Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Outsourcing of Nurses

We all know about nurses making it real big in the Gulf or the USA.It is a well known fact that Indian Nurses are known for their hospitality.And it is projected by the media that there is always a shortage of "nurses in the west"

But, however I came across an article in the NYT, which is really saddening to know that , petty corruption exists, in Bangalore! (maybe in other big cities like Delhi, Bombay etc...too!)

After enduring a painful delivery of a baby, the government hospital nurses (the hospital in the article points out an Austin Town Hospital),take away the baby and later give the baby to the mother after you give a bribe.

Before she even glimpsed her baby, she said, a nurse whisked the infant away and an attendant demanded a bribe. If you want to see your child, families are told, the price is $12 for a boy and $7 for a girl, a lot of money for slum dwellers scraping by on a dollar a day. The practice is common here in the city, surveys confirm.

Further the article points out this too....

People pay to give birth, and to collect their loved ones' bodies from mortuaries, and for everything in between: garbage collection, clean water, medicines, admission to public schools. Even policemen double as shakedown artists.

Really sad state of affairs.

You can check out the article here

Monday, August 29, 2005

Sad story #2

Scene: shishya driving, teacher co-passenger, near trinity circle.

Beggar: Swalpa change koDi.

shishya: Fishes in his pocket for a 5 Re coin and gives it.

Teacher: (Says nothing, but starts frowning).
Shishya: I sense great disappointment in you, do you disapprove of the deed, wasn't it a good one? Why didn't you also give something?

Teacher: I don't need to do good to feel good.

Shishya: [ gazing at a good looking woman crossing the road ]
Ah, that essentially is the difference between us.
[ and putters along ]

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Life is difficult, full of trails,
pain, sorrow, but...

if you fall down,just stand up stright,
be confident and ask.....

yavano bolimaga thalliddu?

Political Thrillers

This is one class of movies which are, ahem, intellectual.

Sometimes it is filmed by people who want to use cinema to vent their frustration with a political system.

Sometimes it is filmed more like a "We report this as a film , you decide". Typical examples of political thrillers are :-
a)Guns of Navarone
b)The Day of the Jackal
c)All the movies with some kind of CIA agent running from Lisbon to Madrid to Jerusalem and NewYork to demonstrate "TRUE INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM"
d)Sarfarosh (one of my favorite Bollywood political thrillers)
e)Many many more.

And political thrillers are also a favorite subject for many English authors like Jeffrey Archer or Sidney Sheldon etc.But in books it is easier to realise a political thriller, than a movie.

I had an opportunity to check one of the sloppy political thrillers, "The Interpreter" starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn.

The best (and sometimes the worst) part about these thrillers is that, the director doesnt have enuff time to put out the boring political details in a clever way infront of the audience.And if this is not done properly, the thriller/drama part which unfolds BASED on these details fail to grab the attention of the audience.

Okay I admit I have no examples to support the above sentence but thats what I really want to say.

Talking about the interpreter...

Matabo (is it a country?) is plagued by a civil war and there is an assasination plot of the President of Matabo, at the General Assembly.


This is overheard by a UN translator, Nicole Kidman, who can speak some African Language called "ku".Now the story drama is what tumoil she faces....etc. etc.

Damn! I am bored to explain this.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Indian help for the Pakistani Temple complex.

Just found this interesting piece of information on "The Hindu".

Pakistan has an ancient temple complex called the Katas Raj Complex, and the BJP leader L.K.Advani had visited this place during his Pakistan Visit.It is good to see that Pakistan has taken the initiative to rebuild the temple complex.

Located some 40 km from the modern city of Chakwal in Pakistan, the Katas Raj temple complex dates back to the Mahabharata era. The focus of many stories about the Pandavas spending time there during their long exile, the lake in the complex -- which is believed to have magical powers -- is where Yudhishtar defeated the Yaksha with his wisdom to bring his brothers back to life.

The best part is about the common heritage we share with the Pakistanis, and this should be indeed, preserved.

And India is doing its bit.The Archaeological Survey of India is reaching across the border to lend a helping hand to preserve the ancient Katas Raj temple complex in Pakistan.

I had also heard about a similar temple complex in Afghanistan of Lord Narasimha , which had become a students' hostel.

Details here

lets camp at Tejus place tonite ..

vote .. without voting buttons ..
Tejaswi is in Bangalore.....We had been to BCB.....
We got to meet in the weekend folks!

