Tuesday, December 28, 2004


When thousands lost their lives on Sunday, there were a few znanis ( goons ) who were attributing the natures wrath to Sri Sankaracharya's captivity. WELL WELL WELL :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

Numerous relief funds have been raised by the government. I do have a complaint about US ( Indians ). It probably took 3-4 hours for the tusnami to hit India. Couldnt we sense its arrival. Couldnt we caution . Are our disaster predicting systems so pathetic. Even the airbase at Andaman and Nicobar Islands dint have a clue till it struck them. If we really lack the infrastructure, then in my opinion we should spend a part of the Releif fund in building better alerting systems.

okies ... namma contribution nenuskondre .. innu bejaar aagotte .. so let me not highlite it..


The usual. Its been this "usual" mood for a few years now. What happened to other moods, I wonder. Looks like its time for the next level of introspection, coupled with some retrospection.

Today for the first time, I got bored at a Bookshop (Landmark). I went around a mall (Forum) and the boredom got worse. McDonald's was crowded like crazy, and so were other places, with a urbane, boisterous, "family" crowd and all were going through the motions of shopping, eating, drinking, hoping, loafing, and whatever else people do in malls. While writing this, I am now thinking about what I was doing there...will that be the last time I go to malls? I don't think so. I am changing; and I don't like this change.

Mourning for all those who took the brunt of nature on sunday. And sighing at the thought of all those who are talking about how Tamil Nadu is now paying the price for its mistreatment of the Shankaracharya

Sunday, December 26, 2004

happy bday richie ..

looks like u had a great bday party ..

I will be back in Jan last week ..
meet you guys soon ..

my body is hurting due to skiing ..:((((((((


I mean, RSS - Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, not RSS - RDF Site Summary (feed). On my way back from Soraba, I met a very interesting relative of mine who works full-time with RSS and has the somewhat lengthy title of "Akila Bharata Saha Boudhika Pramukh", which translates to "Head: RSS Think-Tank". As we had a couple of hours to kill on the bus till we reached Shimoga, it was talk-time for the idealogically confused Tejaswi Nadahalli and the passionate RSS leader/idealogue Dattatreya HosabaLe. We covered some organizational behavior, leadership, Indic-culture, (Neo-)Colonialism, India, Indian-ness, Nehru, Partition, and a whole load of other similar topics. For the very first time in my life, I met a true leader of people; someone who knows the complications of implementing policies, logistics, people, Indian History, is very well read, ideologically driven, unmarried, devoted, and a lot more. Very impressive person, eye-opening conversation....I even checked out http://www.rss.org and a few columns there. Vitriolic as usual, and also extreme in places; but still, after pondering for a while, I am not sure I am as liberal as I think I am.

I will end this with a few quotes that he used, that I still remember.

"If you are below 25 and not a communist, you dont have a heart; If you are over 35 and still a communist, you dont have a brain"

"Gandhi chose the wrong man; and so did God" - (think Nehru and Patel)

Saturday, December 25, 2004

the uncles are here

Christmas eve 2004, is something I will recollect fondly :). My sister(Aditi) and brother-in-law(Kartheek) who had come down on holiday to blore, threw a surprise birthday party. It was fun, with my cousins too joining in. Leftovers of chocolate truffle still available at my place, so people can drop in at any time ( other than Kumar, since he was there for the party anyway :D).

Thursday, December 23, 2004

happy birthday richie_jag!

have a nice day today!


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

AGRE score out

Got a measly 78 percentile :( ... chitranna. I would have been comfortable reporting a score of 80-85 to universities, but now am unsure. It is required for institutions like Rutgers.. hmm.. My pennstate app has been sent anyways; ucsb & ohio by this weekend.
review got over last week. ver 4 of self needs to be released pronto is the verdict :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

the weekday brouhaha



after wtf,...we are having holidays!
we are having a VACATION for one week.

i have no plans abt celebrating the janam-din of christ or new year.
i dont think i will have any.

after all i am not the "partying types"

hahaha....i love the phrase after all i am not the "partying types"

Party means something to every human being.
Based on the intrepretation of the word "Party" we have four (right now i can think of 4)
categories of people :-

1) Partying animals(PAs)
Yay! to party....Yay! to bacardi.

2) "Not the partying types."
They have GENUINIEly been in category #1 for sometime and they are out of it.

3)Idiots who CLAIM that they have been in category#1 and later who switched to category#2.
Nobody has a clue what they were upto.

4) (My favorite) People who confuse party for Congress Party and Janata Party.

ANyway i will tell you what class i belong to later....

Bangalore #3

I am off to my village for 3 days starting tomorrow. Some people to catch up with, a wedding to attend, and a few more sleepless nights are in the pipeline...

Visited IISc today to catch up with both the Dattas, and two others, one from TW, and one from Yahoo!, things are going good at IISc...Christos Papadimitriou is in Bangalore these days at HIPC2004 I heard...thats academics for now....

Will get back to you folks after 3 days......till then, adios.....

Monday, December 20, 2004

After 1 helluva of a

roller coaster debugging session , i figured out that nothing is drastically wrong with my piece of code.Ofcourse there will be some bugs here and there....

Not that my piece of code is a masterpiece.But still it is a good relief.
It is a niraparaadhi.


Anyway, weekend just swooshed because of Kummi's parents shaanti and other important things.
Tej is here and manja (the texas-tech manja) is in town.

Okay nothing much to say........

Shanthi #2

it was a strange feeling watching my mom and dad getting married..
it felt kinda good..some moments to be treasured...also i noticed something..
i felt that they were looking pretty (yes pretty!!) when they were sitting on the 'hase manne' (the wooden plank
on which ppl sit while getting married)..was it because of their costume..with garland and all that..or was it cos
of the whole setting..or was it just my eyes playing tricks..or as one of my aunts suggested..was it cos of the 'hase manne'
itself..(to put it in her own words 'hase male kuthre hage kaLe barathe nodu')..donno..

will send the photos once they are developed..
blore boys..any plans of going out this weekend??janapadha loka anybody???

Thursday, December 16, 2004

sops and e-sops....

gimme a place to stand and a rod , i will be able to turn the world....

wah wah!
words of gold, i say....

i dunno which scholar said this....I think it's a greek scholar....
Aristotle ? PythaGoras ? Euclid ?
But he was a shrewd guy.
Why ?
Because nobody could give him a place or a rod.

If the greek scholar lived today and he would write a
writing a SOP to some university if he told those words
what would the chancellor say to him ?


The inner purpose of a SOP is to make a claim.
But it's good.

Because, i feel ONLY if you make claims you can go into the achievement mode....
because you become responsible for the words u've spoken.....
and you have lit the fire on your own behind.

so i will claim.....
give me some place ....

no i will claim something afterwards...
my filesystem is bombing....


beta chands...ee sunday namma appandhu shanthi idhe..
in ashrya party hall...this place is near ganesh mandhir in thyagarajanagar.. thavalru sakutumbha parivara sametharagi bandhu vadhu vara rige shubha korabekendhu thammali vinanthi..
teju, nenage phone maduve..


i think I need to borrow samba's SOP ..hehe ..
just kidding ..
seriously, it is a painful job to colour your thoughts, when you are not sure of what you want to be ....
well finally(looks like ) samba has got his colors right , or atelease he managed to replicate a 'da vinci'

its high time I go to my PM and get my return dates confrimed .. I mean something concrete like Jan 29th or Jan 22nd ..

Papanna dont shift to rajarajeshwari nagar ..
magane hoskere halli is awesome .. You are just adding more miles to your long and tiring journey to SASKEN .. reconsider.......

blore would be borring without tejaswi ..and richie and kummi who are in line too ..

Statements of Purpose

I have read many SOPs, esp during the days when I was applying to those PhD programmes in the US, and rarely have I seen anything like Samba's SOP. Mail him and ask for your own copy to read a pretty well done SOP with the right amount of calculated arrogance, cheeky humor, judicious amount of self confidence, and of course, a great flow of thought. I liked his SOP. After working for a year after writing my first SOP, and after going back to academia, my ideas have kinda changed and now, I find that I dont like my old SOP at all. WhoTF cares about SOPs now eh? lets get to more interesting stuff.

I have postponed my Bombay journey to the afternoon of 3rd Jan 2005. I will be taking a Jet Airways flight out of Bangalore at 1400 hrs, landing in Bombay at around 1530 hrs. Three cheers for my first flight.

Kumara? when is the Tyagarajanagar Oota?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Just like cola wars, we have the

Toilet wars


I have come on a scooty to the office...
even though it was very noisy,it is better than grave-like silence.
But driving thru the Bommanhalli Service Road is really risky.
But it was a nice change.

Guys at Bangalore ,
Anyone game for a saturday/sunday meet somewhere ?

Janapada Loka ? Utsav ??

Monday, December 13, 2004

touch anything

on my body, and it pains.
I had too much josh over the weekend . First we played volleyball then tennis and yday ended up with trying iceskating . Dont go for iceskating. Its precarious.

My buttocks curse me like hell

I had a pretty mournful morning , my neighbour woke me up. at 5 in the morning . Her roomie had gulped over 15 tylanols ( pain killers.. and for us pain providers :P) , over some stupid conversation with her husband ..

we had to rush her to the hospital, and we were pretty lucky , that she had vomitted and the concentration wasnt that higher .

Full actions,morning morning .

No josh to work ...as usual ..
But I am doing good today ..

The weather is bad in Australia ..
My neck painsssssssssssss..


Bangalore #2

Am already into my second week right now. And the first week has been hectic, very hectic. Am done with most of my to-do stuff. Minor Major, Vidyarthi, BCB; have paid first visits to most friends; am having filter coffee everyday; having mosranna and other normal food at home; catching up with relatives and cousins.....and other usual after 6 months kinda stuff. Nothing out of ordinary.

Now that I am back for a week, things seem normal; people are the same, Sudeep still gives disclaimers, Sumanth hasn't lost his staccato accent, Kumar looks the same, Sainath is as geeky as ever, More of my software engineer friends have bought digital cameras, adding to the YASETP count of Bangalore (Yet Another Software Engineer Turned Photographer). Saw power cuts, corporation dog-squads, cable TV failures, traffic jams, roadside masale puri, churmuri, auto rickshaws, radio city 91FM, Gandhi Bazaar tarkari market and all the usual stuff that makes regular life here. It was great fun back then, it still is. Love this place.

