Tuesday, September 21, 2004

photography junkie

why? why? why? why is photography becoming the security blanket.

I already know around 10 of my friends who have either purchased good digital cameras, or SLRs, or in one case, a digital SLR. And everyone is busy getting some photography going. And do you know what else is common between all of them? They are all bored software engineers. And they are all shooting away pictures.

If you want to get into art, get into writing, or reading, or theatre, or music, or anything else, why turn into an expensive hobby like photography.....maybe every YASE has a lot of money to spend. If you don't know what a YASE is, you aren't yet another software engineer.

Click away my friends......have fun.......and if possible, get into fashion photography. At least that way, you know.....

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