Monday, September 20, 2004

GDs lazing too

with movies, bought a cycle for myslef .. gymming a bit ..
hogging a lot of chalupas and veggie burgers .. its been a while I am out of chicken .. ( salaam bombay influence ) .. need to eat less and less .. but how no idea .. got kodbale and chakkli from India thats on the food front
on the work front not much .. on the fun front not much either ..
general TP ..

okies a word of advice for JAG ..if you are looking out for a PHD post PHD etc.. write AGRE ..
if MS and work and later to PHd your efforts ..

Theres a lot of difference on what you do and what you study, here too ..
U slog a lot during MS and u land in a crappy job...

okay saku kacchiddu ..

Okay next year CAT clear madle beku ..
I want to do consultancy ..give big ideas .. and I want to stay in Blore ..
blore rocks ppl .. do not make a mistake of leaving Blore ..will be there in Jan . ( thats what I want ) ..

barla namaskara

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