Sunday, September 14, 2008


I finished one round of going through all the Tintin comics after a long time. I have special memories of all the tintin comics. I remember the circumstance when I first got the each of the book and how good / bad it was.

What do I find so special about tintin comics ? At that time it was the style of cartoon, and the pleasant writing font which was used unlike the Marvel or DC comics. Even the Asterix style of cartooning is different. And it was the humor of Captain Haddock which had me glued.

Now as an adult reader, I liked the political references in the Blue Lotus, the amount of research which has gone into the work of Tintin and even now it is the style of cartooning (which is clean , neat and clear). I also found that some themes are recurring across various books written on Tintin.

My favorites in Tintin continue to be The Blue Lotus, The Calculus Affair, the Secret of the Unicorn, The Broken Ear, King Ottokar's Sceptre.

It seems Herege's favorite was Tintin in Tibet. It is too emotional for a Tintin comic and a little different because it was written when Herge was going through a personal turmoil. And my favorite character in Tintin is Tintin himself. Apart from Tintin I like Thomson and Thompson who can actually be differentiated by their moustaches!!! The humor is very french in nature.

Among the least liked ones :- The Lake of Sharks (no creative input by Herge),Castafiore Emerald(nothing happens), and thats it !

I heard that Spielberg's making a movie on Tintin. I hope does justice for fans like me!!


richie said...

I finally got the 'Herge' joke :).

Bhanu said...

WOW, I have been reading my old Tin Tin Collection recently as well. I read Cigars of Pharoh and Land of Black Gold. It was just amazing. I also liked Caption Haddock and his billions of blue blistering barnacles. It was just too funny :) Thousands of Thundering Typhoons.

sudeep said...

richie :
?? Herge joke aa ?? Whats that ?

Bhanu :
You bet! Billions of Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles in a Thundering typhoon!!!