Will be visiting Yahoo! and ThoughtWorks this week. Am gonna be at Dhimant's play this weekend. And a host of relatives to visit. Will be out of town next week for a wedding, and the last week in Bangalore - will be on call.

And check this out; I am spending my new years eve at Dharmavaram Junction in Andra Padesh, thats right, my ticket to Bombay is at 1800 Hrs, Dec 31st. Thats crazy, but true. Hope to find someone on the train to party into the morning that night :D

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Good morning angels !

(from all of those forgetable movie charlie's angels).

Weekend ended.YIPPIE ! It's monday!!!Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

Okay the fun part is over...Let's mourn.

Caught up with jag and teju in that order.Jag is into probability theory and all that jazz.

Teju and I had been to the one and only Vidyarthi Bhavan and had some deadly masala dosas.I had not been to VB for 6 or 7 months.Wow that small hotel never lets u down!

Akshai has started a blog and this is the blog.
Hope we will find some good pjs there.

Bye...i am pretty "busy" now...

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Life was such an easy game to play
Now i need a place to hide away
Oh i believe....
In yesterday!

I'm not the man i used to be.....
There's a shadow hangin' o'er me...
Oh i believe....
In yesterday!

The beatles.Gr3at song.

Great rotis at Ghar Ka Khaana
Great coffee at Riu's Lounge.


me is back home, and it looks a trifle different; mostly due to changed interiors at home, different bed, new tables, cupboards, sheets etc.; but maybe some changed perspective as well, from my side; dont know for sure. hmmmm. cant pinpoint the exact feeling and thought, but just not feeling the same: thats the abstract part of the whole come-back-home experience.

bikes good; so, cruising all over the place. Su Depp is doing fantastic, all exciting about nothing and everything at the same time. Me has a mild bout of fever, so, not really venturing out beyond HosakereHalli on one end and Nagendra Block on the other. Will get out into the thick of things starting this weekend.

My professor has given me some work to finish by this week; so, maybe the next couple of days will be on that. Its been a while since I studied at home, maybe time to call Kumar home and start on with some serious study (tea, Britannia milk bikies etc), can get some quality kathe also; what say Richie Rich? UGH, I have become insanely nerdy; sucks!!

Need to get well quick, cuz lotsa people to visit on the other side of town; Yahoo!, TW, Samba, Dhimant, and quite a few others; people keep telling me that Bangalore traffic has worsened, need to check that side of the story too. And of course, gotta visit Vidyarthi, Brahmin's, UD, dont know if I can make it Janapadaloka, but lets see, gotta whole month to plan.

looks like

the lady lucks smiling on kummi ..
and a bit on me too .. but no tangible outcomes on my side ...

me restarted gymming again .. ( nth time reboot ) ..
swalpa kammi adrenu super aagi kanotte .

teju , beware , blore would add more pounds
One reason why I fear comng to BLore .. :p
irli dove yella beda eegaa ..

ivattu tumba bega bande office ge and am feeling all sleepy.. :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

life without a comp @ office

is pretty good...i dont spend time surfing the web after/before/during working hours..
only prob is with checking official mails..
actually i screwed up my sys when trying to install fedora with a corrupt cd..it damaged the hard disk..
although i managed to install Suse 9.1 on the damaged hard disk..the installation was not proper with qt3 missing..
which means text only mode ..finally i gave up today and asked the sys admin's help..and belive it or not he promised me
a new high end m/c with 1 gb ram and 80gb hard disk :)..and he didnt even crib abt me spoiling the sys :)

amale nenne papu manele dhadiya sikidha..my observation: he has taken good care of his tummy...
other than that he hasnt changed a bit..hehehe
we were there for an hour or so..so detail agi kathe hodedhila..looking fwd to this weekend..

Friday, December 03, 2004

Randon plans #1

I plan to move out of PHX in Jan, aptly put to arrive in India in Jan.
Spend a few weeks in HYD and get back to BLORE asap. HYD is mandatory.
I need to start searching for other jobs while in HYD, so that my company
understands how serious I am about BLORE.

I want to utilise all my leaves .. around 25 .. :-), write GMAT during this time.

Anything else ?? lots need to be achieved on the personal front .
Have to visit SFO . I will not able to catch raghu, harsha, amit etc in Newyork .
They have planned to go on Weekdays :( :( :(

I am looking forward for a good appraisal . A bad one will really motivate to change my orgranisation.

What else , I need to know complex systems in the application world . the SAP world is beckoning.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Random Thoughts #2

from my side.

I want to change a few of my traits.
I want to change that thought too.
I hate recursion.
I am beginning to suspect that there is a big gap between what I want, and what I am willing to do to get there;
I am an unclean fellow, my lab-desk is the messiest in the entire IIT; with zillions of papers, a water jug, couple of bags, three to four used handkerchiefs, a fully chewed/bitten tshirt (that can never be worn again), a ton of books, 40-50 one/two rupee coints stewn around, handiplast covers, tablet covers, medicine covers, unopened bank statements, a pair of shoes, chits, an uncountable number of computer cords, used teabags in a plastic cover, and so on......
I am making a few serious mistakes in life.
Its been a long time since I introspected about some of my core theories.
I have lost the craving for good food.
I seem to subsist in vacuum.
Very few things seem to interest me these days.
Very few things seem to move me these days.
My telephone manners have improved.
My general reading has taken a big beating.
I haven't held a TV remote control in 5 months.
I wonder where I will be this time 2 years from now.
The cynic in me is getting a very big share of my actions.
Life is still beautiful, interesting and fun....

I had been to a cousin's place yesterday, in up-market Bandra, and met my cousin's daughter who is in seventh standard. She studies in the best school, carries a 6610, knows more about Yahoo! messenger than I do. With all this and more, she came out of her room, wished me a very good evening and vanished. After a lot of talk with my cousin regarding how young students in up-market Bombay are getting into smoking, drinking, drugs, casual sex (I have also seen the DPS RK-puram video, and was almost disgusted by it), peer-pressure among early teens, and I ended up feeling like I was talking to some American suburbian mom. Bombay is so damn polarized, the cultures are so different from slums to plush apartments, that it is taken to both extremes. Anyways, I went to check the girl's room and found some very interesting books like Richard Feynman's essays, unabridged versions of some classics, and so forth.......and also a few Mills & Boons (Kummi, ask Richie what these are), and so, to make it a good day for our friendship, and to also encourage her to read the kinda books I read, I presented her a good book that I had purchased earlier that day (for myself, called The Brief History of Everything - Bill Bryson)........ the girl lives in a world thats somewhat different from ours........and very different from her mom's.......


Random Thoughts

Random Thought #1
Mummyyyyy :-)

I had been to a gruhapravesha and I am back at my seat where I feel
excessively comfortable.

I think I saw half a dozen not exactly new moms from the US of A
They were putting their kids all of them <= 5years in spotlight.

Asking them to sing nursery rhymes.
Asking them to dance.

Just remembered Roger Waters.


And the kids just wanted to be alone.

Random Thought #2

I was thinking about a woman who had made an analysis on death.
Her name is Kubler-Ross or something.
According to her a person dying goes through five phases :-

The five stages go in progression :-

Well, I feel these stages go in progression not for death alone
but for something which we can never achieve too, no matter how hard we try.

see ya guys...
Tezz 'twas gr8 talking to U

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Google ain't cool everywhere.....

All these days, I was under the impression that Google was THE place to work in, they were doing the coolest stuff around, coming up with geeky ads in Bangalore newspapers etc etc. And so when I heard that there was a talk by Krishna Bharat at the CSI2004 conference today, I registered myself and went for the talk....... In a packed audience of 250.....after the (quite heavy) talk, there were two questions from the audience, and guess who it was; yep, yours truly; thats about it; no other questions; nothing.....as one of my "miss"es would've said in middle school - pin-drop silence.

This was mid-afternoon. Later today, from 1900-2200, there was a Google openhouse, where they were supposed to talk about their Bangalore R&D centre, their work culture, research problems, get to know us better etc; guess how many turned up. I was there, there were 2 fresh-teachers from Punjab University. There were more waiters and maitre'Ds than technical people there. I was bowled. Ain't Google cool? Aren't people interested in knowing what they are looking for?

Couple of thoughts come to mind. The conference was CSI2004 - a historically old-school society; where they highlight topics like "use of technologry to serve rural India better", and other systems areas like DB and OS. Maybe the audience were those types. An interesting observation (confirming this) was that in the morning session on Middleware Technolgies (most of which I attended), there was NOISE, it was chaotic, with tons of questions; the presenter was screwed by a very interested and keen audience.

Does this mean the Indian software companies are still only services driven? excited by J2EE etc.? I mean, it was a proper conference in a 5 star hotel, all the works, not some IT-fair-glitz thing. The delegates here represent a good sample of folks who actually make up our industry and academia. Further, I asked Google how their hiring was going on, and they replied that it was quite frustrating that most Bangalore software people do not know what computer science means and are out applying in droves.

Anyways, I had a few things to talk about with them, but no freebies :((((.....good food, pastres, fruit punch, and back to the campus......

My first time out to Bombay-West......and "MG's", "Brigades", and "Kormangas" of Bangalore are no match for the kinda .........er......... pretty young things I saw on a DVG-road like street in Bandra. Dileep Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Shahrukh Khan, Priety Zinta, Rajesh Khanna, Rishi Kapoor, Aamir Khan...saw all their homes. Remembered the nostalgic days of VLSI2001 (you with me till here GD? :)))) )........

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mallige Hoovu

Oh Yes!

They were the "mallige hoovu" types...
Ofcourse, I cant expect to find a Vogue/Cosmopolitan model,
waiting for me to drop her to office!
And neither am I Johnny Depp! I am just a plain, Su Depp :-))))

And yeah, like richie , even I am switching to Transport Services Cab.
Yahoo!, have started their transport service and richie was audibly
delighted as I spoke to him over the phone.

