Sunday, October 26, 2014

My second week in Herndon was quite more happening than the first week. I got a laptop at work and got some documents which I started to look at. I met a colleague from India who has worked in Bangalore a majority of his professional life and he is of my age. In my new workplace, the people are older compared to that of my Blr company. Many are married with kids and many of them are older than I am. I have realized that this helps professionally as well as people will be able to devote similar amounts of time to work and adhere to timings. Right now one colleague from office is dropping me to work and back - But I have to find a solution here asap. This won't work fr long time.

Mayank, who is a cousin of Ruchira is helping me set up the apartment and driving me through the city of Herndon / Reston / Sterling and Ashburn areas. I am so thankful to him. The only cousin of Ruchira whom I had never met for the past 7 years of marriage - I got to meet him here. He is here for the past 1.5 years.

Although the towns Herndon, Reston, Ashburn are nearby from a US point of view, I cannot say they are nearby. These places are kind of scattered with vast expanses of land. Land esp. unused land is so abundant here, that it would be a city planner's delight. There is a spa for dogs and cats in the middle of nowhere. With so much land, you can afford to make mistakes in a city plan and redo terrains and roads.

Yesterday morning was spent cooking of a bisibele baath which turned out to be a winner in all departments and banana/apple custard. Point to be noted is , never try to argue with women about cooking. Especially with social media like whatsapp, there is no point is showing your cooking skills - it becomes a "i-am-better-than-you" slugfest. Sunday has been the most boring Sunday I have had for quite sometime now.

There are still lot of things to be done here to setup - So many things to actually do : to say I am almost settled. Let's keep going.


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