Thursday, October 28, 2004

i am

feeling better now....
the depression is gone....

Thanks to Da Vinci Code.

Draconian Devil!!
Oh Lame Saint!!!
PS:- Find Robert Langdon

I finished the book and I found it to be really good....
Wow!Brilliantly engineered plot.

If anybody hasnt read that, just grab the book.
History is a fable agreed upon.

Note "fable" and "fabulous" have the same root (i.e. dhaatu in sanskrit)

So assuming one of us here becomes a godman like Sri Sri Ravi ,
after 3000 years this blog will be called as THE HOLY BLOG
and it will be in one floppy in somebody's tomb.

I am wikipedia-ing away to glory.
Incidentally, my granfather told me that
in the vedas, there is no mention of vishnu.
Only Bramha or Indra are there.
So Bramha is the most ancient god.
And we are ofcourse pagans.

Ofcourse, No Rama, Krishna etc. in the Vedas.

wikipedia is a great site as far as history is concerned.

And gentlemen(in bangalore), we have a looong weekend lined up.
Kannada Rajyotsava is a holiday here.

Let us make it eventful.....

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