Monday, September 05, 2005

Memorable weekend cos' every vehicle I took or chose to travel broke down.
Right from Friday evening.

All kinds of vehicles trying played tricks when I was trying to be quick and swift.
I dunno whether the vehicles were screwed up or my head ?
Okay, I shouldnt take this so seriously ...

I saw "Jogi" and I should say well filmed tragedies is about "impact"/"aftermath" rather than "entertainment".
Thanks to Dr.Mohan Krishna for getting the tickets!

Here is a stupid limerick......

Cars and scooters in garage
Any Destination is like a mirage
Rude AutoDrivers with insane meters make my temper explode
BTS buses tilt at an angle "theta" as they drag themselves on the road
Omigawd, I feel like a lazy toad


Srini at the Movies said...

looks like u r desperately in need of a muse to sharpen ur lyrical limerickal ability. Watch "The Muse".

sudeep said...

i will sharpen my skill...
Time to go for the kill
But first I will watch "The Muse"
Then with my limericks I will try to Amuse,
And Everyone's thought process comes to a still