Monday, October 18, 2004


I have sent the photos to your email ids....

kummi, i have sent it to your sarvagnaani id.
jag to his yahoo id.
teju, i sent to your woolee id.
Gd i have sent to your dhl id.

Yeah man it was cooL....Food was good.
Banana leaf food.
I think the menu is pretty obvious :-)))) for you guys.

Jag was talking abt Binary Compatibility of GCC versioning when i snapped
the photo!

Kummi had just come from IISc to the place and I believe his relative's place is very near
to our Rajeshwari Nagar house.

And I fell for one girl who had come with the cooks to cook!
Believe me , she had the best dressing sense and she knew how to handle stares.
The midriff region was awesome...
And if a girl handles stares very well w/o getting conscious it is the
ultimate thing.She had that proud look on her face and i love miss proudies
very much.

Other than that, I was putting a smile and walking everywhere around the house
as if i were the busiest man in the planet for one day.

And all the mid-30 ladies sang devotional songs while I snapped photos.
Actually, I avoided all the songs of faith and devotion and I was focussing
my eyes and lens on the cook, and she caught me doing that.
She smiled.But now, when she knows what i am upto , it is no fun.
So i gave up.

Then came the guys....KUMMI descended with his Dil Chahta Hain hairstyle.
Then came jag ...then, teju's mom and dad came.........
then my sasken friends and Infy friends.

Anila and Shiva came at the fag end...cos anila had to attend
another function.Shiva has sold his bullet cos he thinks he has replaced
all the spare parts of his bullet and still it didnt start.
So he has brough RX135.

In total, nice fun.
see ya later guys.

Requirements have changed and i may need to burn midnight lamp oil ....

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