Thursday, May 31, 2007

Whenever I turn to read interesting news like the science feeds, I find news like these :-

Team finds 28 planets in faraway solar systems : ALL TOO COLD OR HOT FOR LIFE, BUT CONFIGURED LIKE EARTH, SUN

It's okay, we are making bigger better telescopes, but seriously this planet/star finding science exercises by astronomers and physicists might turn out to be a futile exercise.

The point is:-

1. Most of the stars and planets may be several light years away.

2. We may have accelerated a bunch of photons more than the speed of light, but still a spaceship traveling at the speed of light is definitely not gonna happen for sometime.

So my question is, why bother to make discovery of planets and stars a science headline ?
It keeps happening almost every other day.

Isn't there any other news which is essentially science related ?

I would be interested to read on research like nuclear powered / Hydrogen powered vehicle or a method which reduces green house effect etc. Okay I realise and agree all of this is "application of science" related news.

But what about Theoretical Physics ? Has it reached a dead end ? Why is research nowadays in theoretical physics more concentrated towards the quantum particles and quarks and the like ? Not sure whether the mysteries of "nature's laws"(like Dynamics/Kinematics ), as far as Physics is concerned, have been solved ? Is theoretical physics heading for a dead-end ?

Maybe I should be enlightened on this.....

The internet only talks abt astronomy (which is interesting, but nowadays it is dominating all the science news. There is Biotechnology and Genetics too.)

God knows.

But one thing for sure, I do know is scientific research (especially basic sciences) is looking weak.


richie said...

God knows :) science.

sudeep said...

oh adakke scientific angle attach maaadidya ?? bhesh magane....