Saturday, September 06, 2008

India N-abled

thats the TOI headline today. Though there is lot of skepticism about the full-waiver stuff, this was a great achievement for Congress and India. Whatever the BJP/Left/BSP /Deve Gowda harp about the deal and that India had surrendered Nuclear-sovereignty I genuinely believe that apart from India other countries would want to have India continue its testing ability and be a nuclear powerhouse, apart from the likes of sweden, norway, austria, new zealand and switzerland .

the bigger threat to the region and the world are the likes of Pakistan, Iran, North Korea and China. There is a nuclear nexus here somehow and there is proliferation happening in this nexus allegedly in some instances like the China-Pak connection. Others like the Pak-Iran-NK was openly admitted by A.Q. Khan, though not proven explicitly.

Under such a nexus developing in the region the western world needs a counter balance. The US especially is interested in containing the growing presence of China in this region and its aggressiveness in non-nuclear activities like O&G exploration which is always included with an arms support, be it burma, middle east of africa. Even the european mights are threatened though there is russia which physically separates them from China, but not by a far distance. And if Pongyang claims to have missile reaching the US pacific states, its naive to assume china would not have.

So the US and its european allies really want an Asian heavyweight who can counter balance China and who else can that be apart from India, who also has a special relation with Russia. By enabling India, the western powers are sending a direct message to China. China obviously would and did tried to veto this deal and Mr. Bush himself had not interfered I am sure India would have lost the race.

So Mr. Yechuri and Jaitley mostly oppose for the sake of opposing, esp the BJP which itself would have done a similar deal if it were in power.

Certainly we are N-abled today.
Bravo India

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sudeep said...

I doubt whether the BJP would have adapted a similar stance.

But I am inline with your thoughts of N-Deal.