So last few days in my car :-).
But I really loooooooooove to drive to office...
But I hate to use indane gas to the car.
There is a developer's conference today and all the developers
have evacuated the cubicles to attend the Wireless Symposium.

Actually, I have a lot of work 2 B done.

Okay guys...see ya.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

I gave a ride

to six women....from hosakerehalli bus-stop to deve gowda petrol bunk.
Their bus had broken down....and i did social service.

Some quick observations :-

1* all women were in the age group of (25 to 30)

2* all women were unmarried.

3* all women are woking in factory...Non-software.
I figured out that they were in a small scale factory
which was working on fan regulators.

Other than that I had a weekend which was .................yeah thats right.
so no use talking abt that.


Had been to Angaan a Pujabi restaurant yesterday with Sasken boyz and had
heavy food.Punjabi babes with full of eager beaver south indians and software engineers
eating Gobi Manchuri which is a dish from Punjab.
Who cares....The food was amazing.Thats what mattered.

I have observed that Sunday nights the restaurants are over-crowded.
There was a stampede happening at Udupi Upahaar.At Angaan we registered
for our turn and then we got the tables.

exam pit swallows me....

Its been the worst possible exams of my life, ever......ever ever ever.

Just finished my formal methods paper. 75 marks, 2 hours. The professor was very generous, I could make out that it was an easy paper; I had studied that much. The professor even extended the time so that we had 4 hours. Now, there was me, trying to answer questions. Knowing that a paper is easy, and still not being able to get any answer right makes you feel like a .......... loser beyond compare.

So, overall, I attempted for 10+15+20+7.5 out of which I know that the 40 are pure hogwash. That leaves me with a valid 12 marks, out of which I might get around 8 or 10, making it a grand 8 out of 75....would've failed had I been in Bangalore University. (who knows what will happen here).....

So, right now, my expectations are getting so low, and so bad.....that, shucks, leave it....adar bagge maatadi prayojana illa.........bandu koodale....preeti indale....kanya serege....nanna shata teriyo.......rajaa raajaaa......jai Ravi Mama and Hamsa...

iga, web-search, PageRank seminar mugisbeku...........will this ever end......have never seen anything like grad school first semester...........and it gets incredibly worse if you have a mascochistic bent of mind and take crazy theory subjects and do your projects and seminars under hard taskmasters of professors......whew.......bye

Thursday, November 25, 2004


My applications should be done by next week. Planning to app to UCSB, Pennstate, TAMU & Ohio. Hoping to get into one of UCSB or Pennstate.
I met Shylaja mam, and other lecturers. So most likely will be getting a reco from them by the end of this week, or worst case early next week. Most lecturers were friendly, other than n.g.p , who i think was busy, and so was terse :).

pit widens...

got screwed in probability and statistics too.....but thats not all

I have my Bangalore ticket booked for December 1st night. My seminar dates haven't been decided yet, my seminar report isnt ready yet (it still a long way to go there), my formal methods exam is on Sunday, and I have a term paper to submit there, before the exam itself....

so, the next two days will see my doing this.....working hard to finish my seminar report (which will have me re-reading some more papers, cuz I dont make notes after reading them the first time, and sadly, I haven't learnt from my mistakes), working like mad on my formal methods term paper, I wont concentrate too much on this, cuz its just 20% of 6 credits. The seminar is way more important cuz that decides whether I get to do my final year project with a good professor. And of course study for the formal methods exam itself.....which makes it insanely hard, cuz there are no text-books; no online tutorials, no introductory articles.....nothing!!! have to make sense of some of my illegible notes......so, thats whats coming up......the only good part is Algorithms and Probability are done......

The best part is....... I watched Mysore Mallige after a long time today......hahaha..... quite nostalgic.....to hear some Kannada amidst the usual noises that come out of such videos....esp the way she says "ri"....... couldn't make out whether she actually says "yenu andre".....

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Absolute Pantatva ..

concept believe mada beku..
tumba time aytu .. avaru ivaru yeno heltare anta tale kedskota iddivi .

Know its a difficult things to accept, U feel good when You get appreciations, and thats the root cause. U go down,, when people throw your work down the drain.

Bittaki boys.. enjoyyy maadi ...

and teju .. Tumba extrapolation madta iddiya .. results baro tanka wait maaaadu...

It's been awhile

since i screwed up so badly....

woah man...i have become more careless than ever...
need to pull up my socs and try to figure out what i have lost....
hair or brains or both :-|

work is going on very haphazardly....
i never knew i was so incredibly dumb

all motivation gone down the drain....

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

algorithms pit

got so badly screwed in the algorithms final exam that i will be lucky if I make a BC.....for the uninitiated, the grading system goes like this.....

AA - the absolute top, the very best....contributes a 10 to your CPI (cumulative point index)
AB - up there, but not quite.......contributes 9 to CPI
BB - you aint too bad......contributes 8 to CPI
BC - you know the course's workings.....contributes 7 to the CPI
CC - you must have thought twice before taking this course.....contributes 6 to the CPI
CD - you suck....contributes 5 to the CPI
DD - rockbottom....contributes 4 to CPI
FF - gotta repeat the subject next sem....contributes 3 to CPI
FR - gotta repeat the subject next sem....contributes nothing.

Each subject has a credit value attached to it. And your overall CPI will be the sum of your credit-weighted grade-value of that semester. For example, if i get a AB in my 10-credit foundations lab, a BC in the 6-credit algorithms, a BC in the 6-credit probability course, a BB in the 6 credit formal methods course, and an AA in the the 4 credit seminar, my CPI will be proportional to 9*10 + (7+7+8)*6 + 10*4 = 262 out of 320, which gives me a grand CPI of 8.1.

Now, 8.1 is roughly the same as our 75%.....surprise surprise.....I haven't changed much.....most companies keep a campus interview cutoff of around 7.5-8.....(average CPI over 2 semesters). Microsoft keeps 9. Google might keep 9.5, and IIT throws you out if you go below 6......I dont hope to leave this place before the end of 2 years......

Thats all the answer please.....

Monday, November 22, 2004

extreemists ..

It was quite dipressing to see the kannada film stars going for a dharana.
How would deferring of a movie by 3 weeks improve the status of kannada movies ??
I mean, would a cinegoer who is watches only Hollywood movies/ Bollywood movies go to a kannada flick , in which Puneet Raj does dink chack dance ??????????
well he would always want a govinda ..

irli ..innen makkla ..my thanksgiving weekend plans are really screwed up ..boohohhhhhhh.. yella kai yettiddare ..
bere sketchaaks haka beku ..

innen samachara ..

Yella ok.....

But our kannada film boys have suddenly become extremists....
Moi deep in thought....

Yella Smile :-)

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Good one tezz

The update of your quiz brought us some insight into ur life.
Probably even I would say the same thing.

Other than that,
I had a pretty eventful week.I had a haircut.

~Su Depp

things that i want to do..

other than career ..
(i)go deep sea diving..and this time should do it properly..
(ii)climb a snow capped mountain with professional mountain climbers..prefferably the mountain should have some
value attach to it..something like highest peak in that part..
(iii)sky diving..inspiration gd..hmmmm..imagine madidhrane maja barathe..
(iv)trek in "thick" jungles for 4 to 5 days..should camp in the jungle..the group should be small.. less than 5 ppl..
(v)pilot an aircraft..a small 2 seater plane ...should be in air for atleast 30 min..and if possible do some chamak moves
amale most imp agi.. i should learn to 'do' things from 'todo' list..


melancholy, depression, unhappiness-due-to-unfathomable-reasons, morose-ness, "feeling", ivelladakku ondu pada koDi: (rasa prashne)

Uttara - My mood.

Bhale, team Tejaswi avarige 10 ankagaLu. Iga mundina prashne: Lifealli yenu maadona anta iddira yellaru?

Uttara - Gotilla.

Bhale, team Tejaswi avarige 10 anka matte koDi. Iga mundina prashne.........

Thursday, November 18, 2004

For searching research papers and tech stuff


Another gift from google.

birthday blues....

Thanks makla....... Missing you folks too.....

Birthday blues was at its peak this time. Bored the hell out of an international call from GD with all my depressive stories. That something is missing, something is wrong, happiness seems to be elusive etc. etc. After that, was working on some term paper that is due tonight. The guys were going over to the all night canteen and pulled the reluctant but hungry me along. And as we went downstairs to get our cycles, the four of them presented me with bottle of fine red wine!!!....

We ditched the canteen, went behind the department to a lonely bench. My swiss knife coming to the rescue, with the cork. And then.......Jahan chaar yaar.....jahan chaar yaar miljaye, wahi raat ho guzaaar....jahan chaar yaar. One of these guys is a big fan of Sharaabi and all its shayri-lyrics-songs. We had a round of wine drinking coupled with songs. And then, the mood settled in, and some happiness started to trickle from nowhere......As I was the one supposed to get drunk, I did..........singing the song.......

"agar nasha sharaaab mein hota......toh naachti bottle....."
"maikade jhoomte paimaano.....mein hoti hulchul....."

(if the high was due to the drink, the bottle would dance, bars would glow, and wineglasses would be restless)

We ended the session on "suroor" (this urdu word gets it all into great perspective).....

A birthday to remember......for motley reasons, as are all birthdays.......




25 years .... Quarter Century!
Have fun man!

Will call you in the evening....

gd garu..

thumbha olle observation madidhya..nija aaga idhashtu kushi eega illa(sounds like a middle aged person who is missing his college life..alva)
mostly the reason is that avaga the goals were diff or almost non-existent..for me atleast..if u really see..ur parents are definetly happy with what u r now..
and all other ppl arnd u (who matter, ofcourse) are also happy with what u r now and where u r headed..the only person who is dissatisfied and frustrated is u...
and that is cos of not being able to meet self set goals...
all this from the conversation with teju on the way back from mumbai...missing u man...and missing all those motivating kachax..oorige baro woole master

Trans feeling

Has anybody been triumphant in avoiding the moments of depression to a fair extent ( apart from Richie ).

