Thursday, December 29, 2005

Whats happening to my city ?

Godammn it......

Well how the hell can anybody think that professors can be potential terrorist targets....IISc professors....Well, these people would have devoted their whole lives thinking about something like "Novel multi-band quantum soliton states for a derivative nonlinear Schrodinger model" ....
Cant imagine IISc as a terrorist target. Why not ?In Bangalore BGSE would be a terrorist target / Infosys can be a terrorist target/theatres and malls/ISRO/ADA ....But nobody can imagine IISc as a target....

However, I dont think these shootings are related to Abu Salem's. If they actually were, they could have kidnapped un-suspecting professors and demanded release of Salem.

Then the other theory about some people having grudge on some professors. Thats also impossible. It was just an indiscriminate spray of bullets.It must be terrorists of some organization....You cannot expect possession of AK56 and grenades from anyone else....

Whatever....But the outcome is pretty clear....There are terrorists in & around the city.....After this incident and the other one (the rape and murder of a call center female worker) , these are some bad times to Bangalore.

Hope these incidents are stray incidents and let's hope things are back to normal asap.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Neal and Nikki

I am back to office after seeing a movie called "Neal and Nikki" ......What can I say ? :-(
I hadnt heard of this movie.....I thought I bought tickets for another movie called "Bluffmaster", but I bought tickets for "Neal and Nikki"...........

This is the best movie I have seen since decades.....I just want to explore the psyche of director....or the screenwriter of this movie....I think they were hired by a rival company to screw Yash Chopra beyond recognition...I think Yash Chopra will be tearing his (few) hair after seeing this movie....Man! You gotta WATCH this movie.....Grab SOMEBODY AND WATCH THIS MOVIE!

Gone are the days when you actually seek IMPACT in movies/art....The latest way to appreciate art is, TO TEST your endurance.....Thats the IN-THING.....If you can endure the whole movie without saying a word then, You are the man.... You are the mature lover of art.....You are the ultimate patron of art....

My reflexes have become slower....This is the third time , I went to get tickets for that godammn gorilla movie, "King Kong" and everytime, I dont get the tickets and I land up seeing yet another stupid movie.....

"Neal and Nikki", if the name irritates you, then TRY the movie.....Just TRY it....

I watched Kalyug yesterday.....I loved a song, which was supposedly sung by a Pakistani duo.....The movie was really mature compared to this stupid Neal and Nikki movie...

However, Neal and Nikki is like a Feroze Khan movie without any stylish villians or any script......I dunno why they make such movies.....Looks like this movie mite be a hit .....Who knows ?

Neal and Nikki storyline ? Who cares ? Just this much :-

if ( woman_is_present_on_screen == TRUE )
expose (navel);

The most efficient algorithm for lift maneuvering ..

read the newspaper in the meantime ..
drool at the girls ..(which nywyas u do ;-) )
Take a break and visit the cloak room ..
or the pantry .. have a glass of water ..
or if u r a freak .. do 10 push-ups and scare the crowd arnd u.. ..

(thats how they solve the issue in our company)hehe ..

who is the control systems guru ..?? HONEY in the WELL ??
What could be the most efficient algorithm for controlling two elevators (two lifts) .
Assuming there is a common software which controls both of them.

If you can think of an answer for this question, I urge you to please upgrade the lift software for our office. It is really a poor piece of software. And sitting on floor number 6 gives me no option but to wait for the lift!!

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Well , well , well.

Merry Christmas to everybody.

Ho!! Ho!! ho!!!


Since there are no reindeer in Bangalore, we have the tonga horses , everywhere.
And Tonga drivers (very few of them, are morphed into Santa).

All the junta are getting totally obsessed with Santa(Santa Junta), whether they are in Norway or Bangalore.Were there so many Santas on the roads last year ? No. Oh I dont think so. This year they are selling santa's red caps near traffic jams.Instead of the glass wiping yellow cloth.

Ho! Ho!! Ho!!!

Time to get inebriated or enubriated or inebria or whatever.....
I saw a movie called "Life hoto aisi"....I went to see Amrita Rao....

The film has a happy ending.
I am happy that it ended.

If you really think you have a high cinematic endurance quotient, I challenge you this movie.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Wrong #

It's been a hard day's night, and I've been working like a dog, it's been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a log.

It is 3:00 A.M and I am slumbering. Incessant ringing of the phone wakes me up.

Me: yaaru idu?
Caller: Who is this?
( Someone calls you up in the middle of the night, and then asks you who this is?? )

Me: This is Sumanth.
Caller: Sumaanth ( right inflexion per accent and all ).

