Monday, August 18, 2008


Dr.Rajkumar-avaru, ondu film haadu helidare avarade film-nalli haadiddare, Wah! "Gaana Gandharva" Rajkumar-avaru haadiddaare antha anisuthade;
aadare, Dr.Rajkumar haadannu P.B. Srinivas haadiddare, "namma maneya hiriya anna avaru" haadiddare antha anisuthade.

Ravi Belagere.

Many oldies prefer the older Rajkumar songs which were sung by PBS rather than the newer ones sung by Dr.Raj himself.


clangorous said...

Too Generalised quote from the cynical Ravi Belegere. He always keeps commenting something or the other about Rajkumar family. We cant generalise his view as a view of the masses.

I beg to differ, we should be proud that atleast there is one complete artist who could act and sing well too. In a film industry where local singers are/were always ignored right from the days of PBS, SPB , S Janaki etc.... . I can proudly say that Rajkumar was a kannadiga who proved that even kannadigas can sing equally or better than regulars who were singing that time. Due-respect to those legendary singers who almost never made any pronounciation mistakes like the endless diction and pronounciation mistakes done by the current baaldiwood singers like sonu nigam, shreya ghosal....etc.

If Rajkumar had not decided to sing himself, we would have missed out on those countless legendary songs.... . One small example where you can find the difference b/w rajkumar and pbs singing is the Babruvahana Song : 'Yaaru Thilayaru Ninna... '. Who can forget the flawless Sanskrit shlokas in 'Kaviratna Kalidasa' or the National Award won 'Nadamaya...' from Jeevana Chaithra. We would surely have missed out on these master pieces if he had not ventured in to singing as well. PBS was good mostly for melodies... Rajkumar proved to be a singer who could sing all kinds of songs.

To sum it all : Rajkumar is a fitting reply to all those who say kannada movie industry does not have good local singers.

sudeep said...

True that Dr.Raj is an extraordinary singer, but, if you ask the opinion of many oldies (>= 50 years of age) whether they like Rajkumar singing his own songs or Rajkumar playbacked by PBS, they would prefer PBS.

Who can forget the flawless Sanskrit shlokas in 'Kaviratna Kalidasa' or the National Award won 'Nadamaya...' from Jeevana Chaithra.

This point, I agree.

laksnj said...

or his English song 'If you come today"

clangorous said...

I am not sure on what basis they would prefer PBS over Raj... probably because of the era when those songs came... may be they are used to seeing PBS voice for Dr Raj. But again I feel thats too generalised to say that many oldies like it that way.

To give you a fine example of the difference... Make it a point to watch 'Bhaktha Prahalladha' on Suvarna Channel 10 AM coming Sunday. Listen to the songs 'Sigivem Kshanadali' and other songs which have been sung with a dramatic touch (Nataka Shailiyalli). Observe the modulation, intonation and the pronounciation with which Dr Raj has sung. I would give an open challenge to any one including that cynical Ravi Belegere, no one including PBS , SPB or any other great singers of India could have sung it better than Dr Raj. Thats because of the theatrical background he had and can seldom be replicated by knowing just to sing.

Would surely appreciate your views after watching that movie. Also do observe his expressions, body language and the ease with which he switches his facial expressions based on the emotion. No one including the so called superstar of India 'Rajanikanth' nor the 'Star of the Millenium' Amitabh Bacchan' can do a role like this in their entire life time. Dr Raj ge Dr Rajeee Saati