I dont remember any of us being BLISSFUL from the time we have left college.
What was so different at college. We werent doing that great at college too . We werent the toppers, nor in RECs/IITs , we were gays ( gays == no girlfriends ), and dint have deep pockets and frolic parties. We never even had a decent affair.

Looks like the idli/vada, juice, football, Microprocessors, suspenisons, movies, sudeepan mane, nagan mane, nightouts at tejus place, games at sumanths place , dhabas, goa trip, madkeri trip, the bday treats, the occassional basketball kept us happy.

The placements kicked off the sadisitic life .. ( or in my case was it PPR ) .

Logically with the independance, with the money we should have been more happier, but none of us are really happy.

yella ok feelings yaake ??


huttu habbada artika subashayagalu

hey teju .. welcome to the 'Quarter club' ..
yenne lu quarter , life allu quarter.

infosys is second.......and guess who is first?

Sasken !!!


Su Depp moves from Infy to SAS and lo! and behold......

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

All right guys.....

Time for some motivation....



Okay bye,

what do u want ..

Good work with okay money ? - YES
Good Money with okay work ? - YES
Good MOney with good work and lotsa work ?? - Probably NO

R u ready to slog for great work and no money .. ( finally might fetch lots .. like research ) NO NO NO ..

are u ready to lead a non-romantic life ...throughout ? NOPES

Do you mind studying ?? NO ( But mind writing all the entrance exams ;-) )
Do you want to work forever for others?? NO ..

GD odhu ..GMAT ge and then for CAT .

Trying photohosting...check 1-2-3


Did it work ?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

This is

one helluva site....

"Stanford Sophomore Rohan Verma with CE Infosystems created an equivalent of
Mapquest or Yahoo maps for India (though with few features now..) Please
visit http://www.mapmyindia.com/ to find out a great beginning for digital
maps for India."

It could go upto Hosakerehalli - 100feet road ....
Really good level of granularity....

Itna sannata Kyon hain bhai ?

Monday, November 15, 2004


I just read an interesting article from rediff.So I thought I should share that article with you guys!


I hope you people mark your calendars for 'World Toilet Day'.


Woolee! I can see that you are gonna be really angry at this one for me....heh....chill!

on second thoughts

We have had some high profile arrests ..
harsha mehta and the parekh .. dont know whether they were house arrested ..
I think 'evidence' determines the incarcenation level ??
If the police dint have strong enough evidence they dare not touch the seer.

Well well well . ..
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. this is really confusing ..


In my opinion, the arrest of the seer wasnt a glaring mistake. But, the nature of arrest was indeed ridiculous. As Sudeep was pointed out, when there are exceptions already done for Uma Bharati and the Don, why not to the seer.

The plausible reasons could be.
The 'charge' against the guilty. The seer is accused of a MURDER, Uma Bharati - attempt to murder and the DOn - Well the list can be endless. I lack the legal expertise to judge the gravity of these crimes. For me all of these brace the same category.

The 'clout' the accused carries. - All the 3 mentioned by Sudeep are highly influential people and have their roots deep in the political world. The seer has a high political voltage atleast in the NDA circles. So, is this like the congress is playing very neutral to all the Criminal charges, or a little more nonchalant in this one. Do the UPF want to give a message to the minority communities that they are indeed impartial ??

Looking at the profile of the seer, the MATH he heads, the respect the seer and the MATH commands, the patronage they have, there should have been some respect shown to the seer. There should have been an 'house arrest'. The reason behind the direct jailing procedure, invloving a person of such elite and noble status, does open up a lot of questions.

Sudeep is flabbergasted and I am skeptical aobut the whole drama.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Also ,

Happy Ramzan to our muslim friends...
currently feeling very restless....
have to concentrate.


Generally, we should not get into religious controversies,but this is somewhat provoking.
South India's most respected Hindu Math , Kanchi Mutt is a very powerful institution.I
have been there thrice.The Temple,the mutt is timeless.

Yes agreed, as the channels claim, there is a strong evidence.
BUT There is a certain decorum to be maintained before arresting the head of such a big
organisation.Not just flagrantly barging into a mutt and arresting the Swamiji while performing
a puja.Why the hell didnt they do a "house arrest" like Uma Bharati or the bombay smuggler
(on whom Nayakan was based on ? ).
Why the hell did they have to take him to Vellore jail?
He has the duties of a swamiji to be perfomed , like performing a
puja to the idols which are hundreds of years old.
How can he perform pujas in prison ? Disgusting.

And those wise people who claim that "it is a victory of the indian judicial system", do
they have any idea about the age of the Kanchi Mutt itself ? It is hundreds of years older than
Indian Judiciary System itself.

Forget the person Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati himself.
But the POSITION demands a respect.Does anybody doubt that?
And by arresting the head of one of the most powerful Mutts
of the Hindu Community, they are directly attacking the sentiments
of many, many people.And this may lead to Vendetta and it is like
inviting more trouble.Not only that.The mutts , no matter how corrupt they
are , these mutts are the symbols of our roots.Every communtity has a mutt,
has a swamiji and the mutt tries to maintain the customs which are old and
precious, no matter how SENSELESS they may seem.

And showing all this on petty yellow journalism TV stories like
"Crime Story" is the limit.

I can only hope all this has a good ending and the swamiji is innocent
of this accusation.If anything happens to the swamiji in jail, the politicians
will face the wrath of all the hindus.

Saturday, November 13, 2004


I am back, with a whimper.
AGRE, I screwed up by answering only 55 out of 70 questions. Not that the
questions were tough, just that they were time consuming.
You need to get a score of 48-50 to be in 90+ percentile range. Score of 38 => 78%
I am quite sure of about 40-45 questions. So depends on the accuracy of the answers
of the other 10.
The paper is quite different from GATE ( less math required ). Results will be
out in another month. So need to start/finsh the SOP by then.
zeeds i knew of the aussie connection,but what is with the New Zealand trip?


I am talking a lot about Bombay, and its culture on this blog; though it seems somewhat uncalled for, it still strikes me odd each time I see something different here because I am still in India, and Bombay seems like an island here in India. With its own unique culture. Good culture.

Take the "cutting", I can give you a thousand guesses, but its hard to come up with the real meaning for this piece of popular local slang - A cutting is half a glass of tea. Just had a cutting outside the campus, in a roadside dhaba which also serves jalebi, vada-paav, and other assorted food. Another thing I found strange here is the way they prepare tender coconut to drink. Its not chopped like its done in Bangalore and other places I have seen. They actually cut it with a knife, a proper kitchen knife. I am surprised that a knife goes through the think hyde. But it does. So on and so forth.

Here's wishing Nair on his 25th birthday. Will look up his id and mail him. Did someone call up Maiyya, or mail him yesterday? I don't have his id, will have to look up the newsgroup. Need to go to Sanjay Dhaba sometime soon. It's been too long.

Richie, boli magane.....How was the exam? did you kick ass? was there enough graph theory to make you bang the desk (with your hand)? Isn't it surprisingly and pleasantly different from GATE? Anyway, do write about it. And try not to stick to your style of writing.

Me has to work on some surveys. Will get going now. Before I go, as always, the latest in movies: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is done. It's an experience. After having been in awe of the music for ages and ages now, to actually see it in action, to see the music pulse through the scenes, to see Eli Wallach as the resourceful Ugly, its a great movie. It's all about the Ugly character. He is the hero. And that was followed by American History X. This movie is bound to make you a bigger fan of Edward Norton than you already are.....its a moving film. Has a good dose of social consicence and idealism with some cut throat reality and action. A must watch.

Friday, November 12, 2004

good luck Jag

curise like the jag on the road .. jag x series is a dream to possess in the US ..
kick ass richie..

Happy deepawali guys ..
dum dama dum .. there goes my celebration .. :-)

I am split minds about watching Veer Zara .. :))

innen isya .. tried finding tickets to new zealand .. kashta sikkta illa .

tejaswi .. nijvaglu tight aagiddane ..


Nothing like celebrating Diwali with Long Island Iced Tea......followed by some Ole King Cole, followed by Vodka Martini, and then, topping all of that with the classic - Old Monk.....

Am fully done right now......

Happy DeepawaLi everyone.....have fun.....Richie, all the very best for the AGRE.....you are gonna kick ass, I am sure.......nothing less than 95 percentile.....I am sure......me betting everything on you......

Sudeepa, grow a friggin frenchie........how long are you gonna do with Tom and Tex....you know what I mean...... hic hic......... :)))

Missing Naga........terribly.......


Thursday, November 11, 2004

Jag's AGRE

ALL THE BEST TO RICHIE_JAG who is having his AGRE this saturday.

Updates :-
Nothing much actually....Nothing much actually.
I have bought Jackie Brown VCD.I have to see that.
Planning to go to a trek tomorrow.

Sujay, my cuz is coming to Bangalore on Nov 20th.
He has built a house very near to my place (hosakerehalli).

So tahts it!

See ya fellas.And happy Diwali, wherever you are.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

happy diwali guys

this is how I celebrate diwali here ... super alla ??

papanna .. papanna .. Your incidents reminds me of the VIVA..

yen madam ivanu 8th semester aa ?? :)))

ayyo papanna .. college huduga .. "Daddy na karkondu banni" ..
Guys the term Daddy isnt it funny ..

I am laughing away to glory ( at sudeeps expense )

teju yavag tanka irtiya blore nalli ?? anyways mostly amchi mumbai alle meet aago haage idhe ..

sudeepa pataki hodi .. chennagi tinnu ..beer kudi ..steriods togo ... put on some weight ..

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Yeah man!

Let us hit out bigg time when u r in "Girinagar" :-)
nice that you said girinagar instead of bangalore :-))

At office,lots of documentation .....(lot to be done)
at home lots of bank,blah blah, credit cards......dragging

Yesterday (or the day before yesterday) i had been to a
2-wheeler mechanic's garage

I had an interesting conversation with the mechanic.

The conversation went on like this :-

(looking at the scooty)
Sir ball bearing hogidhe.

Yeshtu aguthe charge-u?

Ahhh...Nodbeku saar....Gearbox kooda bichteeni.

okay, gear box tagiri....

