Tuesday, October 12, 2004


here, I am so very pre-occupied that I keep
forgetting that I am developing a very important
software for empowering the next generation's high tech

Argh! forget the next generation.

I heard Kummi has gone Munnar with a few guys
to enjoy himself....Wonder whether the bugger is back or not?

There is a Dandia dance this friday at office....
I have decided to carry sticks to the office that day.
One in each hand. Folk dance is a great idea.
The word "Folk" rhymes really well with one of my favorite words.
It is so cloudy today and the mood is perfect for everyone at office
to go home early and everyone are happy about it.
But everybody are actually sad because it is still 3:20.

Today I am shooting darts at evry female i am glancing and I
am NOT ashamed abt staring as I used to be earlier!

Bow and arrrow games are good for health and other things.

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