Me: This is Sumanth, and you seem to have got the wrong number.

I then realize, that I have left the caller of too easily. So I have slept for 3 hours this afternoon. So that I can be up tonight, and return the call, and get to know the former caller better :).

P.S: Reminds me of the Birbal story. Where this linguist comes over to Akbars court, and none of them can identify his mother tongue. Then when he is sleeping, he is startled awake, and he yells in his mother tongue.

Going on a break

Advanced birthday wishes to Richie Jag (tomorrow)

Richie, have a great time on your Birthday!

I have the holidays. I am not at office for a week. So people , wish you happy holidays...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I am back! (doing something which I, I think, I do better than something which I was doing all these three days.) But that something I do better is something which is not really required.Who cares!

Time to put something running in my mind to rest. Time to move on with something else.Time to stop thinking.Something in my mind tells me when you stop thinking, it feels good.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

PT masters

As I play Lynnrd Skynnrd, I came to know that they named their group after their PT master, Leonard Skinner.

School days are unique, because we enjoyed small bursts of freedom, amidst the tightening noose.
The PE periods or the P.T. periods were unique. Our school PE periods were of two types :-

a) Games :- Where we would dutifully divide into "Boys" and "Girls". Boys used to play cricket , volleyball (in high school). Girls used to play with rubber rings.The PT master would catch a puff of smoke in the nearest ubiquitous pettige angadi if the PE period was a games period.

b)Drills :- Base drummer hits the big fat drum.PT master whistles One-two-three-four.
"Sudeep stretch your hands fully" whack comes the stick.Usually whacks from PT sirs were on the knuckles. It used to pain like hell.

c)Marchpast periods :- The whistle , the scorching sun , the marchpast and the salute to the chief guest.And make a straight line with a one-and-a half-arm-distance.
eyes right! check 1 - 2 - 3 -4 .......left right left

The PE masters were sometimes the only adult men in my school (apart from the security guard).There were fun, when we came to high school. I remember my earliest PT master was a big hit with the girls , who became a police constable. The second PT master was a flutist. He had scolded me when I had laughed during the national anthem, as a buffalo passed in front of me, I could not control laughter! The third PT master was a notorious fellow. He promised the whole school hockey sticks and left the school after collecting the money....The fourth one was a major flirt with the teachers and a very close friend of ours at high school.Thats the first time I ever bunked a class with my PT master and went to the movie "Gentleman". At school level bunking a day was considered as "blasphemy" (at least at my school).At middle school level I dont remember nothing else but the canes.It seems like a long forgotten past.

Music : Lynnrd Skynnrd - Free Bird.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Question for the Euclids


I found this info about Googolhedron here

Googolhedron - A 3 dimensional shape bounded by 1 x 10^100 similar polygons. This shape would look very much like a sphere. Having this many sides or facets would make it smoother than any man made object. Although, you could never have a googolhedron because there are not a googol particles in the universe.

Does it mean that a PERFECT sphere has an infinite number of polygons and hence does not exist?

How many faces does a sphere have ?
I just read an article on bigger needles for fat people. . However, one thing which is objectionable the heading which reads:-

Long Needles For Large Butts
More obesity means even syringes aren't long enough anymore.
What the hell are we so hungry for?

Why the @%#@$#@ are journalists bothered abt food habits of people ?

Well , this obsession with thinness in women is quite recent and the thin look is IN for sometime.Kate Moss , Esther Canadas typify this extremely thin waif look.But, if you see the 14/15/16th century paintings of the french painters and italian painter, BOTH women and men have some fat on their tummies. The catch is healthiness. And if you have a healthy look , like the laughing budhdha on your face, it is just great ! The movie shrek captures this sentiment very well.

I remember this proverb in Kannada :-

Oota tann itche , NoTa parara itche.....

I will add one more modification to the above proverb :-

Diet Doctor itche.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Prof v/s student

Scene 1: Project submission (intermediate)

Lopars: Sir, we are here for the demo.
Prof: uhuu

Lopars: This system is so *** intelligent, given a minimal amount of input can learn the state of the world.
Prof: uhuu, what is novel about this?

Lopars: ( who have just heard that frameworks are in ).
hmmm, we have the framework built, we can test out our new ideas, when we get them.
Prof: uhuu

Housefly idea
A housefly idea is a special kind of huLa idea. This type of idea is the kind that irritates you at night, has the buzzz, and come daylight, vanishes.

