical look at reality.

From a keyboard POV, Gilmour's rifffs and chords are mostly black keys. There are rarely white keys :-)

ONE OF THESE DAYS is not exactly your regular Psychedelic piece...But it is really eerie. The guitar makes an slow entrance and in a minute gains control of the whole song.

TIME : The lyrics are legendary. Penned by Roger Waters, they can instantly send you to a bloody depression of meaninglessness. But the guitar piece is melodies.


Hmmm...Led Zeppelin, any comments ?
Hmm...James Patrick Page , any comments ?

This guy is WAY tooo good. He'll play fast. He'll play slow. Each one of the above song's solo is unique. Black Dog's riffs are quick. "Babe...." is a rock ballad. Communication Breakdown is a short song with a terrific solo well complemented a skipped beat by the drummer.


It's Jimmy Page again!!!

Heartbreaker solo is one of the most difficult solos to play. It is a marvel.

And who hasnt heard of Stairway to Heaven ?

1 FREE BIRD - LYNNRD SKYNNRD - Dont know the guitarists

This Southern Rock band rocks like hell! And the guitar solo is long , and fast and lots of adrenaline...I heard this song when I was in Infy...Boy! I was blown by the guitar !!! For the moment, I dont have this song and I am looking for it....If you have it, please let me know :-)

DoT versus the ISPs

Welcome back!

Okay now the blogging websites are accessible from my ISP (atleast). So as I understand it, the story so far, is as below :-

a) DoT asks the ISPs to block SELECTED websites.
b) ISP blcoks everything.
c) This causes a furore amongst the naturally very vocal blogging community. They bring up freedom of speech etc. and floor the DoT with verbal attacks.
d) The DoT gives a press release and an explanation.

Whatever.Regular updates will continue from my side, atleast.

Monday, July 17, 2006

21 tribals killed by Naxals..

and the world is MUM about it,
Indian government too is MUM about it
the public and media too is MUM about it (compared to the voice raised against Bombay blasts)

Why ?
Arent Tribals human beings ?
Arent Naxalites TERRORISING people ?
Isnt this a form of terroism too ?
Shouldnt we tackle this too ?
Why isnt media sesnitive about it ?
Why isnt the public sensitive about it ?
Is this double standards ?

I am confused, I feel sorry for these people, I feel helpless

All in the family...

We have relished the dishes at Brahmin's coffee bar, SLV and Adigas. Now a little history abt the foodie chains.


Majestic, Bangalore

For an old time Bangalorean, the Idlis and steaming Coffee at Brahmin's Coffee Bar in Shankarapuram is part of their life. I have known several people who would break their journey when they are passing the Brahmin's Coffee Bar to take a bite of the hot idli. Such is the popularity of these Idlis and coffee and Adiga's Chain of Hotels took its birth from this Coffee Bar. The entrepreneur in Mr. Vasudeva Adiga from Kundapur (South Canara) made him chart a course of his own. Armed with an engineering degree in 1984 he did the rounds of job scouting, before taking over an ailing eatery SLV hotel in Gandhi Bazaar. The small but well known Brahmana Coffee Bar noted for its Idlis in Shankarapuram which his father maintained is where he learnt the ropes of the trade. He renovated the SLV hotel and the response was tremendous. The take over of his brother in law's ailing eatery and naming it as Adigas Fast Food by maintaining high standards of quality and hygiene (fully mechanized) and service has resulted in the well known ADIGA'S CHAIN of restaurants. A gamble well executed as in the offing is two more branches to delight the addicts of the Adigas hotels.

For a first time visit at any of their outlets, it is recommended to order for their famous Masala Dosa, Rava Idli, Vada, Gulab Jamun and Coffee. The taste of Coffee is unique and reminds me of the MTR variety with the just right flavour bringing out the richness of the coffee bean. For a growling tummy this is manna. The rotis and accompanying gravy dishes are excellent. The specialty at Majestic branch is the newly introduced Jollada rotti meals (50/=) a North Karnataka specialty. The South Indian meals priced at 30/= is wholesome. In the self service wing mini meals at 15/= caters to small budgets, and those in a hurry. Keeping the diner's pulse in mind he has the Executive meal, for the calorie conscious with less rice, but with chapattis, salad etc. "VALUE FOR MONEY, SERVICE WITH a SMILE and CUSTOMERS KNOW BEST" drives his business enterprises. At the restaurants the day starts early and closes by 11 pm. It will not be a surprise to find a friendly gentleman sauntering towards you, to chat and casually take the feedback - That's Vasudeva Adiga. A lot of foreigners frequent the Dickenson branch.

