Thursday, October 14, 2004

Dance raja dance

Today no garba or dandiya for me :-))

I wont go there.Thats it. It is kinda indirect or blurry, controlled innuendo or worse,
a mating signal and definitely not my cup of tea.


Because I never was impressed with the Radha & Krishna and the ancient
romance and dance theory.I dont want to fake a dandiya freak.
That would be personally uncooL.

Although I loved the song "Radha kaise na Jale" , I loved the color and the dance,
I can never have a vicarious feeling of tying a band kind of thing on my forehead
and wearing a gejje on my foot and dancing with 2 sticks.
No way!I will suck that way.

But I was impressed with the Gopika Stree theory... :-)
Stealing the clothes and voyeuring away to glory.

Thats not me and I dont like the Mehendi ki Raath and all the gossip.
I infact hate that.

But one dance I would really wanna do is tap dancing,
Or the totally fantasy filled AXE EFFECT ad dance.

Or with a girl (if i were a great dancer) then salsa!
I hate Ballroom dancing too.

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