After many housefly ideas, finally got a novel idea, and all ends well with the course.

Somedays ago, we had a session with a few GSM architects and seniro managers of our clients.
These people have been working on GSM since 1991 (when I was 11 years old).Our clients are one of the top telecom companies.

Then there was the questions round.

Question :-
Since we at India, are doing monotonous maintenance and sustenance work, we will never climb up the value ladder. We can never become architects like you guys, isnt it ? When will we get into development work ?

One of the architects put it short & sweet and said :-

If you people are motivated by challenge, then the difficulty level of bugs are as follows :-

1. Bugs found during Coding and Design (least complexity)
2. Bugs found during component level integration
3. Bugs found during system testing.
4. Bugs found during maintenance after deployment.(extremely complex)

But the person who raised the question was not exactly convinced.
There is a general notion that development is a superior job among us.
Sometimes it is tr.ue, but imo, each job has its share of challenges (for people driven by challenges). You dont need to look down upon system testing and maintenance.

Then the MBA manager(IIT+IIM guy) came to the picture.He gave a beautiful answer.

Ofcourse development is important, there are people who are doing development,But they lack the big picture most of the time.The real DREAM development job is a responsible one done by a few percentage of architects, who sketch out the functionalities based on their experience.If you consider extremely successful product companies like Microsoft, then more than 70 % of the engineers are into maintenance and sustenance.If your company is spending most of the time just in development and more development,and no time on sustenance, it means your products are not successful in market. The greater the number of products into sustenance and support, the better they have fared in the market and they are more successful.

I agree totally with the MBA guy.

Speaking of Microsoft, Bill was in Bangalore.He announced a Code for Bill Contest in Palace Grounds.

However, it seems VTU is making it compulsory to use Microsoft Products like Word and Excel for VTU Final year Projects and this has pissed of the Free Software Community.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

In my previous post ,I meant by "Flexi timings is a slow killer in my opinion.", I meant "Flexi timings is a slow killer of teamwork " and nothing else.

I still believe that flexi timings kill team work no matter even if you use holographic projections for attendees of meetings,(like the ones they show in the movie "Minority Report" for conducting TEAM MEETINGS)

So , guys at office , no offense .... // grins //

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Avuncular post

As of now, Ambassador which was the Maharaja of Indian Cars has no takers among laymen car buyers.However this is a very popular car with the Defense personnel. Although the car may look a little bigger than your esteems and ford ikons it is definitely a pleasure to sit inside the car, and it adds a classic look especially if it has steel bumpers.The best part is it is a totally Indian car.A big leader inside a sedan looks really bland. It has to be an ambassador or a limo!

Speaking of army people , I met a friend of mine who gave up his job at infy and joined the navy two years ago. He was just telling me about how it feels being six months on ship and six months on land and all that. It seems a ship travels max at 60kmph ! Most ships travel at 30kmph and 40kmph and can be self-sufficient for 15 days.If it is raining , the ship acts like a giant-wheel causing sea sickness, to people in it.It takes 5 days to sail nonstop to dubai from Visakapatnam. He had also sailed to Lisbon. The best part was , he used "she" subconsciously to refer a ship, not "it". eg:- "She can sail nonstop for 15-days".....

The cons + pros of an army(or navy) is authority. It teaches you to conduct properly in front of authority.However if there is too much authority and your bosses are a bunch of fools, then you have a problem.

One of the biggest pros of army is DISCIPLINE. It teaches you to respect time and teaches a lot about commitment.Something we learn in school and unlearn in college and take pride in being "free".As I open my mailbox today I see a forward titled "Inside Google Office".The obsession and lust for google continues all over the world.It shows employees bringing dogs, cats and having a colorful cubicles with photos and stickers all around the place, pizzas and cola bottles in the cubicles...etc and yes "flexi timings". Flexi timings is a slow killer in my opinion. (and yes my opinion may change according to my mood).It just ruins discipline and people take pride in saying "My highest priority is family work". Why work late or why work early. Just come at one time and go back at the proper time and ensure that work completes on time.Ofcourse I know I sound like a BHEL factory worker today.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Kumar is in Bangalore. He just called me up and confirmed.....Guys we gotta meet this weekend.
Zeeds enanthiya ?

Monday, December 05, 2005

Depp's anthem

The Depp has a new song from tomorrow as he interfaces with a chinese from tmrw on the telecon.The song goes something like this :-

Mera naam Chin chin choo
Chin chin choo baba chin chin choo
Raath chandni main mein aur tu
Hello Mr. How do you do ?