Friday, July 14, 2006


The Indian Press needs really a good lesson. Whenever a blast or a terrorist attack is well executed, they really go gaga all over the media and it gives a reader, like me, a feeling, that the journalists and the Indian public are in awe of the planning.

I fail to understand, the purpose, this statement serves :-

“Only engineers know how maximum damage can be caused while blowing up mountains and trains,’’ he said. “We think the services of very well qualified people have been used in the Mumbai attacks "

It's okay and even I agree that some terror techies may be involved.

But my question, is what is the use of saying statements like :- "The attack was well planned and executed"...."Skilled manforce was used".....

Somwhere a terrorist sitting and reading press statements will be encouraged to plan even more hi-fi attacks.I remember that during 9/11 2001 there was NOT A SINGLE WORD MENTIONED that the attack was well planned.....These kind of statements are very encouraging to the terrorists....In my opinion, that is.

Terror techies

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Shine on you Crazy Diamond

Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd dies at 60. One of the most obscure musicians I have ever listened ...
The guitarist was the band's first creative force and an influential songwriter, penning their early hits.

But he was crazy. Reclusive.

So was his music and lyrics....

To give you an example :-

One of my favorite songs of Pink Floyd was "Bike".

In the song, Syd Barrett offers a girl his bike, a cloak, an old (but good), homeless mouse that he calls Gerald, and a clan of gingerbread men - because "she fits in with my world". Towards the end of the song, he offers to take her into a "room of musical tunes".

Thats okay....Now comes the absurd part :-

The final verse is followed by an instrumental section that can be referred to as a piece of musique concrete: a noisy collage of oscillators, clocks, gongs, bells, maniacal laughing, and other strange sounds edited with tape techniques. This "other room" has been interpreted by some as being symbolic of insanity, and may have been a foreshadowing of the eventual mental breakdown that forced Barrett to leave the band. Another interpretation is that these noises symbolise sexual intercourse
- Courtsey Wikipedia.

Pink Floyd's Barrett dies aged 60

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

sasken office yesterday on my 6630 Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sad day for Bombay....I am feeling so angry and helpless....What the heck is this...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty

I read this somewhere in Seattle "If you dont have brains better be tough". I pondered over this statement after reading the comments from Sudeep and Bridget Jones (Kriti) on my last post Cup of Glory. And in response to it I write this piece. These are purely my thoughts again. (Usually I write opinions from others, gathered over discussions and potray the thoughts to which I have acquiesced, as mine)

We are often very critical about display of Muscle power,as against the display of brains and almost non-critical about beauty flaunting. ZiZou might have been wrong according to the football faternity and the codes of the FIFA worldcup and he rightly recieved a RED card for it. May be he should have acted as Kriti puts it
"I would have expected the "best player of the tournament" to be self-assured enough to laugh away insults ", but I would not agree with the part of to laugh away insults'.

How often can we swallow insults or racial abuse, of origins, of religions, of language, of stature, of looks and of behaviour ??? When will the abusers be punished? I know world cup finals is not the right platform to do it. I am highly disappointed about the French not winning. But I believe, if Zidane had stayed back for the full extra-time there would have been any difference to the score line. David Trezeguet was slated to take the 'penalty', and he would have missed it anyways.

The FIFA has just looked into containing the PHYSICAL ABUSING, and havent done much about the verbal abusing. Hence, I prefer the football of the 80's where men fought, like men, for the glory. Now, they act, they deceive, they taunt others with abuse of all forms.

We cannot see a kick in the BUTT, but we are okay with verbal bashings, the Nazi salutes of Buffon, the spitting of the players, their diving, their remarks. speculations are that Mattarazi called "Zidane a terrorist", "His sister a whore" etc etc. How often can you swallow such remarks ? Sometimes your personal pride takes over the World Cup. May be Zidane dint want the world cup then, may be he wanted to teach the Mattarazi guy and his likes to behave properly. Italians are accused often of being racists Okay this is not about Italy. Its generic - its european in nature.

