Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Talking abt filming.....

I just read how the Matrix like slow motion shots are done.
(The shot where the camera appears to rotate around Keanu Reeves
as he bends to dodge bullets).

Okay the first surprising thing is this :-

The second surprising thing is this :-
They use STILL CAMERAS. Yeah they do (echo twice).

Around 40 STILL cameras are placed around the subject in a circle,
(like Keanu Reeves or Shah Rukh Khan in Main Hoon Na).

Then when the director yells action , the cameras start firing
photograph sequentially (like traversing a circular linked list).

Then the stills are copied to a film and voila we have the
matrix like shot.

Talk about using physics!

I heard that there are digital motion cameras which are as good as
as conventional film cameras!
Not your camcorder home video cameras.

And distribution costs of a reel is reduced to
peanuts cos' it is as easy as writing a CD.

Star Wars (the most recent one) used a sony digital motion camera (see the link below).
Look at this

Canon permits some good features even though my camera is a very small one :-)
I shot a panoramic image of 12 photos and stitched them into a single 2.79 MB
jpeg file and it looks horrible.

More on this later ....

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