Monday, August 08, 2005


Richie , Speak Non-technically on Blog atleast.
THe Geek is finally travelling to his haven. :-) land of dreams, gold and research :D
Congrats on convincing the officer .. Think its the nth time am saying this.

Treat yavaga ?? and yelli ? Oberoi/Taj ???


Anonymous said...

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Love the postings. keep on it.
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richie said...

Nanna magne zeeds. Treat sarvana bhavan! atava vidyarthi bhavan alle :).

Tejaswi said...

Sudeepa, Alpha-Q has arrived!! Content spammers are hitting us. Yay yay!

sudeep said...

hey it cant be content spam ansathe...just some loopholes in blogspot antha andko theeni....ashto doddu reader-base illa antha yellarigu gothu...anyway anaamika comments na disable maadbitte....