Sunday, September 05, 2004


Kurt Cobain T-Shirt rocks mannn...
still trying to find out where the hell in
bangalore it is available....

Anyway had a laidback weekend(sunday).
It's raining like hell in bangalore.
The roads have been exposed and all the sharp stones
which are the "skeleton" of bangalore roads are back on the surface again.
They can puncture any CEAT's STEEL RADIAL or even steel tyres.
Nobody wants to drive a car with 4 flat tyres.
So all our great drivers are "extra" careful....
The best part abt our drivers is that every1 (including myself)
thinks that he is the best driver.EVERYONE IS ABOVE AVERAGE DRIVER.
You can ask anybody...he'll tell that he is a good driver.
Even the guy who is learning with a big L-Board on his car is
convinced BEYOND DOUBT that he is a SUPERIOR driver.
Forget the godammn drivers....They'll drive me crazy.

As usual, I was contemplating abt life and future.
But then I saw a movie which maybe every1 has
seen before....."MunnaBhai MBBS".
Want to write a review on it ....
However I have to write a godammn GNUMakefile and all that.
I am really bad in writing makefiles.

Other than that life is full of lousy weekends...and good work.
Bye guys....lotta work 2B done :-(

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