Thursday, October 14, 2004

filming ..

hehe .. casiona plot is very very local .. ( in USA )

the casino plot is old ..agreed .but where ..hollywood ..
not in bollywood .. I am looking for a local Inidian blockbuster .. :))

I tell u its not even Oceans Eleven ..No one would have heard about Lady killers .. in India ..

Things which make money need not be a highly cerebral one .. isnt it ..
I dont mind having a Wal-mart , compared to Google ..

what say ?? the dream is to make money .. and lotsa them ..

Teju great story .. super .. aagi idhe mama ..
I think I had another flick based on you .. sometime back .. remember .. :))
so we have two approved by the script writer ..
and one local idea down the drains ...

sudeepa get some time out ..we shall sell scripts .. ;-)

sudeepa .. nimma aramane gruhapravesha ..miss aagotte .. boohooooohhhh
sumanth keep your word abt the GRUB

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