Monday, September 01, 2008

Chrome ..

Frankly, the browser business is a little outdated I feel and Google is entering very late into this.
But you never know whats in the store ( rather I do not know whats in the store, as I have not bothered to check the features, its left to my techie friends).

This shows Google has ample bench strength to work from Browsers to office documents and solar power and potentially wind mills.. so ppl dreaming of the coveted job beware.

May be Chrome should have been a Chinese/Japanese browser. Strategically this would have helped. (or atleast give it a wild shot). Mozilla is a good and much needed replacement for IE.
Chrome might end like Safari or even worse... but there is a cool factor (atleast in India and Brazil) to be associated with Google products and so Indians will for sure embrace the Chrome......


Tejaswi said...

Google and Firefox are very close. Not sure how this will affect that.
IE8 is in beta, and Chrome will take it head on, and that will be fun to watch.

But most importantly, Google seems to have realized that the browser is what has become the new OS. At least, from the user's viewpoint. Music, video, chatting, word processing, spreadsheets, commerce, and browsing - all happen on the browser. What do you need the OS for? to show you the time of the day and play minesweeper? Chrome will make all these better for sure.

1970-1980 was IBM
1980-2000 was Microsoft
2000-? is Google. I wonder what the Department of Justice is thinking.

GD said...

Kind of agree.. browser is esentially the computer..

If microsoft allows working on spreadsheet and docs on IE 8 (finally) then its fantastic, and directly hits Chrome .. I think this is the one bit extra feature they have ..

here is the review.. u might want to appreciate or criticize