Thursday, May 31, 2007

Whenever I turn to read interesting news like the science feeds, I find news like these :-

Team finds 28 planets in faraway solar systems : ALL TOO COLD OR HOT FOR LIFE, BUT CONFIGURED LIKE EARTH, SUN

It's okay, we are making bigger better telescopes, but seriously this planet/star finding science exercises by astronomers and physicists might turn out to be a futile exercise.

The point is:-

1. Most of the stars and planets may be several light years away.

2. We may have accelerated a bunch of photons more than the speed of light, but still a spaceship traveling at the speed of light is definitely not gonna happen for sometime.

So my question is, why bother to make discovery of planets and stars a science headline ?
It keeps happening almost every other day.

Isn't there any other news which is essentially science related ?

I would be interested to read on research like nuclear powered / Hydrogen powered vehicle or a method which reduces green house effect etc. Okay I realise and agree all of this is "application of science" related news.

But what about Theoretical Physics ? Has it reached a dead end ? Why is research nowadays in theoretical physics more concentrated towards the quantum particles and quarks and the like ? Not sure whether the mysteries of "nature's laws"(like Dynamics/Kinematics ), as far as Physics is concerned, have been solved ? Is theoretical physics heading for a dead-end ?

Maybe I should be enlightened on this.....

The internet only talks abt astronomy (which is interesting, but nowadays it is dominating all the science news. There is Biotechnology and Genetics too.)

God knows.

But one thing for sure, I do know is scientific research (especially basic sciences) is looking weak.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Address Book chamaks

Dear reader : Take some time and browse through your address book.

If you think about it, you will realise that browsing through your address book in your mobile phone ("crawling" through your address book to find out yaar yaar number nann hatra ide ) is as important updating your address book frequently. You will have a knowledge of whose numbers you have.

As I was lazing today morning, I randomly started playing with my mobile phone and had a look at my address book, I realised that there were so many contacts in my address book and I didn't even know that I had them in my address book.

So, the next time if you have a knowledge of the numbers in your address book, you can immediately dial his number rather than figuring out how to get his number.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

For probability afficionados.

Given N Red and N Blue balls, arrange all the balls in 2 baskets, such that given the event of a blind-folded person selecting a random ball from a random basket, the probability of getting a Blue ball is > 0.5.

I couldn't think of an answer, but there is a clever answer suggested by one of my colleagues.See the comment.

Monday, May 28, 2007


Rains have started and they are exposing the technical weakness of tar roads....There are sharp stones everywhere and my car had a flat tyre yesterday (sob!)....

But I was able to change the tyre with a little help from my program manager(yes, he is a cool chap!) and my friends.....

The rains also make me leave the office at 6:00 in the evening and currently I am light on work...and busy with "other" works....

heheheh :-)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Programming question 2.

There is an array containing both +ve and -ve numbers. Can you write an algo/prog to find the subarray having the maximum sum ?

For eg :-

12, 32, -154, 50 , 60 , 888, -10000, 3

In this array, the subarray which has the maximum sum is 50,60,888.

My only solution is a brute force approach...Check out the comment for my ans.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Interesting : Found this on a programming board.

You have a special linked list which 3 elements

struct Node {
int data;
Node * next;
Node * random;

where data is the data, next is a pointer to the next node in the list and random is a pointer to any other node in the list. The random pointer may NOT point to unique nodes in the list, which means many random pointers of different nodes could point to a same node.

Create a copy of this linked list.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

recommendations ..

I love them ..

not the ones we approach and obtain from our professors (the process is really sucky.. especially for undergrads).. its different at this level though..

back to basics .. I depend on recommendations for a lot of things, I think I am not adventurous in these aspects ..
a. Good food, would love to have someone tried before I venture in .. especially east asian cullinary
b. Books, I am not a voracious reader, hence would prefer my friends remove the bad ones
c. Movies - again some are really stupid and hence require good reviews here from known ppl..
but I am more adventurous here, can bear 2-3 hours torture ..

so anything new and good ?? let me know ..

