Thursday, August 14, 2008

How abt some good news about India ?

Every time you pick up a paper I see headlines which are depressing or sometimes really affecting your daily life.

The real pleasant news amidst this sea of torture just dies a silent death because it is unnoticed. Optimism is really important and it adds that delta and the feeling that we are doing something and keep it going.

It is that ray of hope.

So Dhimant has started a website called which aims to address the good news and give it its due. Congrats and great idea dude !


Dhimant Parekh said...

Thanks man :)

GD said...

The Chinese and Indian media are so contrasting.
Chinese media almost highlight no bad stuff, while Indian media highlight no positive stuff.

People argue that press in a democracy should be more focussed towards issues, but is it really that way? and yeah India really has a lot of issues to be reported that all the good stuff finds no place :D