Coming back to the Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty. Brawny ppl are the most accused, followed by brainy ppl and then the beautiful. If you display your muscle power you become an instant hooligan (They do it cos thats their act of defence and offence. They lack brains so they go the muscle way). I am not justifying that they are right in doing so, but I am pleading that we need to be equally critical about the others too. We never condemn the killings/assasinations of thousands/lakhs of innocents, who are victims of diplomatic screw-ups in the same way (with the same fervor) we condemn the burtal killings (see the word brutal comes naturally) behind which the muscle power has ruled. Given the choice between 'concentration camps' and 'nuclear bombing in hiroshima' the 'concentration camps' will be voted as more cruel, where as both these acts are equally despicable to the highest orders respectively. One was a muscle power and another a brilliant tactic. Ofcos brilliance gets away easily in words of diplomacy. (this has been derived from the disussion I have heard so far, we often discuss too much abt Nazi vs Jews and occassionaly discuss abt Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. I might be wrong here)

Now to Brains vs Beauty. If you flaunt your brains, its an offence - you are headstrong, you are not humble, and you are a jerk too at times. But you flaunt beauty and no one complains. Everyone loves it. Its gone to an extent that 'if you have it flaunt it' . Now if a person has brains and a lesser capacity in beauty, doesnt he have the right to flaunt it. Why are we biased here again ? Why do we taunt poeple with remarks and put a tag on them as 'headstrong, arrogant' etc etc.
Again I am against both or I am for both, not for a step-mother treatment of brains or beauty. Research in the US have reported that offenders with better looks have escaped the wrath of the jury many a times. Why so ? why are we so much tuned to be so partial towards beauty?

If a physical damage leaves a scar behind which is very much visible, then a moral/mental damage leave a deeper wound which is not percieved by many. I am in total support of ZiZou (if the allegations made on Mattarazai were true). For me he will be one the greatest footballers. My best would still be Maradona. I havent seen Pele much but I dont think even if I see him I would like him. Genius ppl have a slight madness in them, and that madness is what makes them a genius. ZiZou also got support from his coach, co-players and PM. The cup of glory can be won again and again and again. It's tough but it is not impossible. But it takes a lot of time to regain personal pride, as they say it in Kannada 'adikege hoda maana aane kottru barolla'.

And I agree with Kriti

"The diving, the anger, the head-butting, the goals, the referess, the brilliance - all seem like parts of a well done play, where the suspense stays on till the end. Thats what is so much fun about it! :)

only thing the Italians should not have won the world cup. A team which plays 10 ppl in the 18-yard area, doesnt deserve the highest reward of this sport 4 times. All said and done, well played Italy and ZiZou you deserved the Golden ball. Keep your head high

ps: only person who I have seen coming close to evenly critical abt brains, beatuy and brawny is Chilli

Cup of Glory..

Its a Cup of Debauchery, Genius acting skills, hooliganism
Cup of Money (for rich nations), while a Cup of struggle for the Poorer nations
Cup of Pride for the starters, whereas the europeans fight as if it is a world war
Crazy refrees, coaches and even crazier players.

Only good match was Germany vs Italy, thanks to refree, who dint care for the player's acting skills and diving skills. The footballers can seek a career in Hollywood. Next it would be like 20th Century Fox presents 'The world cup 2010'

Racist remarks would be made on the ground, but we cant hear what the players speak. All we could see in Zidane heading Mattarazi and earning a RED card. Which moron in the world will hit a guy without being provoked. ZiZoU u need a mental asylum. People are not ready to forget is from Algeria, a muslim. Similarly the Africans would have been slurred for sure . Things which we see on TV are never true aint it.

The clash between Argentina and Germany after the match. What was that ?

Its been a disappointment of sorts. The whole world cup looks flimsy. Thanks to Shakira it looked somewhat colorful.

The only team I really liked was Ghana, for their sprit (they too had some actors though)

A huge disappointment, though I watched most of the matches with fervor, made a 100 buks too.


Zidane was hallucinating that he was a bull yesterday.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Solution to the coconut problem

Well, the solution is not even n-nary. It goes something like this :-
a) Go to the eight floor and drop the coconut.

b)If it breaks
{ then the floor "x" is such that 1 <= x <= 8.
So start from 1st floor and drop...2nd floor and drop....8th floor...
Until you get x.

c)If it doesnt go to 8+7 = 15th floor.Drop from here.
If it breaks
{then the floor "x" is such that 8 <= x <= 15.
So start from 8th floor and drop...9th floor and drop....15th floor...
Until you get x.

d)If it doesnt go to 8+7+6 = 21st floor.Now the search for x is between
15 and 21.

It goes on till 8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1 = 36.

Solution to the Prison Problem

Richie got a beautiful deduction as :-
Prime numbered cells will be closed.
The state of the composite numbered cells depends on the number of its unique factors.

