Thursday, March 13, 2008

Time and Money..

or Time vs Money?? Doesnt matter. These two are inveresely proportional.
How much you earn depends on how much you work. We are hourly paid souls.
Our package is deterministically quantified in terms of time. Forget the official hours.
Those are just nominal anywhere in the world.

Heard that Infy had to pay overtime for its californian employees. What if such a legislation is bought everywhere???? I wish.

Coming to the matter of fact, I miss school and having time in my control part.
What I appreciate about work is cash flows. The money is certainly the thrill (job satisfaction is too... but nothing beats like money.)

So the search is for earning money but having Time in control. Time necessarily doesnt mean more time. I need Flex time. To all those souls who are searching jobs, take it slowly, enjoyy your holidays, vacation, leverage money and enjoy, cos once you start working you get sucked into to myraids of life and end as 'Evano Oruvan'. Job is a necessary evil.

Phd?????????????? in management sounds vague, but CK Prahalad, Michael Porter are inspirational. Phd should pay atleast 75% what the working environment pays. Today Phd renumeration is abysmal and it sucks. I know that money is not the motivation from researchers, but a pinch in the pocket might affect research output????? So richer, the better researcher you might end.

I am talking crap, time to stop now and get back to work

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Invincibles Humbled..

This year seems to be a revalation in sports. Some of the greatest upsets

Aussies - defeated on homeland in one-days, if not for Bucknor even in Test matches.
Federer - Aussie open and lately Dubai Open
AC Milan - Defeated at home by Arsenal
Real Madrid - they are down from a long time, but it was Home again this time
Indian hockey - invincible in view of South Americans, humbled by England on SA soil (this really sucks)
on the borring part

I should have missed quite a few from the above list..

I-banks (not bankers) - badly humbled, and rite now screwing the economy
US GDP.. (from the past 4 years)

next to follow.. China, India????

Olympics - China will stop US dominance??