Friday, August 22, 2008

10th std A section

This song from the movie "10th Class A Section" is really catchy.I heard it on radio and it actually took awhile to actually google out this song.

The title of the movie is weird. If the title is weird, how about the new Kannada movie "KA-999 B-333".

The lyrics is really clever, but one gripe is that it always has a racist note.

Kappiddru nange OKAY,
Makeuppu haakistheeni.
Kullugiddre high heel haaki
uddha maadstheeni !!!

and later about female infanticide :-

Hennu huttoke modalE saayisthaarallo,
Nammantha hudugura kashta kelovryaarolo!!!

Very original and really worth a listen. You can listen to Bhagawantha Bhagawantha Yeshtondu hudugeerowrallo.

Nice song.

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