Sunday, October 24, 2004



The corportate biggies have forced the lorries and the other humongous vehicles out of hosur
road in the peak hours from 8 to 10 in the morning and 7 to 9 in the night.

As a result, the two wheelers and car drivers have become extra careless with their new
found freedom.
(Yeah I have to remind myself to be careful).

Other than that, it has ben a predictably lousy weekend.
So much time wasted doing nothing.
Ofcourse, i did add a new VCD to my existing collection.
"Goodfellas" by Martin Scorsese.
I didnt get the time to open the cover itself :-)

Saturday, I just passed-by near the Urvashi Theatre before going to my weekend lalbagh walk.
For the first time in history, they were showing a kannada movie called Mourya.
I had suspected nobody will be there to watch the movie.
To my surprise, i saw a big crowd.

But there was a significant change in the crowd.
The Jain College and other early teen girls dressed like bollywood stars
were gone.
They were replaced by predominantly auto drivers , florists who sell jasmine on the roads,
and ofcourse the shaawantige garland on the abominable Puneet Rajkumar...
You know, like a Majestic theatre like Santosh or Tribhuvan.
Reminded me of the 80s kannada theatres...
Is this moratorium move actually turning out to be good ?
I dont think so...

Forget that....Let's get back to our lives....
I gotta take inspiration from richie_jag who is always upto something technical.
He was delving into parallel processing algos the last time i met him.
and he has become an xml freak.
Kummi man! wassup ? Seem to be busy...
For heavens sake pick up the phone instead of cutting it :-)

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