I was waiting for him to open the gearbox.

Sir, nimm daddy na karkondu banni...

ME :-
Yen daddy ?

Sir two days earlier hinge college hudugi bandhu,
bearing change maadid-mele, avara daddy bandhu
illi galaate maadidru....
So naavu college hudugara hatra yella helibitte change

I was mortally insulted.

Nann age yeshtu antha gothta ? Nimdeshtu ?

Sir, 22 varsha nange....

ME :-
Nange 25.

End of conversation.

So the moral of the scene :-
Grow facial hair....It's high time....

see you betans....
(the great depression reaching unprecedented heights nowadays)

Rain Man

A movie posting after a long time. Saw Rain Man again!!! And unbelievably, went through most of the movie without skipping any bit. I like this one. Have to get a DVD when I come to Bangalore.

Booked my Bangalore ticket right now on irctc. December 2nd Night, I will be there in Girinagar. So, December 3rd, Kumar, Richie, lets hit the pool.

As for current academics, I have got an extenstion on my seminar report submission deadline from Prof. Soumen. Gotta use it well, and extract some wisdom from a collection of papers that he has asked me to read. Extract wisdom???? I am not able to extract basic contents. Lets see where that will leave me.....Other than end-sem exams, I have just two survey reports to write before next week. Almost single-tasking, a very welcome change.

Spoke to Chakku and Samba after a long time......Kumar seems to be missing college days, but is not responding on YIM. GD seems to have faded into the sands of Phoenix. Richie, well, I dont really mind it either ways :))).....

Monday, November 08, 2004


even I am on tons of pills now.....Vicks Action 500, Oraheal, B-Complex.... self-medicating away to glory.....courtesy mouth ulcers..........aaaaaargh.........

old news-new news: still slogging....watching movies.....sleeping odd hours......same ol' stuff...

new stuff: tried windows after a long time, and found out that I like firefox more than IE. Everything else seems pretty much the same. Added a new photo on my pictures page getting in Richie, Paapu and Kummi....among others.....

As for ex-girlfriends, Kumara......life is one strange brew...... things will get better.......not to worry.......

Dingchak song of the day: Teri patli kamar mein hai jaadoo, teri tirchi nazar mein hai jaadoo, jaadoo hain teri baaton mein......from an obscure Anil Kapoor starrer......

ex-gf ..

hey kummi ..

ivella aagotte .. after all .. LIFE aint it ......
okies.. I have a slight fever , terrible cold and headache ..
and am trying to fake I dont have any of these . I dont want to be sick ..
but my body is agaisnt my spirits .. the head's a lil cranky looking at the monitor .. it doesnt mind watching 'mean girls' ..
I cud not sleep properly cos of the cold .. arghhhhhhhh.. I hate this ..
I have a few tablets at my desk from a friend of mine , but I look like a pillophobic

started on critical reasoning of GMAT .. and am reading 'straight from the GUT' .. suprisingly I aint borred ..

innen makkla ..

Spoke to teja..hes dropping in Bombay dec 26th and then to blore ..


Sunday, November 07, 2004

missing 'someone special'

i am reffering to my ex gf..
i was thinking abt so many good things she had done...for me ofcourse..but i was too immature to recognise all that...
she would go to great lengths just to go out with me..cos that meant something to her....
i am feeling guilty...may be i was stubborn..donno..afraid to even think abt that...

Friday, November 05, 2004

dont talk abt

idli vada and masala dosas makkla ..
I am tired of burgers , pizzas, tacos, and my brain refuses to pop out the names of my ohter fast food ventures ...
and cereals for breakfast .. vade bonda and all dooor ki baat hai ..
will be back in Jan and shall have my qutoa fully..

I am getting tempted to get back to chicken burgers, they look really attractive, and they are a staple diet... one of these days I shall be into it again..
spicky tender crispy chicken burger.. super aagi illa kelokke ..

alll the IT folks unhappy abt bush being elected, only the west and north east states wants kerry..

have 'bandha alla bahaddur' at home .. and 'snehaloka' .....
the latter sucks and havent tried the former ....
innen makkla .. teju yavag tanka blore alli iddiya .??
I shall get these goons to amchi mumbai ..

sigona ..

Anybody read

haven't , but the blurb reminds me of the book dmos had mentioned 'tuesday with morrie`

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Anybody read

The five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom ?

yes man...

guys g1 has done something which is simply

But it is predictable. :-)

What the hell will a 25 year old COOL boy
will do ?

Thts that.

More on mails if anybody interested.

maDDu mess

its a Da with a Da "vattu"....maDDu mess....

This is a small eating joint that opens at around 4 every morning here, just outside the campus. Getting into the place is an adventure in itself. You gotta go through dingy stinking alleys, past cowsheds, open drains, -Satya (the movie) style....and sit in a mosquito infested dungeon where a really old lady makes eeruLLi dose, moTTe-eeruLLi dose (a novelty I came across here), plain dose, idli, vaDe, amboDe (which they call Daal Vada), and the best part.....really tasty thick chutney, with steaming hot sambar......all very south Indian, very tasty, and very very economical........a mammoth gorging session cost me around Rs 30/-......

This place is like this cult thing here......the setting is very rustic, but the talk is very urbane, people discussing linux, MIT, Berkeley, philosophy, and devoring onion-anDa, daal vaDa etc etc......its a must visit......combines the ethos of IIT and Bombay in equal parts and great measure......and of course, good food is a good thing......anywhere.....

just got back from there....was sitting outside my lab.......talking to the inimitable Su Depp.....and reminiscing old days at BCB, and wondering what one needs to do etc etc.....heard some shocking news about our very own Jeevan Prakash.......and was left with more wondering to do......hahah.....

let the games begin........

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Yo Man.....


That was cool.Wasnt it?
Microsoft Word.

Yo, man, Yo!
So, whats happening

Chuck that.

Bush won.

He has to give full marks to his nigger, Osama.

In the fifth round your ass goes down.
Say it.

In the fifth round my ass goes down.

That man never fails.He sends 1 tape and thats enough
for Bush's victory.He should have sent two tapes.


i can code!!!!!even now i can code..and not copy paste!!!!!!!!
wrote a filesplitter to split files..and ofcourse to merge them back..
that isnt a big prog..but still..
i discovered one more thing..the amount of 'maja' that i get when i develop something for 'own use' is much more
than what i do daily..developing for someone else to use it...hmmm..dont know what this implies..

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Well ,

It's election time .

So, gd r u having a holiday ?

Times of India is giving unbelievable hype here to US elections.

By the way Vdas is getting married tomorrow.

I am going there to the choultry.

Anyway moi busy today.

Later, more.


hartika subashayagalu ..

if sudeep can become su Depp like Johnny Depp .. Deepak can become De peck like Greogery Peck alva ??

Had 'How to kill a mocking bird' at home..but cudnt watch it ..
saw Transporter ..ulti timepass action ..Kill bill types .. watch the truck scene in this ..its amazing ..

lifes draggin bigg time ..:-) ..got GMAT books from India ..
( sudeep my CAT mate .. upto to GMAT tooo ?? )
yeah ..I have gone crazy basically ..

feelng sleepy ..
shall go and have some freshly brewed coffee ..

Monday, November 01, 2004


Read this attention-holding blog entry by some dude on Kannada: http://msanjay.htmlplanet.com/blog/lchasm.htm

Right now, I am typing from an I-Mac in the hostel comp. room. Its different, and its really different....right from the keyboard down to the display and the usage etc etc.....I dont know whether it was designed to be so different from the IBM-clones, but it is.......

Anyways, I am (as-always) amused to see Su Depp in one of his oh-so-su-depp moments....cant wait for this month to get over....and cant wait to see you dudes again.......undecidability or not..... bhel puri or not....... stupid Su Depp disclaimers on everything or not.....me is gonna be there, and me is gonna eat everyone's head......and also swim away to glory in the NCB pool......

right now, I have gotten over some of my recent mammoth spells of procrastination - only cuz deadlines have finally caught up with me.......Right now, I have enough workload to piss off even Buddha....or some such idiom.......

Listening to Fanaa Fanaa from Yuva.....and yeah, marvelling at Rahman's talents....But these days I am beginning to respect the likes of Anu Malik and Anand-Milind, cuz of the sheer genius in their dingchak songs......of course, the credit is equally shared by folks like Anjaan and Sameer for those immortal lyrics with quintessential words like "jiya", "baahon mein", "jaan", "dil", "pyaar", "deewana", "seene", "goriya", "chura", "jiya" and of course......."bechain"..

Have listened to the dingchak hall of fame here........and surprisingly, I have a few other fans of extreme hindi dingchak here......who take great pleasure in listening to the essential 90's dingchak that had classics like Husn Hai Suhana.....Tamma Tamma Loge......and some of those classic Mithun numbers which I cant get enough of these days...... :)))))

Ok, gotta go to the lab now and work on my lab project which is due tomorrow midnight......


The weekend was another plw.
plw = predictable lousy weekend.

But wait!!

We met!

Me, kummi and jag met at jag's place and I ate fresh cold sapotas while the
two geeks discussed about "Undecidablility".

And I caught up with "Goodfellas".
Very disturbing.
Scorsese is a mad-man.
And I saw "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".
What the heck was the movie abt?
Stopped midway.
Couldnt make out anything out of it.

No more powerful disturbing movies for sometime.
Need to see some cartoons....Like Finding Nemo.

Other than that I need to ENHANCE my vision.
Planning of buying a RayBan......

~Su Depp (like Johnny Depp).

Saturday, October 30, 2004


was reading a few essays by Alan Turing. The usual about what constitues a machine which can think. He also draws parallels between the turing test, and the viva voce conducted during exams. So have we learnt something, or is it just by rote.

Begun listening to Natalie Imbruglia. 'One more addiction' ; the voice !
My agre preparation is okay... will be taking the sample ets test this week.