Allright! I have come in the BTS bus. (BTS reminds of Base Transmitter Station of GSM :-) )

Took two hours to come to reach 3/4 of my journey, then I switched to a rickshaw and reached office.

JHANTI VAHANA kke jaya vaagali

Monday, August 22, 2005


The "Bangalore times" of Times of India have presented a game called "Sudoku."

The details of the game are here

What I want to know is that , can we algorithmise this game ?
In other words, given an input grid can we arrive at one (or more) solutions ?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Did you know ?

That the movie "Jogi"'s ticket in Bangalore is going at a rate of Rs.1250/= in black! That price is unheard for a Kannada movie black ticket....Even Dr.Raj's tickets for Jeevana Chaitra was priced at Rs.400/- in black.

Generating more craze than Dr.Raj's movie is something unheard of...

And another news is that, the film is getting released in California! I hope atleast it will run for a week there...

This movie is directed by a guy called Prem. I have seen his movie "Excuse me"...Not bad...But some songs were heavily inspired by songs like "Suraj huva " (the SRK,Kajol song)

Here is a review of Jogi, if you care.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Art of asking leading questions

Socrates : ( inquest scene )

Socrates: I am the wisest person, and not a sophist, and what better proof than the conversation between my friend and the Oracle.

Socrates friend: (asking the oracle) 'Is Socrates the wisest person alive' !?

Oracle: Obvious answer.

and history was made.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Teacher Shishya #1 (The series begins anew)

Shishya: Teacher I need the meaning of.

Teacher: Say no more, your quest for the things that have eluded you for so long have ended.
Teacher: ( silent for eons)
Shishya: ( waiting expectantly for words of wisdom ).

Teacher: For your patience, you are rewarded with a truth. 'The world is a stage,and though majority are players, there are a few observers of the play'. The observer watches everything, and isn't influenced by anything. Perfect control over the senses.

Shishya: (Teacher sure looks very pretty in her sarong now).
Teacher: (His mind still wanders.)

Shishya: But, surely there is no such person, though you may have gone closest, and I can prove it to you. Slaps teacher hard.

Teacher: (Enraged, stabs Shishya, whose quest is postponed to the next birth.)

Teacher: I concede, you won the argument, but at what cost.

Guru Shishya #6 - The last one :-)


Two lovers lie on their bed, without the sheets and a golden ray of light shines liting the room..The Shishya and his girlfriend are about to finish their last lapse of sleep.Suddenly there is a rumbling sound, which muffles the sweet tweety sounds of the birds.

The Yamaraaj rides on his buffalo and shatters the wall of the room and stands before them.....

He sees the coffee on the table.He drinks a little bit of coffee from the flask.
The Shishya's lover wakes up with a start.

Shishya's Lover
Who...who are you? Are you Yamaraaj?

The coffee is fucking cold.

Shishya's Lover
It was not for you... My man doesnt mind drinking stale coffee.

No concern over your own lover!!
See you later,woman! I'll whip your ass in hell.Now it is your hubby's turn.

Shishya's Lover
Whipping ass in hell ? Hell sounds like a cool place...

I am not interested in plain talk. I will make you regret your words.

The Yamaraaj takes a rope and the soul of the Shishya is bound to the rope,

He's literally out of this world!

Shishya's Lover
Where ?

Hell...or heaven , I really dont know.But first we have to depart from Earth.
Bye...see ya soon.

Shishya's Lover
Bye.. I wud have made him a better coffee today :-(

Yamraaj, sorry for interruption...The milk you drank..Is it buffalo milk ?

Buddy, stop fantasizing ....let's move.

The buffalo assumes the shape of the Lamborghini Bull and we're off from that place.


The GURU, ageless , and lonely sits meditating. A sonic boom of a voice is heard from the sky.

Hello Guruji.

The Guru recognizes the voice.

Yes Chitragupta. I am on Mount Kailas. What do you want?

We have a problem....We need your advice on a matter.
Can you teleport yourself to GATEWAY-215B33.

Right on.

The Guru teleports himself to the GATEWAY, and he finds the Shishya (referred in the previous shot)...The Shishya stands, although he closes his eyes.The Guru inferes that he is sedated.

What is the problem, Chitragupta,Oh Divine keeper of Accounts.
Do you need any consulting, now ?

Yes Guruji.I cannot decide whether this person can go to hell or heaven.

What was his Purpose and scope ? What were his actions ?

