Sunday, May 24, 2009


I had been to this interesting course on a new method of software development called Scrum.

Very interesting method of developing new software called Scrum based on the Agile Modeling (Have a look at the Agile Manifesto if you are one of those guys obsessed with the software development methodology )- A kind of iterative software development rather than the conventional waterfall model.

To describe scrum very shortly :-

*) There is an owner of requirements designated as the Product Owner who gives the requirements every 2 weeks. The requirements are given in the form a log called the Product Backlog.

*) Then the team works every two weeks and comes up with a potentially shippable software. To achieve this potentially shippable software, they need to work towards the deadline - They are collectively responsible for the success/fate of the software. They also meet EVERY DAY for a period of 15 minutes and they meet at a cubicle or at canteen or whatever - They call it as the Daily Scrum Meeting.

At the outset this looks really awesome. However there are some doubts like :- how can scrum scale to large products , performance management, who will perform Project Management when there are no managers .etc.

At the end, I was given a certificate as "Certificate Scrum Master".
But seriously I want to implement this kind of software development when I start my own company.

Heheh... Okay other than that, Deccan Chargers won.
However, I feel IPL is based on luck, form and time. All the teams are equally strong, I feel...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


relief :-)
It's been good since yesterday eve :-)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I believe Rahul Gandhi made the difference. UP was strategy by Rahul, AP was unexpected , Kerala was destiny.

As Advani sets to retire, I believe that the strong leader, decisive government was a little too direct attack on Manmohan Singhji. Is it sheer bad luck to him or was he not a good enough leader to lead the country. I guess that question will remain unanswered.

Most importantly, I think the governmnent will be formed in no time. But hope that they do a good job of doing the right thing. It is also vital that Rahul Gandhi gets a good portfolio.

And thank god , idiots like Mayawati are kept at bay and they can not afford to act like street urchins and they can be shooed away.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

From my recent actions, I am actually confused. What the heck, do I really want ? Ambition, pride, affection, self actualization , self realization OR the other side : Love, family, friends....

What do I really want in life ?

What is the use of having a resume with a list of achievements which nobody understands/bothers about when you are old. You need people who love you and people whom you love and the warm bonding.

That's perhaps the most important thing in life.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Found this on BIG B's blog today....

They said that a black man would be President “ when pigs fly”.

Indeed 100 days into Obama’s Presidency …Swine flu !!

I think Amitabh Bachchan is having fun with forwards or getting hilariously creative these days.

hehehe ... I remember we had some crazy discussion about Flying Pigs some years ago. I do not remember whether it was with Naga/GD or Teju