Friday, October 29, 2004


status check:

Getting screwed in Linear Programming/Algebra.
Lagging behind in my Web-Search seminar. Will be really badly screwed for this. Maybe my worst procrastinating session ever.
Haven't understood basic probability and am supposed to know all about distributions. No clue on this.
Have to decide on my formal verifications term paper, haven't even searched the net for it yet. Imagine.
Am lagging behing badly in my web-search results clustering. Have 3 days to wind up the project, submit report, demonstrate it in front of a dis-interested class/sadistic TAs.
Procrastinating, lazing, lack of energy, sleep, lack of focus....all happening at the same time.....

Good stuff: I am finding formal verifications really interesting...... I am considering changing my primary focus here from Data Mining to Verifications. Dont know for sure. But its on the cards.....depends on how my verifications term paper goes vs. my data mining seminar. Am having a good time reading up on Linear Algebra, Algorithms, and some other basic stuff.

Other stuff:

Bad: Am wearing my last clean shirt. Don't have any shirt for tomorrow; Might go out and buy some clothes. The hostel washing machine is under repair, and my room is full of dirty clothes, and its getting worse. I have tons of mouth ulcers and my toe-thumbs, both of them are screwed with "ugur-suttus"s.

Good: I am feeling great........ain't that great? Done with some crappy Communications Skills exam today. Just one more month of first semester left. One way or the other, it will get over. Discovered a great new coffee place inside the campus. My Rs 700/- electric kettle is now being wasted here on my lab desk ;-)))....laff all you want..........
Still reading Lolita, and savoring every sentence, and am figuring out slowly that there is some other plot going on that is beyond me. Have to buy the "Annotated Lolita" which has notes for each page for the fan, and for the clueless; both of which I am right now.....

What else..... Nothing much.....keep posting.......

Thursday, October 28, 2004

i am

feeling better now....
the depression is gone....

Thanks to Da Vinci Code.

Draconian Devil!!
Oh Lame Saint!!!
PS:- Find Robert Langdon

I finished the book and I found it to be really good....
Wow!Brilliantly engineered plot.

If anybody hasnt read that, just grab the book.
History is a fable agreed upon.

Note "fable" and "fabulous" have the same root (i.e. dhaatu in sanskrit)

So assuming one of us here becomes a godman like Sri Sri Ravi ,
after 3000 years this blog will be called as THE HOLY BLOG
and it will be in one floppy in somebody's tomb.

I am wikipedia-ing away to glory.
Incidentally, my granfather told me that
in the vedas, there is no mention of vishnu.
Only Bramha or Indra are there.
So Bramha is the most ancient god.
And we are ofcourse pagans.

Ofcourse, No Rama, Krishna etc. in the Vedas.

wikipedia is a great site as far as history is concerned.

And gentlemen(in bangalore), we have a looong weekend lined up.
Kannada Rajyotsava is a holiday here.

Let us make it eventful.....

how services industry work ..

money making phases ..


Build - client will help out .. and projects get completed .. :))

no risk ..full profits.. ;-)

teja .. sanna aagokke aagolla anta realise aagira beku ningu kooda alva ?
iro size maintain aadare saaku mama . ;-) innu dappa aagodu beda andi kollona :))

one good new ..my salary is back to 5k.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


That was such an unlikely post by Kumaranna. I sense that those walks with Sumanth are not doing any good to our own Raajkumar.....


Me too; looking forward to the SLV katte. Bored of North Indian food, and desperately looking forward to Vidyarthi, SLV, BCB, UD-coffee, Ashoka-Pillar, Anand-Juice, Dwarka and of course, Benne Gulkhan :P

Sudeepan room miss aagatte....Need Kathe, on some KaTTe.....


traffic jams ..

Guys you are scaring me . This might change my plans of returning.

You know the std US returned asshole comments...

Traffic sucks, oh my gawddd .. ( naa wrong exlamation ) FISH !!its so polluted,
its so crowded .. and all that jazz on similar lines ..

imagine me carrying a bisleri bottle :))

Sudeep will kill me ..and refuse to go out with me .. ;-) ...
7 'o clock deadline jote idondu hosa reason sigotte sudeepange ..

looking fwd for SLV katte ..:-)

the reason behind traffic jams..

this is what happens in peak hour traffic..
a traffic cop sees the smooth flowing traffic and his hands starts itching..cos he hasnt signalled anybody to stop since morn..
so he switches off the traffic signal lights and does his best to ensure that everybody gets struck in the signal for 10 min atleast..
now we have a long queue of vehcles waiting for the signal ..a cyclist at the end of this long queue sees a 6 inch gap between the
cars in front of him..the gap is exactly 6 inches..if it was even 1 mm more than that the car in front would have squeezed thru that...
anyways..coming back to the cyclist...he feels that he can take his cycle thru the gap ..and he manages to do so with gr8 ease..
he is followed by a tvs champ ..and even a bike!!!an autodirver in the next lane cant help but notice this two wheeler movement..
now how can any autodriver remain stationary when there is some flow of traffic in his next lane??u can not blame him for trying to squeeze thru
and blocking that lane as well...

same as scene1 till manual signalling ensures long wait for all vehicles...a smart guy in smart bike crosses yellow line and overtakes everybody
and reaches the signal junction..another bike follows him..and one more..and an auto..and a car!!!and more cars!!!!till the road turns into an oneway..
and the person coming in the opposite dir has no option but to fly..

my solns...
1)stop using ur own vehicle and use public transport..hmmm..not feasible..we know that the public transport is not that efficient in blore..
2)kill all autodrivers...excellent idea!!!
3)make a rule that everybody should travel in 2 wheeler..i mean it is such a waste of fuel (and space)..if one person is travelling
in a car..imagine how free the roads would be without those bulky fuel guzzeling monsters...
think abt this guys..help urself and help the nation also..use car only when u have compelling reasons..

Monday, October 25, 2004

iT'S BEEN proved beyond doubt

that WHATEVER vehicles you ban on Hosur Road ,
the road ends up as a mess...

And people on the roads are doing their favorite
activity .......

-JAMMING....Traffic Jamming to be precise.
you to buy Huzaifa Decor Furniture for just 3000 Rs.
If you are lucky you can win a trip to Thailand!

So most the "workers" have a pattern like this.
(I will abandon the term Software Engineers...I will use the term workers instead.
While cribbing "workers" adds a communistic touch,
and it sounds even more effective for expressing your woes.)

->Leave the home before the early bird catches the worm.
->Start on a long perilious voyage like Christopher Columbus.
->Just like somebody on a Columbus's ship shouts "we discovered america",
we shout to ourselves, we discovered our office building!
->Reach the office.
->Drink coffee from a PATHETIC coffee machine.
->Discuss your weekend exploits.Or discuss about the forgettable movie you watched the other day.
->IMMEDIATELY start back on your long journey back home....It's 6:30 already.

Oh it is time to go back home.....


Granite business

Finally I know what "Granite Business" means. Had been to an all night canteen here, and its run by some Manohar dude from Tumkur and he used to be in this business before. I heard stories of Puneet Raaj. The Dr Raaj-Veerappan episode, some illegal money laundering, Karnataka politicians and their "keeps," and had a good session of verbal Hi Bangalore.....

In Bombay, Hi Bangalore seems to be a good thing.....

I am trying to read up on Infinite Automata, and there seems to be a wealth of theory on it, written in the same vein as U&H. If I make some progress, will put up some more stuff here, its really cooL.....that ends my technical escapades of sometime now....

Listening to some good ol' Kannada songs.......

speaking of songs, try Coolie #1's Husn Hai Suhana for some extreme filmi dingchak ......and Company's Pyar Pyar Pyar Mein for some superb Bollywood music parody by Sandeep Chowta...... :)))))

whos profile has been updated???

papanna are we missing something ..

its really amazing how richie gets amused by new TECh stuff all the time ..
or if it is an EFFORT its just amazing ...

Need to pick a page/two from everyones book .

Damn !!!! One of my friends got here from India . He was all josh for GMAT .
Wanna decide on a date asap

The photos look cool

Nostalgia ....
Nice website dude....

I think why you are orkutting more....
Somebody special's profile seems to be updated ;-)

Sunday, October 24, 2004


I have been spending more time on Orkut than all other sites combinted these days....whats happening????..........

Btw, take a look at my updated website now, I have put up some more stuff.....www.it.iitb.ac.in/~tejaswi.



The corportate biggies have forced the lorries and the other humongous vehicles out of hosur
road in the peak hours from 8 to 10 in the morning and 7 to 9 in the night.

As a result, the two wheelers and car drivers have become extra careless with their new
found freedom.
(Yeah I have to remind myself to be careful).

Other than that, it has ben a predictably lousy weekend.
So much time wasted doing nothing.
Ofcourse, i did add a new VCD to my existing collection.
"Goodfellas" by Martin Scorsese.
I didnt get the time to open the cover itself :-)

Saturday, I just passed-by near the Urvashi Theatre before going to my weekend lalbagh walk.
For the first time in history, they were showing a kannada movie called Mourya.
I had suspected nobody will be there to watch the movie.
To my surprise, i saw a big crowd.

But there was a significant change in the crowd.
The Jain College and other early teen girls dressed like bollywood stars
were gone.
They were replaced by predominantly auto drivers , florists who sell jasmine on the roads,
and ofcourse the shaawantige garland on the abominable Puneet Rajkumar...
You know, like a Majestic theatre like Santosh or Tribhuvan.
Reminded me of the 80s kannada theatres...
Is this moratorium move actually turning out to be good ?
I dont think so...

Forget that....Let's get back to our lives....
I gotta take inspiration from richie_jag who is always upto something technical.
He was delving into parallel processing algos the last time i met him.
and he has become an xml freak.
Kummi man! wassup ? Seem to be busy...
For heavens sake pick up the phone instead of cutting it :-)

Friday, October 22, 2004

fun and its manifestations

Guys .. 25 is not OLD. Yavvana
I still enjoy addas, cricket, tennis and whatever I play.
Well, no idea about college fests, but I can say had a remorseful feeling about dandiya.

Become a movie maniac, I have visisted Universal studios twice, enjoyed the shows ( I have seen them before ), enjoy rollercoasters. Is this a testimony ??

NO IDEA what so ever.

Am not able to recoup for high school mathematics. Need Josh.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

fun ......