The purpose and scope were left blank by Brahma that day when Brahma created his behaviour-description document..that happens once in (4294967296-1) humanbeings. But generally human beings are intelligent and they do something eventful in their lifespanBased on their actions I decide to put them in hell or heaven....But this guy.....

What did this guy do ?


Doing nothing is a crime.....BUT sometimes it is a virtue.

What do you propose ? Benefit of doubt and send him to heaven ?

Oh Chitragupta! Keeper of Chronicles of Life and Death! "Benefit of Doubt" is only for batsmen playing cricket....I will take him to heaven and teach him a lesson , so that he learns..

I had given him a sedative...He doesnt know that he is dead.Can I wake him up now ?

Go ahead.

The SHISHYA wakes up.He sees the Guru standing....

Oh Guru!! I am so glad to see you!

He sees Chitragupta and recognizes him.

Am I dead ?Is this Chitragupta ?


I am glad....So I am going to heaven.


Oh okay.. I cant wait to see heaven.


The Shishya knocks on the door.

Knock knock Knocking on heavens door...I like that song.

You bet! Oh holy one!

The Door is opened by an extremely beautiful damsel. She is TRISHA.
She wears a French Maid costume. Shoulder length hair.

Hi Trisha. How are u ?

I am doing really cooL , guruji.

This is one of my disciples.Shishya , this is Trisha.

I am thrilled to meet you!

Oh no need to be.The pleasure is mine.

Dont be so thrilled ..By the way, Shishya, from here on, you get in.I dont have a overnight stay permit in this heaven and I dont die like you mortals. Have a great time.

The Guru winks at Trisha and disappears.

So here we are....Me and you...At heaven...What do you expect ?


Great....."Nothing" seems to be your fave word.
I heard that you are okay with your lover giving you stale coffee.

Yeah....I did feel bad sometimes , but now I am okay with stale coffee....

What else are you okay with ?

(thinks deeply)
I am okay with everything.I just want to avoid quarrel. I want to avoid negativity.

So, compromise is an old friend of yours ?

Yeah...I guess compromise is both my friend and enemy.....I feel it is a complicated emotion only human beings are capable of....Animals dont compromise with grace...They compromise bitterly after a war.

Interesting....So you compromised on your aims?


I am the sort of person who never compromised on anything.

How long have you been in heaven ?

Heaven ? Who said this is heaven ?

Am I not in heaven ?


Am I in hell?.

No.....You are in Trishanku's heaven.I am the female form of Trishanku. Trisha for short....I was feeling lonely here for a long time....I'm glad I found some company!

Yeowwww!!!! Lemme get out of here....

As the Shishya shrieks , he stands in front of the Guru , Chitragupta.

Dont Panic, shishya...I seized your soul and brought you back.

Why do you want to send me to Trishanku's heaven , Oh Guruji ?

The Guru laughs.

Generally , all the people in this world have to NEGOTIATE when they have differing views and a compromise should be reached after negotiation.Dont EVER compromise at your cost.You have created a blunder in your most recent life, so I wanted to remind you about that. At the same time, you can never get happy by compromising to nobody.You will end up being lonely and snobbish if you are adamant.. Just like Trisha...It is a heaven, yet it isnt.

Oh Guruji.. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Okay...I need some time for my meditation...Hope you will do a good job in your next rebirth.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Came across this link on youthcurry.....

All I can say is Ouch! and nothing else.

I need a way to control the comments because of spamming.Need some advice from any veteran bloggers.If spammers still continue to hit, I guess I will disable the comments section of alpha-q.

Still I dont know why/how spammers reached this blog.

Friday, August 12, 2005


Scenes from Bangalore this weekend :-

1. Young people wearing Nehru caps singing patriotic songs on Mysore Road (7:00 in the morning)

2. Poor Children making flags from Plastic covers and cotton clothes and selling them to Car drivers and auto drivers, during traffic signals. (I didnt see a single car adorning the TriColor , in the exterior...Whereas Buses and autos all wore the tricolor ostentatiously).

3.Conversation with an ex-ABVP president and now a BJP party worker (this guy is our age...)
He literally drove me nuts, after I heard his harangue on support-for-vernacular-education , anti MNC, dont-drink-pepsi-cola-drink-torrino kind of conversation...Couldnt argue with him....Skilled Orator...and he speaks at more than 5 words per second.