Among composite numbers , consider the numbers which are squares. e.g. 1 , 4, 9 , 16 ...These have an ODD number of factors. eg :- take 49. The factors of 49 are 1,7,49. So Door# 49 will be opened during 1, closed during 7 and re-opened during 49. So, All the numbers which are perfect squares will be opened and the rest will be closed.


There are some more puzzles coming. But yesterday's coffee discussion was centered around the fact that Kannada movie heroes are ugly. I couldnt disagree on the fact that, the movie which was being showed on TV at the cafeteria when this discussion was going on, was a lesser know movie called "Chaitrada Premanjali".On second thoughts,should heroes always be good-looking ?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The old guns fired

Against Brazil :), and they looked tired against Portugal :(, but they still made it, thanks to Henry and Zidane. I am concerned as to how will they perform against the energetic Azzuri. The Azzuri's hold the edge. They have talented people matching France, man to man. Yeah, there is no Zidane in the midfield, but Pirlo is good enough. And there is Buffon. How can French get past him. Answer is Henry, Buffon can be beat only from near >2 mts & <>4 mts he can respond easily. Where does Barthez stand against Italy? He has a crucial role to play, but he acts like a jerk sometime. (sometime ? most of the times).

And the French get tired easily. Old soles. Almost everyone wants to retire after world cup :). Vikash u are missing the game man. I especially dislike the forwards in both the teams. They get exhausted without doing much of running around. They act as if they are precious soles. They expect the ball to be thrown at their feet. Uhhh they suck. But, Henry is a better forward (probably cos Shammi, my friend,is nicknamed Henry. that reminds me the following - Teju looks like Del Piero, and Dhi like Klose, someone suggested me Sudeep looks like Lahm, no personal opinion here. Avi can get an entry to the Italian side for his looks and shaven head;-). One person I cant imagine in football is SP.. lazy couch )

Okay, back to the match. What would be the scoreline ? Very difficult to predict. 1-0 France or 2-0 Italy. I like France, but I am not a hardcore French fan. May the better team win. Going by the last match performance Italy is a better team. Going by quarterfinals match France is a class apart. Only expectation is a classic encounter similar to Italy vs Germany, Brazil vs France :). I dont have tears for any team that loses. It is left to their country men and women who weep so much. They wouldnt have done cried so much for their parent's demise. Thus are the strange ways of europeans :). They blame Bangalore for the Rajkumar incident, they dont mind killing each other on the football field (as pointed out by Sudeep) :)

Okay tomorrow 11:30, get glued.

Welcome to the new look


How is the new look ?

"The Adda" turns two years today.

I started blogging after I stumbled across a few blogs.Since I had the habit of mailing people left ,right and center (Oh yes, I am a natural human spammer) and I had the strange feeling that people dont like many mails in the mailbox , I thought I will write whatever comes to my head,instead of mailing people...If people like it, let them look at the blog....Otherwise, let them go to hell.That was the main motivation of starting THIS blog.

Before this blog, I had two very personal blogs which I used to vent my frustrations and I was going through a personal turmoil of a heartbreak. I deleted it.Thank god.

Well today the blog count reads 13,229 visitors. It has become a vital part of my sedentary life.And there is a community of bloggers (I have edited and put the links in the left).Apart from the last two, I know everyone.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Coffee Time puzzle #2

In continuation to the coconut problem , I posted , here is another one.

Vivek keeps flummoxing me with these puzzles....

Anyone try this ?

There is a prison with n cells. All the cell doors are in the closed state.
On the first day, they are all opened. On the second, all multiples of 2 toggle their state (cells 2,4,6...close). On the 3rd day, all multiples of 3 toggle their state (those which were open now close and those closed open). This goes on for n days. After the nth day what would be the state of the cell doors and why?

Monday, July 03, 2006

IBM's new ad

Have you heard the new song which features in IBM's ads ?
I was desperately searching for the mp3 (below), and found it on dogpile.

It is froma sixties(1966) band called "The Kinks".

Check out the lyrics...This is what every damned human thinks!!!

I won't take all that they hand me down,
And make out a smile, though I wear a frown,
And I won't take it all lying down,
'Cause once I get started I go to town.

'Cause I'm not like everybody else,
I'm not like everybody else,

And I don't want to ball about like everybody else,
And I don't want to live my life like everybody else,
And I won't say that I feel fine like everybody else,
'Cause I'm not like everybody else,
I'm not like everybody else.

Here is the mp3 :-
I am not like everybody else