Thursday, August 25, 2005

Indian help for the Pakistani Temple complex.

Just found this interesting piece of information on "The Hindu".

Pakistan has an ancient temple complex called the Katas Raj Complex, and the BJP leader L.K.Advani had visited this place during his Pakistan Visit.It is good to see that Pakistan has taken the initiative to rebuild the temple complex.

Located some 40 km from the modern city of Chakwal in Pakistan, the Katas Raj temple complex dates back to the Mahabharata era. The focus of many stories about the Pandavas spending time there during their long exile, the lake in the complex -- which is believed to have magical powers -- is where Yudhishtar defeated the Yaksha with his wisdom to bring his brothers back to life.

The best part is about the common heritage we share with the Pakistanis, and this should be indeed, preserved.

And India is doing its bit.The Archaeological Survey of India is reaching across the border to lend a helping hand to preserve the ancient Katas Raj temple complex in Pakistan.

I had also heard about a similar temple complex in Afghanistan of Lord Narasimha , which had become a students' hostel.

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