Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Outsourcing of Nurses

We all know about nurses making it real big in the Gulf or the USA.It is a well known fact that Indian Nurses are known for their hospitality.And it is projected by the media that there is always a shortage of "nurses in the west"

But, however I came across an article in the NYT, which is really saddening to know that , petty corruption exists, in Bangalore! (maybe in other big cities like Delhi, Bombay etc...too!)

After enduring a painful delivery of a baby, the government hospital nurses (the hospital in the article points out an Austin Town Hospital),take away the baby and later give the baby to the mother after you give a bribe.

Before she even glimpsed her baby, she said, a nurse whisked the infant away and an attendant demanded a bribe. If you want to see your child, families are told, the price is $12 for a boy and $7 for a girl, a lot of money for slum dwellers scraping by on a dollar a day. The practice is common here in the city, surveys confirm.

Further the article points out this too....

People pay to give birth, and to collect their loved ones' bodies from mortuaries, and for everything in between: garbage collection, clean water, medicines, admission to public schools. Even policemen double as shakedown artists.

Really sad state of affairs.

You can check out the article here


Duddits said...

Do you live in Never Never land?

sudeep said...

yeah, i live in never-never land. Just on the mountains with falcons flying all around the place....

Duddits said...
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