Monday, September 26, 2005

You've come a long way baby.


Just take the concept of "evolvution" into account.

A startling similarity exists between the biological explanation and the hindu philosohpy.

The Dashavataars.The 10 avatars of Vishnu.

Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha , Vamana , Rama , Krishna , Buddha , Kalki.

At first,animals lived only in water.The Matsya avatar can be equated to the theory of Eustenopteron.The fish which came on land, in search of vegetation and plants and later evolving in to amphibians which is the Kurma avatar. (That of a turtle).Then the reptiles and then the mammals started to evolve from the rodent form, came into picture.We had the varaha avatar. Later evolution presented the carnivorous cats to balance the food chain. and voila! we can equate it to The Narasimha avatar.Then the apes, the "smaller" human look alike can be compared to the vamana avatar.Where Lord Vishnu is described as a physically small boy.

Then we have the full fledged human being, the Rama avatar.

Now comes the development of the mind.

Lord Krishna was a clever person.Budha was a spiritual person.Kalki is supposed to be very street smart and frustrated because of the corruption and he goes on to destroy the whole world.

But what is particularly interesting is the evolution of the human character.
Is there anything like , man's nature has evolved in the ages.As he moved on from Autrailopithecus to Cro-Magnon Man ?

Though it is admitted that man has arisen from a lower animal form, i dont think that it is clear whether his whole intellectual, aesthetic, and moral nature has been produced by the action of the very same laws and processes of evolution.

Nietzsche talks about a concept called as the Overman as the ultimate wise-man.

Will homo-sapien ever evolve into a wiseman ?


richie said...

I believe you missed one of the avatars: 'Parushurama'. He also spans avatars, since he is one of the immortals?

Srini at the Movies said...

Very good association paaps.

I firmly believe that the realm of the mind is a lot more complex than that of the body. However there are studies to show that it is the context in which a human is spends his life that influences his mind the most. The Baggage, if one may accrues as we move along. So, at every stage of evolution, contexts of life influence attitudes. An aggregation of attitudes probably becomes culture.

And if this journey takes you to questioning the evolution of the soul rather than of the mind or the body, behold. Spirituality beckons!

sudeep said...

at every stage of evolution, contexts of
life influence attitudes. An aggregation of attitudes probably becomes culture

well quoted man !!

DhiOnlyOne said...

This is the word that popped up as part of the word verification system.

About the avataars, I found the mapping very interesting and in line with the Western theory of evolution.

For now, its "gomgua" on my mind.

sudeep said...

Yeah the word verification kinda should be a one time check for a user instead of repeated checks against that user!

Tejaswi said...

It logically cannot be a one time check. The human user will authenticate it the first time, and then allow the program to add comments forever.

Each comment needs to be human added, and thats the idea.

This dashavatara vs. evolutition simialrity has been going on in mail-chains since I can remember. You had the thought yourself?

richie said...

A one time check, has a problem. Once I am logged in, and have answered the captcha once, then I am free to spam any number of blogs. Instead there should be a rate limiter, something like if this count(parameter)/time > threshold, then show a captcha.
Ideally a legit user experience deteriorates ( a little ) for each captcha. blogger right now is at the other end of the spectrum, captcha per comment. So they will finally allow more options, than the toggle captcha option is my guess.

sudeep said...

yeah i thought the one-check was cool, because LJ used that method.....

I dont remember any mail chain about this association of dashavatar and the mail chain evolution, but i dont think it is my own thought too...i remember somebody telling this sometime ago (or me sending a mail on this to fyi?) and sidda replying.....argh forget it!origin is unknown as far as i am concerned....

by the way check out this website, (expecially the proposal part...)

i found it very cute and infy-ish....

Sridhar Raman said...

Oh btw, is Buddha really an avatar? I think there is a huge debate on the one missing avatar. Ive read countless stories on how the list reads "...Rama Balarama Krishna Kalki...". But Balarama is also Adisesha incarnate in some schools of thought.

I've also read a few pieces which deny both Buddha & Balarama as incarnations of Vishnu, but say that the missing one is Jesus. In fact, it could be any of the 3 (or someone else). But does anyone else find it surprising why, of the 9 avataras, just 1 is a huge question mark??

Oh btw, on a lighter note, could Anniyan be the Kalki avatar? :P

sudeep said...

I need to see Anniyan....I will catch it this weekend....I have recieved many positive reviews about it!!