Monday, August 08, 2005

blog reader/aggregator

I have been using bloglines, but the comments part doesn't come up. Are the comments not provided in the rss feed at all? (say from blogspot), or is that a problem with the aggregator.


Anonymous said...

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Bridget Jones said...

Ya, even I am quite fed up of the no comments policy - if I hadn't clicked and come out of bloglines to post this comment, I would have missed the brilliant comment posted before mine.

As a response to the comment itself :
I am interested !!!
Do you think they can get me a paper too??

sudeep said...

yeah they will get everyone of us here a paper, an IEEE transaction publication on the subject of our choice, a PhD seat in Stanford University and finally the Turing Award.

You just have to call up 1-206-339-5106.

I did it and it worked for me!


richie said...

Anon can give the university spam folks a run for their money :).

Tejaswi said...

The RSS standards do not specify anything about comments. So, commenting is still very much in the blog-publishers' domain.

LiveJournal, I think has an API that can be used to enter comments. I am not sure about this; have to talk to some LJ poweruser.