Wednesday, October 27, 2004

the reason behind traffic jams..

this is what happens in peak hour traffic..
a traffic cop sees the smooth flowing traffic and his hands starts itching..cos he hasnt signalled anybody to stop since morn..
so he switches off the traffic signal lights and does his best to ensure that everybody gets struck in the signal for 10 min atleast..
now we have a long queue of vehcles waiting for the signal ..a cyclist at the end of this long queue sees a 6 inch gap between the
cars in front of him..the gap is exactly 6 inches..if it was even 1 mm more than that the car in front would have squeezed thru that...
anyways..coming back to the cyclist...he feels that he can take his cycle thru the gap ..and he manages to do so with gr8 ease..
he is followed by a tvs champ ..and even a bike!!!an autodirver in the next lane cant help but notice this two wheeler movement..
now how can any autodriver remain stationary when there is some flow of traffic in his next lane??u can not blame him for trying to squeeze thru
and blocking that lane as well...

same as scene1 till manual signalling ensures long wait for all vehicles...a smart guy in smart bike crosses yellow line and overtakes everybody
and reaches the signal junction..another bike follows him..and one more..and an auto..and a car!!!and more cars!!!!till the road turns into an oneway..
and the person coming in the opposite dir has no option but to fly..

my solns...
1)stop using ur own vehicle and use public transport..hmmm..not feasible..we know that the public transport is not that efficient in blore..
2)kill all autodrivers...excellent idea!!!
3)make a rule that everybody should travel in 2 wheeler..i mean it is such a waste of fuel (and space)..if one person is travelling
in a car..imagine how free the roads would be without those bulky fuel guzzeling monsters...
think abt this urself and help the nation also..use car only when u have compelling reasons..

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