Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Invincibles Humbled..

This year seems to be a revalation in sports. Some of the greatest upsets

Aussies - defeated on homeland in one-days, if not for Bucknor even in Test matches.
Federer - Aussie open and lately Dubai Open
AC Milan - Defeated at home by Arsenal
Real Madrid - they are down from a long time, but it was Home again this time
Indian hockey - invincible in view of South Americans, humbled by England on SA soil (this really sucks)
on the borring part

I should have missed quite a few from the above list..

I-banks (not bankers) - badly humbled, and rite now screwing the economy
US GDP.. (from the past 4 years)

next to follow.. China, India????

Olympics - China will stop US dominance??

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