Sunday, November 16, 2014

Finally last week I got my Social Security Number. There are 2 more big things to be completed. Get a Driver's License for the state of Virginia. Then get a car - without which it is impossible. I will most probably go for a used car. Don't know, let me see - what kind of APR I might get. If this visa thing had not happened, I would have been in Bangalore, and would have been thinking of maruti ciaz. Life changes so much - But I believe that's what makes life enriching.  Too much of change might be hazardous as well - Till now it's been good - rather I should say , it's not been bad. I hope it continues

Ruchira's parcel came yesterday with some books which I wanted and some clothes and some more pudis which I wanted. Felt great to see my stuff come all the way to me crossing the oceans!
Went with Mayank to Swagath, Indian restaurant for buffet lunch - It was ok.

I am waiting for the thanksgiving weekend - that's when I will buy a TV! I am keeping a budget of $500. Skype has become a day-in day-out activity occupying 1 hr. Hmmm.