Sunday, August 28, 2005

Political Thrillers

This is one class of movies which are, ahem, intellectual.

Sometimes it is filmed by people who want to use cinema to vent their frustration with a political system.

Sometimes it is filmed more like a "We report this as a film , you decide". Typical examples of political thrillers are :-
a)Guns of Navarone
b)The Day of the Jackal
c)All the movies with some kind of CIA agent running from Lisbon to Madrid to Jerusalem and NewYork to demonstrate "TRUE INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM"
d)Sarfarosh (one of my favorite Bollywood political thrillers)
e)Many many more.

And political thrillers are also a favorite subject for many English authors like Jeffrey Archer or Sidney Sheldon etc.But in books it is easier to realise a political thriller, than a movie.

I had an opportunity to check one of the sloppy political thrillers, "The Interpreter" starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn.

The best (and sometimes the worst) part about these thrillers is that, the director doesnt have enuff time to put out the boring political details in a clever way infront of the audience.And if this is not done properly, the thriller/drama part which unfolds BASED on these details fail to grab the attention of the audience.

Okay I admit I have no examples to support the above sentence but thats what I really want to say.

Talking about the interpreter...

Matabo (is it a country?) is plagued by a civil war and there is an assasination plot of the President of Matabo, at the General Assembly.


This is overheard by a UN translator, Nicole Kidman, who can speak some African Language called "ku".Now the story drama is what tumoil she faces....etc. etc.

Damn! I am bored to explain this.

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