4.One day trip to Gaganchukki falls in richie's for ikon zooming at 100kmph....and discovering that there were more people in the falls than your weekend crowd of MGRoad or Brigade ROad.But the trek down the hilly region was awesome....and the falls was beautiful with roaring, milky white water...

5.Bulleteers in front of VidhanaSoudha starting of their Bullet ride to Celebrate the spirit of Freedom by driving their Bullets to some obscure place

6. Finally Rock stars and eager to be rockstars celebrating their freedom by jamming at "The Club ".

This brings to a question :-

We celebrate Independence day to :-

a) Remember the freedom fighters and Martyrs.("Remembering" is very abstract and has no concrete result)

b) It is a holiday with no work to do (unlike festivals like Diwali)...So celebrate by hanging out....movies and friends

c)Celebrate Freedom...(I guess we are born free)...Celebrate freedom by doping and drinking and smoking.....and singing songs from the Norwegian Death Metal Bands.

d)Crib about what is happening in India right now, and just see the distant future fifty years from now for one day (thanks to magazines like Outlook,India Today) ...and get back to work on 16th August.

e)Something Else.

The only thing we can do, is watch the Prime Minister's speech, which I didnt.I saw Mangal Pandey and I felt it was really outdated for today's India.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

indiafm adorns new looks

and it sucks .. I am one of the frequent visitors of this website
I used to love the look and feel of it.
The new page isnt that exciting, especially the wallpaper section.
It sucks...

sudeepa reply to my mail


aug 11th is here again

Yesterday I rode to the office on a scooter. And the rains played havoc and the scooter stopped and it didnt budge , no matter how hard I tried to start it.

Last year too, I had ridden my scooter, around the same time.

Had left office at 9 in the night because of work and finally reached home at 10:30.

No auto leads to Rajeshwarinagar in the night.

Got down at Mysore Road and walked home with helmet in one hand and thinking about August 11th 2004 ....

Time surely flies.Need to go to Ashoka Pillar this weekend.


Many people are of the opinion that Jessica Simpson is one hot chick.
But I like ashlee simpson. And I like that song "You make wanna go La la la ".

Jessica is another Britney clone, and Ashlee is a wannabe Sheryl Crow/Michelle Branch.


Monday, August 08, 2005


Richie , Speak Non-technically on Blog atleast.
THe Geek is finally travelling to his haven. :-) land of dreams, gold and research :D
Congrats on convincing the officer .. Think its the nth time am saying this.

Treat yavaga ?? and yelli ? Oberoi/Taj ???

blog reader/aggregator

I have been using bloglines, but the comments part doesn't come up. Are the comments not provided in the rss feed at all? (say from blogspot), or is that a problem with the aggregator.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

The interview

A: algorithms vodakke hoguteene.
Officer: voda mele yenu maaDutiya.
A: research saar.
Officer: Oho, PhD nah.
A: Illa.
Officer: Matte, yenu sha*** research maaDutiya.
A: Illa saar, chikka organization alle, MS ittu konDu research maaDa bahudu
Officer: Tolagu peDe.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


What do you scratch ? Head ofcourse.....

Bomb threat at FAC-W, the sasken office at Hosur road.
People have been evacuated and sent home.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I watched this movie a few days ago and liked it.

Vidya Balan......Wow whatta babe!
I cant stop being gaga over this female.

Another useless observation I made is that the bengalis pronounce "Lalitha" as "Lolita."

And the BBC have goofed up in their article referring Lalitha as Lolita intentionally or unintentionally.

However all Vidhu Vinod Chopra's heroines are projected as heavenly creatures flashing their smile,big eyes etc. It is immensely captivating, sometimes when I am bored.

But in the end, Vidhu Vinod Chopra has to understand, item numbers are a very important ingredient in Bollywood.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Two banners I see everyday :-

Krishnamachari Srikkanth wearing spectacles and looking spectacular. The words beneath his photograph read :-

I will open again for India

Thats fine.Affirmative statements are always good in celebrity ads.
But the question is WHAT will he open ?

I dont want to comment much about this mannerless banner.

The second banner is near Kathriguppa, near the Foodworld closer to GD's place.

Residents of South Bangalore dont have to go far as they get the cheapest in Big Bazaar

The newly opened Big bazaar is yet another mall, thriving and making a lot of big bucks and is a hit with the friendly neighbourhood aunties, which is a sort of "Forum" in Banashankari.

Heard that Uppi sold his house, because from the second floor of Big Bazaar his swimming pool was visible.Read all this in Lankesh Patrike or some other tabloid.