Monday, October 04, 2004


Weekend was Movies and PHone calls .. Dont remember which took most of the share .. but there was a tough competition ..

Nice concept of a personal ZONE :-) ..
Had called pushpa, Vivek, Avinash, Mane, Nagan Mane, Deepthi, Harsha.
Well the best were Nagan Mane ... happy to know uncle aunty were in North India , though it was October 3rd no one mentioned( mourned ) abt Naga ,
Well time is certainly the best healer .??

Need to get thin in time .
I will be taking academics next year for sure :-)

COBOL isnt challenging ... I am not a master in it either .

Thought it would be a busy day today, but office has different things in store ;-)
life cool hai aaj.

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