Sunday, May 13, 2007

The song from the Kannada movie "Duniya" drives me mad...The lyrics are pathetic. But the key notes are not bad

Kariya I love you
Karunaada mele aaNe
Belli I love you
Bili moDada aaNe

Ningondu premada patra,
bariyakke nanagaase
naane iruve hatra
bidu aase oh koose

The first paragraph is racist in a weird way.

The second paragraph is surely written after a tune has been composed and the lyrics have been just added to "finish off" the song. Koose ? who would address a girl as "Koose" (baby) ? I know it sounds ok in English songs when a guy/girl address each other as baby...But in Kannada songs it sounds awkward (or am I just resisting a change in the lyrical sense ? )

Adyen lyrics barithaaro....Uninspiring and stupid.
But it is my bhel puri wallah's favorite song and he has put that as his mobile ringtone....

But, I have to see Duniya...It's got rave reviews


sarvagnaani said...

stupid lyrics..nijvaglu..
but i liked the flute (or something like it..) in the beginning..

Tejaswi said...

I think that the lyrics is fabulous. And I loved the use of koose in it. Near our village, and other related places, koose is very standard for young girl, and need not mean a toddler. It's more like addressing that Nishabd heroine.

Hehe, it cackles me up each time I listen to that song now.


sudeep said...

hmmmm....Nishabd Heroine huh ? Ziah Khan I guess....she was hot...the film was pathetic...

Tejaswi said...

I have been thinking about the phrase 'cackles me up', and maybe it's 'cracks me up'. Not sure.

Anyway, more importantly, in the title song of Jogi, there is this line 'yen isya anta osi helammi' - if you didn't know, 'ammi' also stands for a little girl in Kannada, and is almost synonymous with 'koose'.