I dunno abt fun but I sure know that we are old hags....
"Old" is the word.
But "old is gold" antha haapy aagi irona. :-)

We are 25 years old,(ok nearing 25 years) and thats a pretty long time
to be on this planet.

Gd i think you will be here in Jan.
Maybe we can have a blast when you are here.
Witnessed one of the biggest traffic jams today...
okay i am in a hurry ...work 2 B done bye


pretty eventful .. :-) .. missed it :-(
so did I miss so many events in this year ..

sudeepa my folks cudnt come , I spoked to them about it, naa blore bandaga karkondu bartini.

then sudeepa .. mane super ..photos are good ..

hey guys need your cell phone numbers ..
will catcha sometime around ..

tumba mails aytu .. rather blogs ....

so what else ..lifes dragging ..

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

growing old....

An interesting thought......

I don't seem to be having fun anymore. Fun as in, like how it used to be in college, frolic, mirth, abandon, having fun drinking juice, hanging out at Sudeep's place discussing management and porn. The hanging-out type fun seems to be a distant memory.....These days fun seems to be very restricted to certain aspects of life.....a very good book or movie, a very interesting person you've just met, a very beautiful girl you have just seen......or something of this sort......has our concept of fun changed? or have we changed?

or is this too person-to-person dependent type?

I was just wondering about how I have changed over the last so many years.....

Monday, October 18, 2004


I have sent the photos to your email ids....

kummi, i have sent it to your sarvagnaani id.
jag to his yahoo id.
teju, i sent to your woolee id.
Gd i have sent to your dhl id.

Yeah man it was cooL....Food was good.
Banana leaf food.
I think the menu is pretty obvious :-)))) for you guys.

Jag was talking abt Binary Compatibility of GCC versioning when i snapped
the photo!

Kummi had just come from IISc to the place and I believe his relative's place is very near
to our Rajeshwari Nagar house.

And I fell for one girl who had come with the cooks to cook!
Believe me , she had the best dressing sense and she knew how to handle stares.
The midriff region was awesome...
And if a girl handles stares very well w/o getting conscious it is the
ultimate thing.She had that proud look on her face and i love miss proudies
very much.

Other than that, I was putting a smile and walking everywhere around the house
as if i were the busiest man in the planet for one day.

And all the mid-30 ladies sang devotional songs while I snapped photos.
Actually, I avoided all the songs of faith and devotion and I was focussing
my eyes and lens on the cook, and she caught me doing that.
She smiled.But now, when she knows what i am upto , it is no fun.
So i gave up.

Then came the guys....KUMMI descended with his Dil Chahta Hain hairstyle.
Then came jag ...then, teju's mom and dad came.........
then my sasken friends and Infy friends.

Anila and Shiva came at the fag end...cos anila had to attend
another function.Shiva has sold his bullet cos he thinks he has replaced
all the spare parts of his bullet and still it didnt start.
So he has brough RX135.

In total, nice fun.
see ya later guys.

Requirements have changed and i may need to burn midnight lamp oil ....

NaLa paaka

food -> sakkre holge, kooTu, saaru, puliyogare.
heard the word mansion atleast ten times :)
met lots of people : deepa and other members of infy... folks from sasken..
so the eat part went off well and so did the eye ..

monday report ..

veerappan na kondi haaki bittru ..
is it a political move ?? or were the police helpless ( I mean cudnt capture him ) ..
or did veerappan decided.. 'madu illve madi ' ( i do not know the tamil equivalent )
i heard lotsa tams are frustrated abt it .. become mad ..

and am seeing so many kannadigas .. hysterical . all the norhties too know him .. due to bangalore band ( rajkumar kidnap case )

makkla ..innen smaachara ..
sudeepan mane oota ashotndu tindra ?? no ones blogging ..

Sunday, October 17, 2004

waiting for sunday's report....

allo makLa....report maaDi.....what happened yesterday? Did Richie live upto his promise? Eat? Eye? Wink?

I am eye-down in stinking stuff.....

will update more after your updates.......

Friday, October 15, 2004


Too cooL.....We needed that...
Keep it up :-)

Dravid is not excusable this time.
I dunno whats wrong with all da senior players.

But I have my doubts of winning this test :'-(
Let's see.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Dance raja dance

Today no garba or dandiya for me :-))

I wont go there.Thats it. It is kinda indirect or blurry, controlled innuendo or worse,
a mating signal and definitely not my cup of tea.


Because I never was impressed with the Radha & Krishna and the ancient
romance and dance theory.I dont want to fake a dandiya freak.
That would be personally uncooL.

Although I loved the song "Radha kaise na Jale" , I loved the color and the dance,
I can never have a vicarious feeling of tying a band kind of thing on my forehead
and wearing a gejje on my foot and dancing with 2 sticks.
No way!I will suck that way.

But I was impressed with the Gopika Stree theory... :-)
Stealing the clothes and voyeuring away to glory.

Thats not me and I dont like the Mehendi ki Raath and all the gossip.
I infact hate that.

But one dance I would really wanna do is tap dancing,
Or the totally fantasy filled AXE EFFECT ad dance.

Or with a girl (if i were a great dancer) then salsa!
I hate Ballroom dancing too.

filming ..

hehe .. casiona plot is very very local .. ( in USA )

the casino plot is old ..agreed .but where ..hollywood ..
not in bollywood .. I am looking for a local Inidian blockbuster .. :))

I tell u its not even Oceans Eleven ..No one would have heard about Lady killers .. in India ..

Things which make money need not be a highly cerebral one .. isnt it ..
I dont mind having a Wal-mart , compared to Google ..

what say ?? the dream is to make money .. and lotsa them ..

Teju great story .. super .. aagi idhe mama ..
I think I had another flick based on you .. sometime back .. remember .. :))
so we have two approved by the script writer ..
and one local idea down the drains ...

sudeepa get some time out ..we shall sell scripts .. ;-)

sudeepa .. nimma aramane gruhapravesha ..miss aagotte .. boohooooohhhh
sumanth keep your word abt the GRUB

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Talking abt filming.....

I just read how the Matrix like slow motion shots are done.
(The shot where the camera appears to rotate around Keanu Reeves
as he bends to dodge bullets).

Okay the first surprising thing is this :-

The second surprising thing is this :-
They use STILL CAMERAS. Yeah they do (echo twice).

Around 40 STILL cameras are placed around the subject in a circle,
(like Keanu Reeves or Shah Rukh Khan in Main Hoon Na).

Then when the director yells action , the cameras start firing
photograph sequentially (like traversing a circular linked list).

Then the stills are copied to a film and voila we have the
matrix like shot.

Talk about using physics!

I heard that there are digital motion cameras which are as good as
as conventional film cameras!
Not your camcorder home video cameras.

And distribution costs of a reel is reduced to
peanuts cos' it is as easy as writing a CD.

Star Wars (the most recent one) used a sony digital motion camera (see the link below).
Look at this

Canon permits some good features even though my camera is a very small one :-)
I shot a panoramic image of 12 photos and stitched them into a single 2.79 MB
jpeg file and it looks horrible.

More on this later ....


that was really good....

I will try to work on this and let you know abt the first draft.
But as the golden saying goes we need TIME to do this :-(
May we can try this.

But the feel of the movie is dangerously adult.
In the sense this is an intellectual drama.....
I have an ending for this movie:-

Sudeep ends up cured for this one however the psychologist
is badly affected by all this

"Psychology", in general is regarded as a Hi-Fi subject
for indian cinema.

But we can keep the general public in mind before we start writing this.

This is real good stuff!
Great idea pal :-)

late night postings....

Its 4am. Two of my lab-mates are sleeping on the floor. Two more are watching Home-Alone #4. I am typing this. I can see my bag, my toothbrush and toothpaste, my kettle, mug, waterbottle, headphones, stray change on the table. I am not particularly sleepy, but have no josh to study, inspite of having a study plan. I have an algorithms class at 930 tomorrow. So, I know that I have to sleep somewhat early if I dont want to miss the class. I am also thinking of watching some pourne. My pourne identity needs to be revived.

Navratri is here, or so they tell me. The first gharba/dandiya was held today, and we folks went in a little late, and could just catch the public as they were coming out. The feel of a college fest is on. The institute seems to be geared up towards one thing, and one thing only...the college fest. With a fresher-college-fest-orientation conducted in the biggest hall in the institute, one can imagine....

Zeedy, the casino robbing theme is old. I mean, its older than the woods. Think of some other plot idea. I have an idea: Sudeep is a compulsive obsessive something. Could be anything. And to overcome this, he starts attending therapy sessions with psychoanalyst. There is no deep reason behind his situation, he is a normal person with a normal problem, and is attracted to the shrink. The shrink senses this, and has a moral conflict of sorts.....whether to send him to someone else (her husband is a shrink too), or treat him inspite of his obvious attraction towards her.....all this is shown through some wonderful direction and very well thought out dialogues. She chooses the second option.....and we see her trying to help him out.....and along the way, the audience starts suspecting that she is not being professional, and contrary to her earlier promise, is now guiding her unsuspecting patient into a quasi-intellectual-sexual relationship with her; all as a part of her treatment.

At this point, we can either make Sudeep diabolical, ie. he can see that she is falling for him, and so, he goes for it all out....or we can make him a good patient who just happened to have a testosterone shot before starting therapy. The therapist's husbands angle, and his being a shrink, I havent yet explored......And no clue about the ending and further twists as well....But this idea could dwell on some awesome dialogue......not like the shrink-talk you see in Ally McBeal, some real cool mind-play and meta(anticipatory)-thinking, some really tense erotic moments, drama, maybe suspense, and with tons of scope for a mindblowing ending.....

What say?

