Thursday, October 07, 2004


at work ..
I had 2 projects and 2 requests.

1 mini project requires a chagne in table design
1 project has been fixed for defects and has been sent back to QA

1 request on Production now. ( the user has to give a confirmation its working )
1 request has had a partial fix only .. boohooh ..faltered on analysis.

and screwed up in a change management process ..:((

the thing is I suck basically and the reasons I provide are ..

1. Lack of business knowledge
2. Lack of probing skills
3. Lack of ability to conisder others are duds and their solutions too are dumb .. ( this needs to be the biggest culprit )
4. A slight lacking of interest.

1. built business knowledge ( would take time )
2. bug everyone , but do not let them know you are bugging them
3. Verify each and every suggestion suggest by others. Investigage .. every analysis and design ( Need time .. night outs )
4. build interest >=200% ..

I might be back in India soon and given a choice I am opting for it December.

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