Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Amelie rocks....

There is no second thought about it.
Queer movie making.
I would love to have a girlfriend like Amelie.
Whoops lemme get back to reality and appreciate American Beauty.
I havent read Da Vinci code.
I will go to Jayanagar foot path and but it for 50 bucks.
The footpath I am talking about is near cooljoint.

I had idly today at SLV banashankari for the 1st time ALONE.
But it was a queer feeling missing many footballers
and the thooth goalie(GD) :-(
I have observed that footpath books are always bestsellers.

And another set of movies I would love to watch are Stanley Kubrick's.
And the Coen Brothers.
(I saw Hudsucker Proxy and it was hilarious.)
And then start making an own movie.
I dunno whether I am joking or seious
And THAT according to me is the problem.

Speaking on the music scene i am into trip-hop nowadays.
I am into a brit band called Portishead and these guys are
influenzed by James Bond music and they kick ass.
The songs of Swades are beautiful.The heroine I googled is
a model and she is a damsel.I have put her on my desktop
and work is going faster :-). Lucky mascot.

And I had given my car to service and it has cost me
my whole september salary.I have to go to some
financial plannign classes.This habit of blowing it all up,
I have got from Mr.Tejaswi.I will KILL you for this :-)
I have 4 new bridgestone radial tyres
for hosur and btm roads which are decorated with craters.
Let me see till how long they are not torn into shreds.

Other than that nothing else for today pals.....

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