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Name of duty

Rumours are true.
No more UT, and that too just when i was getting good at it :) . Orders from higher up.
The 11:00 constraint is only for the one team till now.
Wouldn't miss the sunday function.. and shall gobble/ogle in the name of zeeds/bert

The plot of the casino is tried and tested. A bunch of MIT students did just that.
search for "MIT blackjack", and we spent our time in undergrad reading transducers!


illa andre life tumba borr ansotte .. dont u feel so ..

right now modifying my tables , rather getting modified, primary key change madokke DBA na kela beku .. mainframe alli .. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

I wanted to watch 'gone with the wind' .got the dvd too .. but cudnt watch it .. :((
been to LA .. dint meet satya or kartic .. revisited universal studios ..

sudeepa .. need to get into movies .. yen antiya ..

okay theres a plot for local bollywood / kollywood with a hollywood touch ..

imagine ... a group of artists given a chance to perform in LV's biggest casino .. say MIRAGE ..
a group on cons replace this group and try to rob .. the casino and getting back some dollars to India .. shudnt be Oceans 11 .. yen antira ??

decided to take gmat too .. preperation should begin anytime ..
barla sigona .

black tea....

got myself an electric kettle, a box of Lipton Yellow Label teabags, and lo! I can brew my own tea in the lab, anytime I want......

Sudeep's writing continues to be amusing....he is talking about bows and arrows now.......I wish he knew about them when he himself was target practice during his last days as a part of FYI.........I so wish I could've been in Bangalore this Sunday; didn't want to miss this one big event. Makla, do go there and make sure you at least eat some of mine and GD's quota of food.

Futile efforts at studying have been going on. I seem to be doing this the exact same way as I used to work: wait till deadlines mount....and then, give an average performance under pressure. I have to work on this trait of mine.......NOW! ......That bit of self-analysis aside, life has been good. Attended a Scrabble workshop yesterday, conducted by an alumnus, who has won international level tournaments. Spoke about bingos, board tracking, challenges, word play, anagramming, and other strategies......I couldn't stay for the games that began after the strategy session......will play with some Scrabble Club folks soon....

I was talking to a few ex-colleagues today, and they tell me the Unreal Tournament has been called off at office. And now, people are expected to be at their desks by 11. Stand in line for lunch, take coffee breaks during coffee breaks, give sado-masochistic control to one's manager.....etc etc..... Whats happening ?!?!?!?


here, I am so very pre-occupied that I keep
forgetting that I am developing a very important
software for empowering the next generation's high tech

Argh! forget the next generation.

I heard Kummi has gone Munnar with a few guys
to enjoy himself....Wonder whether the bugger is back or not?

There is a Dandia dance this friday at office....
I have decided to carry sticks to the office that day.
One in each hand. Folk dance is a great idea.
The word "Folk" rhymes really well with one of my favorite words.
It is so cloudy today and the mood is perfect for everyone at office
to go home early and everyone are happy about it.
But everybody are actually sad because it is still 3:20.

Today I am shooting darts at evry female i am glancing and I
am NOT ashamed abt staring as I used to be earlier!

Bow and arrrow games are good for health and other things.

Monday, October 11, 2004


the world's greatest software (written by sudeep_rg)
has started to get up and started running.

It is one helluva lousy browser for a mobile fone
which hangs when we try to read a html/wml page.

Because it is very fast, there are many bugs, rather, "disasters".
But according to the author,ALL Bugs are trivial so that should
not at all be a problem.Bugs are always there.

So a conversation with my mgr is presented in ascii text :-

(looking at 10 sheets of C-code)
What the heck is this ?


I mean there is a bug

Where ?

sudeep is shown a true feature-level bug.sudeep
wants to escape now :-) like a true software engineer.
he clears his throat and....

It is not a bug.It is one functionality of the project.


Did you see the presidential debate on TV.


What was your opinion abt Bush? Dont you think his answers
were not at all reasonable.

Heck no.I discovered the basic truth.

MGR :-
What is the basic truth?

After a responsibility is given to you,
It is very easy to ask a question but very difficult to give an answer

My manager marvelled at my glorious observation, however his praise was suspicious
about what i was trying to say.

Maybe he can use the above dialog to his higher up.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

More movies...

Ok, I want to make this my last post on movies. Here is a list of all the good movies I have watched after coming here, and also a list of all the bad ones.....

( in order)

- Before Sunset
- Kill Bill(s)
- LA Confidential
- The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain
- Memento
- Usual Suspects
- Pulp Fiction
- Gandhi
- Pyaasa (Gurudutt)
- Roman Holiday
- A Beautiful Mind.
- One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
- Eyes Wide Shut
- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
- North by Northwest
- Collateral
- Bowling for Columbine
- Farenheit 911

The could-have-been-avoided movies...

- Face/Off
- 10 things I hate about you
- Girl next door
- How to lose a guy in 10 days
- Sweet November
- Bruce Almighty

The still-to-watch movies...

- The Insider
- Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
- Snatch
- Reservoir Dogs
- Raqueim for a Dream
- Schindler's List
- The Shining
- Taxi Driver
- Dr Strangelove
- Full Metal Jacket
- Goodfellas
- more....

Gentlemen of the jury, thats it about movies for now.......for sometime to come......

Saturday, October 09, 2004


took another agre paper, got about 50/80 . So if i can better that
score a bit by nov, the apps should go well.
Have begun reading the Asimov Foundation series. The 1st book wasn't much
of page-turner. Hopefully the robot series is better.
Have decided not to take GATE this time :)

Friday, October 08, 2004


I might have rambled to you folks about this, but lemme do it again.....

I had been to visit Akshay in Mysore during 4th or 5th semester, and had seen this movie called Before Sunrise on TV there. The movie has stayed with me all these years, cuz of the way romance is depicted in it. Its a movie about two young people (do they all have to be young? well, here it really makes sense that they are young, I will get to that) who meet on a train. The young American needs to spend a day in Vienna before he catches a plane back home. He invites over the beautiful Parisian to spend a day with him in Vienna, and then continue her journey back to Paris. The movie that starts from this point is just about dialogue, and viewpoints of two different people, and a subtle attraction that everyone feels to a strange attractive person. Its a very sweet movie, and it had been around my mind......

Now, its sequel has come out, Before Sunset. With the same theme, set in Paris, and now, they are both 10 years older.....and whoa, it shows, not on their faces.....but in their thoughts, and how they feel that they have matured since their last conversation in Vienna, and how it all makes sense at a different level now......how they have seen more of life, and how it has affected them......This movie left a superb impression on me (watched the sequel yesterday) and I could somewhat relate to the characters cuz I was with them when they were younger, and when I was younger........and now that I am somewhat older, and they are too, and now their talks about their youth rings a very clear bell in my ears.....as I relate to what they might be feeling.......

Watch both the movies, it might take a romantic like me to rave about them this much, but its still worth it......The best way to watch these two movies is to catch Before Sunrise now, and Before Sunset after a couple of years........


I am also having a bad day today at work.

But as one great man always says,
things are going to be fine but dont stop trying :-).

I came across this very 2 inspirational articles
from the hacker guru Richard Stallman.That too, while googling.

1) This article in the usenet. The original GNU announcement.
Check out the date of the article.I was three years old
when it was published.It speaks volumes about something
which I lack called PERSERVANCE.


2)This article on gnu.org


Thursday, October 07, 2004


at work ..
I had 2 projects and 2 requests.

1 mini project requires a chagne in table design
1 project has been fixed for defects and has been sent back to QA

1 request on Production now. ( the user has to give a confirmation its working )
1 request has had a partial fix only .. boohooh ..faltered on analysis.

and screwed up in a change management process ..:((

the thing is I suck basically and the reasons I provide are ..

1. Lack of business knowledge
2. Lack of probing skills
3. Lack of ability to conisder others are duds and their solutions too are dumb .. ( this needs to be the biggest culprit )
4. A slight lacking of interest.

1. built business knowledge ( would take time )
2. bug everyone , but do not let them know you are bugging them
3. Verify each and every suggestion suggest by others. Investigage .. every analysis and design ( Need time .. night outs )
4. build interest >=200% ..

I might be back in India soon and given a choice I am opting for it December.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

LA Confidential nalli agent 000

This can be true.

Lemme explain. We have seen Dr Raj and his awesome agent 000 movies. They are full of incredible plots, "im-plausible" assumptions, seductive vamps, sacrificing friends, moles in the police department who have sold out to the bad guys for just money, bad guys who want to control the whole city, lot of gun fights, agents trailing bad men, and bad men trailing agents, jealousy etc etc.......and we also thought that these movies were extremely silly......

Welcome to LA Confidential.

You throw in some good actors, some realistic fight-shootout sequences, and last, but not the least, a tight script; voila, you have the critically highly acclaimed LA Confidential. So, whats the difference between our Dr Raj flicks and awesome non-special effects movies made in Hollywood? Its just the script. Its the non-chalance of the actors, its the direction....and mostly, its the seriousness.....they dont dilute serious movies with mindless humor, they dont have item numbers, they dont have all the "elements". They just stick to one idea, follow the script, keep it as tight as possible, and deliver the punch. The audience reels back, and applauds. They also curse the Kannada thrillers cuz of Narsimharaju, who has no place in these movies (with all due respects to the great comedian). As for the tight script: after having watched movies like Minchina Ota, I think that its highly possible that there are some great screenwriters amidst us (no pun). But these cool screenwriters just are succumbing to whats "conventionally" expected out of them, and keep doing the conventioan stuff, instead of what they truly feel for (write cool scripts). Now, that statement applies at so many levels......what say Paapu?

Anyways, Watch LA Confidential, its a good movie....just enough double crossing to make you feel bad, but not enough to make you hate the movie for fooling you just for the heck of it (like Sixth Sense).

Now for some boring stuff.....

If you are in a mood, try to see the NP-completeness proof of Hamiltonian Circuit. Creativity is being taken to new heights. Crazy concoctions leading to sublime proofs......I am bowled.

Btw, I have chosen my lab project. The idea is to make search engine results browsing an easier experience, by grouping them under categories. These categories are extracted automatically by looking at the top 200 results for the queries and clustering them based on the search results' snippets that come along with the results. We are planning to use the Google API to invoke the search and get the results page. Construct a Suffix Tree out of the words in the snippets, and then, cluster these suffix trees based on some heuristic that has been proven good. Its a standard text classifciation method. Which we are going to implement. Also involves some "course-conformant" front end PHP work, some CGI scripting to invoke the search etc. But more importantly, has the quasi research angle of the clustering bit.........adhu adhu.....