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The song from the Kannada movie "Duniya" drives me mad...The lyrics are pathetic. But the key notes are not bad

Kariya I love you
Karunaada mele aaNe
Belli I love you
Bili moDada aaNe

Ningondu premada patra,
bariyakke nanagaase
naane iruve hatra
bidu aase oh koose

The first paragraph is racist in a weird way.

The second paragraph is surely written after a tune has been composed and the lyrics have been just added to "finish off" the song. Koose ? who would address a girl as "Koose" (baby) ? I know it sounds ok in English songs when a guy/girl address each other as baby...But in Kannada songs it sounds awkward (or am I just resisting a change in the lyrical sense ? )

Adyen lyrics barithaaro....Uninspiring and stupid.
But it is my bhel puri wallah's favorite song and he has put that as his mobile ringtone....

But, I have to see Duniya...It's got rave reviews

Bad move

MK guy should not have ousted Dayanidhi Maran out of the cabinet. He was the polished and sophisticated guy in the party and could also function as a party spokesperson.

The Maran family actually operates the entire Sun TV network and as far as I know they are also related to Karunidhi's family.

Azhagiri is the first son of MK and there was sibling rivalry between Azhagiri and Stalin, the second son of MK. As far as I know , Stalin is more capable and is given more importance (something like our JD(S) scenario, itself ).

And when Sun Network, which runs Dinakaran daily, that M K Azhagiri was behind the attack on its offices in Madurai, Karunidhi just expelled Maran out of the party. I think it was a bad move and MK could have handled the situation better.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's one of those days

when I am a li'l cribby and philosophical. The work seems too monotonous and the environment is a little eerily relaxed with little work.

I just wonder,
Is this what we are going to do for the rest of our life ?

Sometimes, I just wonder, Where to Go after a five year stint in IT?

Hmm...lemme stop cribbing. I hope some truck load of work comes up to keep me occupied like hell.


Happy Birthday Zeedy boy .... Eega gnaapka banthu ....
Have a nice evening dear ....

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The impact of Web 2.0

A lot has been said and written about Web2.0. But, a question always arised to my mind :-
Is web2.0 all about YouTube, profile websites like myspace and orkut and Blog websites .

What are the implications on the hardware and what are the implications of the software ? With the advent of interactive Television sites like , the traffic on the internet is always going to be jammed like hell ? Consider the bandwidth required by emerging economies like BRIC countries apart from the US/UK/GER/FRA/JPN etc....

Companies have already started aggressively investing into products to meet the demans of the applications involving improvements to Web2.0. Definitely there will be new improved packet based networks and as I expected, Cisco is already working on one of the hardware versions of Web2.0

One of the interesting things which Cisco is working on is a router which does "deep packet inspection of multi-gigabit stateful and stateless application traffic flows." Such "packet inspection " might probably deal with "error correction" software too I guess. But Web2.0 has a LOT of streaming applications and a retransmission is something NOBODY desires. I am too quizzical to comment on this. Honestly, I am not sure where the bottleneck for the IP traffic is ? Is it in the transmission media (like optical fibres or coaxial cables) or is it in the intermediate routers and other gateways ?

The other software application which is making a lot of news is a Microsoft Product called Silverlight. It is very similar to Adobe Flash, the de-facto application (currently) for Youtube. MS strategy looks simple. Take this player and port it to various Platforms like Windows and Mac OS (note : The application is conspicuously missing for Linux - But, why ? ) Also it is available for many browsers like Firefox, IE , Safari, Opera etc. etc.

But what edge does it have over Adobe Flash ? is the question which naturally comes to my mind. According to reports Microsoft claims that content created with Silverlight would be more searchable and indexable than that created with Flash as it is not compiled, but represented as text!!!!!. Sakkath hot maga !!! And on top of that, it is planning to open source some parts of Silverlight.

The future looks good for Web2.0

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The AOL site for India is a decent job. But somehow, Indian Websites are a shade boring than their US counterparts.

Check out the latest website :-
Sudden torrents in the waters of mind are abating...But their windy impact is unsteady , irrational mind.